“It’s the evening hours that are tough – when you feel hot and bothered but there’s a lot going on in the home too.” [Wendy, MyMT]

When I was in my 50s, I had teenage kids at home – life was always busy and on the go. The evening hours were the worst though, when I was home from a long day at the university, having picked up kids from school sports or other commitments. It felt like the day had […]

Turning our mid-life potential into reality. A reminder from Australian marketing guru, Sonya Keenan.

“Knowledge is the new currency” mentioned Sonya in her virtual presentation. “When something isn’t working, then you need to have the right knowledge to lift yourself to the next level. You need to set yourself up for success by defining success for you and then get coaching support to see it through.”  [Sonya Keenan, Australia] […]

Come behind the scenes with MyMT™ – “What I love is all the knowledge about how to look after myself in menopause. It’s life-changing!” [Tina, NZ]

Come Behind the Scenes with MyMT™:  Not sure whether the MyMT™ programmes are for you? Or perhaps you’ve been looking at the MyMT™ menopause transformation programmes and not sure how these might help you or how you even access your programme? If so, then let me take you behind the scenes because in your exclusive […]

“I can’t believe how quickly I’ve noticed a change. My sleep is better, my hot sweats have reduced to non-existent …!”

All it takes is one hour a week …. to hide yourself away with your computer or iphone or ipad or mobile phone, and you listen to me explaining how to sleep all night, manage a condition called oestrogen dominance, turn around your liver health (using scientific facts, not facebook-fiction), restore your energy and change […]

VIDEO: Meet Wendy Sweet as she tells you about her revolutionary and refreshing approach to control of menopause symptoms.

Why do we have so many symptoms that impact on how we feel during our menopause transition? Why do we all need to suddenly take supplements and medicines when we’ve been healthy all our lives?  Why can’t we sleep? Why can’t we tolerate doing the exercise that we love to do? WHY? WHY? WHY? What […]

VIDEO: Meet Dr Wendy Sweet [PhD] from MyMT™.

Hi Everyone – how exciting – a new royal baby this week, and the start of a new life for the beautiful Royal couple, The Sussexes. It’s such an exciting and nervous time when there is a new baby. And how little we knew when many of us had our own children. Research wasn’t available […]

Discover the link between sore joints and menopause and the powerful nutrient your joints will love.

Whenever I get a health screening form arrive in my in-box from women who sign up to the MyMT™ progammes, I look carefully to see if they have ticked the box that they are experiencing  joint pain that has come on since they have reached menopause. The majority of women do. When I ask what their doctor […]

Why attending this Hindu wedding was so cooling, despite the heat of the curries.

I quite like having to remove my shoes at a wedding. When you are in menopause or post-menopause it’s very cooling. Did you know that we have hundreds of nerve endings and tiny blood vessels in the soles of our feet that are part of our ancient cooling mechanism? It’s the same with the palms […]

Why Natalie Joyce’s “revenge body” wasn’t the real story – it was the role her Personal Trainer played in her support.

Self-identity is a curious thing. I thought about it when I was sitting in Row 3 on the flight from Canberra to Sydney last Friday sipping on my coffee with the Sydney Morning Herald open on the political pages reading about Australia’s upcoming election. But it wasn’t the political debates I was reading, it was […]