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“Nobody talks about menopause at work, though we are all probably thinking about it. When my mum was in her 50’s she gave up working. I can’t do that though. I need to keep working as long as I can. It is quite tiring and stressful though, then menopause on top of that, makes it tough.”

It was Jane who first bought my attention to the personal complexities associated with menopause in the workplace. As one of my study participants who I interviewed for my doctoral studies, she spoke of the fatigue she was experiencing during her working day as well as the hot flushes. That’s why her comment about it not being talked about, resonated with me at the time. This was how I was feeling too.

Health research consistently identifies that the midlife period often places increased demands on women from multiple domains – work and family, care-giving and home management roles, as well as community commitments. It’s no wonder that stress levels are high in midlife women transitioning menopause. And herein lies part of the problem.

 Workplace Stress and Menopause do not co-exist. They compete.

As such, we feel like we are just treading water and not coping from day to day – especially if we aren’t sleeping. 

For many women, menopause can result in considerable difficulties in both their personal and working lives. Hot flushes can be a source of embarrassment and distress, brain fog can interrupt concentration and memory, and if you aren’t sleeping, you won’t have the energy to get through your day or be at your best! I found this out the hard-way too – and the number of women coming through my 12 week programs will attest to that, I’m sure!

But drawing on the work of Psychologist, Professor Margie Lachman, she suggests that midlife can be empowering with new opportunities and freedom for women emerging. However, this is based on how well they respond to new challenges, including health changes. 

As I have worked with a number of work place organisations over the past year, I’ve seen so many women confused and frustrated with their menopause symptoms. Many don’t understand how lifestyle changes can help them throughout their working day. 

This is what I want to help you with. If you are going to take on new challenges and emerge from your menopause transition feeling positive and healthy, then I invite you to join me this April on the MyMT™ Menopause at Work Sale. I can’t wait to support you. 

MyMT is privileged to have supported 15,000+ women through their menopause transition and worked with...

MyMT™ is privileged to have supported 15,000+ women through their menopause transition and worked with...

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I can’t wait to show you that there is so much more we can do to help ourselves during our working day with lifestyle change solutions.

MyMT™ Transform Me, Circuit Breaker and Rebuild My Fitness are ON SALE for you now. 

Apply promo code ATWORK23 to receive NZ$75 off.


I can’t wait to show you that there is so much more we can do to help ourselves during our working day with lifestyle change solutions.

MyMT™ Transform Me, Circuit Breaker and Rebuild My Fitness are ON SALE for you now. 

Apply promo code ATWORK23 to receive NZ$75 off.

Choose from Three 12-Week Programs

Choose From Three 12-Week Programs

Manage your symptoms with Circuit Breaker or Transform Me (for women who also want to lose weight) or start exercising again with Rebuild My Fitness.

For April only, each program is only NZ$224* (receive NZ$75 off) with the promo code ATWORK23.

*[ approx. AUS$208 / CAN$190 / US$139 / UK£113 / EUR€129 ]

Transform Me

Symptom Reduction and Weight Loss

This scientifically evidenced-based program teaches you how to sleep all night, restore your energy, reduce your hot flushes, aching joints, menopause related anxiety or mood changes AND lose weight.

I teach you everything you need to stop gaining and start losing weight without exhausting exercise, supplements or calorie restriction diets.

Circuit Breaker

Symptom Reduction (Leaner Women)

Circuit Breaker is designed for thinner women who are experiencing poor sleep, increased anxiety, palpitations, hot flushes, low energy, sore joints and more.

If you don’t break the circuit of your symptoms in your menopause transition, then the inflammation that builds up may lead to worsening health problems as you go into your post-menopause years.

Rebuild My Fitness

Exercise for Midlife Women

A menopause and post-menopause specific exercise program that works best after you've addressed menopause symptoms with Transform Me or Circuit Breaker.

You’ll also receive solutions for reducing your risk of heart diseases, type 2 diabetes and strokes, lowering your blood pressure and reducing cholesterol, regaining your strength and balance and more.

MyMT™ has helped 15,000+ women to rediscover their health, vitality and wellness.

In this program I teach you how to get results like these yourself. 

How the MyMT™ Programs Work

How the MyMT™ Programs Work

12 weeks duration.
Complete in your own time (modules released fortnightly).

Seven video modules to solve your symptoms. PDF summaries and guides included.

Dr Wendy Sweet (PhD) is with you every step of the way. 
Private coaching community.

A guide to the nutrients you need.
Over 100 recipes and meal plans.

Join a community of global women just like you. You will never be alone

12 weeks duration.
Complete in your own time (modules released fortnightly).

Seven video modules to solve your symptoms. PDF summaries and email support included. 

Join a community of global women just like you. 

Coaching from Dr Wendy Sweet (PhD) in the MyMT™ Community

The private Facebook group is your opportunity to ask me questions and connect with women all over the world who are going through menopause with MyMT™.

With over 2,000 women from 50 countries in the group, you will never feel alone or confused.

Action Plans

Each video module contains a summary of the 12 easy-to-implement solutions I want you to focus on over that fortnight. I call it the Daily Dozen.

Emails to keep you on track

My weekly emails give you additional information and bonus tips to make the changes easier to implement.

Food Guide and Hundreds of Recipes

The MyMT™ Kitchen provides you with scientifically evidenced nutrition for women’s healthy ageing. The programs are focused on real food specific to your needs in menopause or post-menopause – there are no calorie restriction diets.

