The powerful link between menopause depression and your changing gut health.

Declining levels of oestrogen and progesterone have an effect on our gut health, nervous system and blood vessels (including in our brain), as we move through menopause. These changes make us feel that we don’t cope with stressful events as well as we used to. Since setting up MyMT™ in 2018, I’ve read email after […]

Feeling forgetful? Why your brain-fog baffles you in menopause.

We probably don’t let on about it do we? Especially in the workplace, because much of our symptom-suffering tends to be in silence. But I’m sure we’ve all had that ‘moment’ haven’t we? Whether it’s trying to recall the name of someone, mislaying your car keys or forgetting about the pot on the stove with […]

Women’s Health Research: Reduce inflammation, hot flushes and improve sleep through the powerful strategy of ‘earthing’.

If you’re feeling frustrated with your hot flushes, sore joints, anxiety and aching, tired body, then I’d like you to try something over the weekend. I’d like you to walk barefoot for at least 30 minutes and see how you feel. Whether it’s on grass, or concrete or you’re near a forest track or the […]

If your Gut Health has changed now that you’re in Menopause, then here’s why.

Every Wednesday I come up with a topic that I think will interest you as it did me. I hope you like my ‘Wednesday Briefing’ this week, because if your gut health has changed now that you are in your mid-life years, then you aren’t alone.  In western countries Irritable Bowel Syndrome [IBS] is 4 […]

How lung health changes as you lose oestrogen during menopause.

Women living in Victoria, Australia, are doing it tough this week and I’m thinking of all of you from this beautiful state who are here with me in the MyMT™ community. I met Anna when I last did my Masterclass on Menopause seminar in Melbourne and as she mentioned, “I’ve only just opened my swim […]

Are you a regular exerciser? Discover the power of purple to boost blood vessels as you move through menopause.

If your muscles are aching for hours after exercise now that you’re transitioning through menopause, or your restless legs are keeping you awake at night, then you need to focus on reducing inflammation in your beautiful blood vessels too.  Like many active mid-life women, I feel pretty ‘in-tune’ with my body. I know how it […]

Discover the ‘fountain of youth’ for women in menopause with the Fasting-Mimicking Diet, which really isn’t a fast at all.

The Fasting Mimicking Diet, Cellular Regeneration and Reversing Age-related Diseases …  In September, 1982, the National Cancer Institute in America said, “Changing the way we eat could offer some protection against cancer.” A year later in 1983, the American Cancer Society stated its belief that “a greater use of fruit and vegetables can significantly reduce […]