DUNEDIN – Your ‘Masterclass on Menopause’

June 20, from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM
Otago University, Dunedin
Archway 1 Lecture Theatre, Otago University, Dunedin
Tickets on sale now, ONLY $25 p.p.
Women's Wellness in Menopause Eminar

Hi Dunedin ladies. I’m so excited to be coming back to Otago to bring you my Masterclass on Menopause. I’m Dr Wendy Sweet and I’ve spent many years living in Dunedin during the early part of my career. Over the past few years, my doctoral research on women’s healthy ageing and exercise, has led me down the path of better understanding the menopause transition and now I want to share with you, why in a new hormonal environment, we need to change what we are doing to manage our health, fitness and nutrition at this time of life. It’s a challenging time of life for so many women but when we do the right things to allow our body to adjust to our ageing, then our symptoms simply go away. I invite you to this seminar that is changing women’s whole outlook on this stage of our lives.

Will you join me at my live-event when it arrives in Dunedin too?  When you attend you’ll discover how my research into women’s healthy ageing led me down the rabbit-hole of our menopause transition. You will discover why your symptoms are creating chaos with your mood, motivation, exercise tolerance, weight management and more. But most importantly, you’ll discover that the most important thing during menopause, is that changing your lifestyle to match your changing hormonal environment is more powerful than we are led to believe.

I love it when women come to my Masterclass on Menopause seminars and as they are leaving I hear them say, “wow, now I know why I’m feeling this way. It all makes so much sense.”

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