INVERCARGILL – Mastering Menopause Weight Loss

September 10th, from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM
Ariti Room, Ascot Hotel
Cnr of Tay St & Ascot Rd
Tickets on sale now, ONLY $25 p.p.
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Hello Southland Ladies. From peri-menopause to post-menopause, women the world over find that this is the time in their lives when their usual routines for weight management no longer work.

If you’re as frustrated and confused about your changing shape and waistline during menopause as I was, then do join me on TUESDAY, September 10th for your Masterclass on Menopause Weight Loss.

When you come along to this powerful seminar, you’ll discover why weight management is such an issue. I call it ‘Transform Me’ because when I researched weight gain in mid-life and put in the scientifically evidenced strategies that are best for women at this life-stage, that’s what it did for me too.

This is what this seminar is about. I am a leading wellness educator in New Zealand, following careers in nursing and then working in the health and fitness industry. I have lectured in numerous topics at university level from physiology to nutrition and wellbeing. But this seminar is the most important. I want to get the word out that MID-LIFE MENOPAUSE WEIGHT MANAGEMENT matters to women’s health as they age.

And in an ageing world, women must remain healthy, relevant and energetic. We are often still working and still have a lot to get done – another 30 years of living in fact. If this is you, but menopause has blind-sided your energy, your weight and your mojo, then please join me at the Ascot Hotel, Invercargill, at this live-event. I won’t let you down.

Dr Wendy Sweet, PhD
Women’s Healthy Ageing Researcher and MyMT™ Founder and Coach

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