Wine and menopause night sweats – do they really mix?

It’s hard to know exactly when I made the connection between alcohol and my night sweats and insomnia during menopause. All I knew, was that the beatuiful New Zealand wines that I had enjoyed with dinner for years, were keeping me awake and making me sweat. Moving from from peri-menopause into post-menopause was the most […]

New Research: The tangled threesome – Circadian rhythm, body temperature and menopause hot flushes.

“But if you’re up in the early hours to talk to clients in the United States whilst you’re down here in New Zealand, it’s no wonder your hot flushes are worse” I said to Pam, before she left to go home. “Your circadian rhythm is all messed up and this affects your hot flushes and […]

If your Night Sweats are keeping you awake, then discover how to turn this around with this one powerful strategy.

“I can’t believe how quickly I’ve noticed a change . My sleep is better, my hot sweats have reduced to nearly non-existent and I’m more motivated to take control of my body.”   [Allie, MyMT™ Client] Nearly all of the female mid-life participants on my doctoral studies had constructed ‘healthy ageing’ within the context of messages coming from […]

The Science of your Night Sweats in Menopause … and the nutrients you need to turn down the heat.

 “I’m lying awake every night and dripping with sweat!”  This was the cry I received last week from a lady living in the United Kingdom. Despite being on HRT she was confused. At only 46 years old, she also didn’t understand why her night sweats were even happening.  At first she blamed the heat-wave, but […]