Throughout April I will also have a focus on quick and easy Low GI recipes, so you can maintain your engery throughout your working day. 

Bonus Information

You’ll discover why your joints are sore, why you feel dizzy or why your heart health or gut health is changing. For those of you overweight, I’ve also researched the best intermittent fasting routine for midlife women. 

Women tell me that they love these bonus modules that help to make sense of their ‘symptoms that they don’t know are symptoms’.

Menopause at Work - Bonus Videos

Mish is a leading Personal Trainer, who has delivered workplace health, exercise and stress management courses for some of New Zealand’s largest companies for more than 30 years.

Throughout April I asked Mish to share her expertise with you. She has videos on workplace motivation, stress and movement.

Frequently Asked Questions

We all like to think that what we do is unique, but in the case of MyMT™ I can honestly say that I have been there myself.  

As my own health was changing and as my symptoms became worse, I began to understand that if we don’t take back control of our health and symptoms in menopause, then our post-menopause years are likely to lead to worsening health.  My health became my project and I applied my women’s healthy ageing research studies specifically to understand how to turn around menopause health through working with our hormones, not against them.

And now my experience is available for you too!  While most lifestyle programs (and menopause supplements too) are not targeted at our changing hormonal environment in menopause, this one is and is where we need to begin.  

So if you join me, you will be able to learn anytime, anywhere as it’s all online.  But what is more, when you follow the MyMT™ program you will;

  • learn to sleep through the night again
  • lose weight and regain your energy
  • relieve stress, tension and anxiety
  • reduce accumulated joint and muscle pain 
  • improve your health and feel like your old-self again.

For decades menopause has been seen as a ‘sickness’ and often not talked about.  It is time to put menopause into wellness, not sickness.  I would love you to join me throughout April 2023, so I can help you turn around your sleep, energy and other symptoms, and re-discover the ‘old-you’ again.

You can read more about my story here. 

From a biological point of view our menopause transition means that the reproductive hormones, oestrogen and progesterone, are declining as part of our ageing. We all know that puberty is the period when oestrogen and progesterone first arrive, so in effect menopause is the opposite or the book-end to puberty. With oestrogen receptors found all around the body, including in your skin, brain, gut and liver, it’s no wonder that there are so many ‘symptoms that we don’t know are symptoms’. 

Some women will have severe symptoms right from perimenopause to post-menopause – sometimes lasting for 10 or more years. But here’s the thing. Menopause is relatively unique to us as a species. And 100 years ago, it might not have been a problem, simply because we didn’t live very long. With 1 billion women projected to be in menopause by 2025, the world is facing a situation without precedent – we are living longer in post-menopause than ever before.

As I mention in my 2hr online Masterclass on Menopause, your menopause symptoms are your body attempting to compensate for the changing balance between your hormones. Sometimes, those same hormones end up fighting each other instead of adjusting. But every one of your symptoms is reversible if you change your lifestyle and allow your body to adapt to its ‘new normal.’

This is what MyMT™ teaches you – all the scientifically evidenced step-by-step lifestyle strategies which help you to understand how to work with your changing hormones in menopause and post-menopause, not against them. 

I have two main 12 week programs for menopause symptom management – MyMT™ Circuit Breaker is for leaner women and MyMT™ Transform Me is for women who are struggling with menopause weight gain, regardless of whether they are exercising or not. 

Transform Me is a ground-breaking menopause-specific weight loss and wellness programme. My first focus is on turning around your sleep and a condition called ‘oestrogen dominance’ which is the cause of your weight gain. Then we move onto other menopause symptoms from there so that you can restore your energy and health. I teach you everything you need to stop gaining and start losing menopause weight without exhausting exercise, supplements or calorie restriction.

With Circuit Breaker we start with turning around your hot flushes/flashes and sleep so that you restore your energy and ‘break the circuit’ of your menopause symptom chaos. From there we address other hormonal imbalance issues caused by diet, stress and modern living. 

If you aren’t sure whether you are suited to Circuit Breaker or Transform Me, please take my Symptoms Quiz so that I can help you decide. 

I also have a third 12-week programme which is just as important as Circuit Breaker and Transform Me called MyMT™ Rebuild My Fitness. This programme works best once you have addressed your symptoms. Not only does it help get you exercising again but it introduces healthy habits which help guard against heart disease and stroke, two of the biggest killers for our age group. 

The type of exercise we need as we get older is different. We don’t need to slow down or stop, we just need to think differently, and change our approach. Unfortunately the fitness industry wants to train us like athletes, men or much younger people, so this programme teaches you appropriate exercise strategies for our age and stage, not theirs.

Re-Build My Fitness is a healthy exercise programme designed specifically for women during and after menopause where you learn how to rebuild your fitness, strength, balance, bone and joint health with menopause appropriate exercise and activity levels.

In your private learning hub, the MyMT™ programme of your choice is delivered to you progressively over a 12 week period. A module is released each fortnight containing an educational webinar, around 60 minutes in length, where I explain why your symptoms are occurring and the lifestyle changes you can make to relieve those certain symptoms. Each module also contains downloadable PDF summaries with your action plan for the fortnight, as well as bonus articles packed with lots more information and tips. 

Furthermore as part of this April promotion, I have six bonus videos for you which focus on menopause and workplace stress management, how to stay motivated even when your symptoms are affecting your day and exercises you can undertake in your workplace to keep up your energy, your focus and your enthusiasm during your day. 

As part of the programme, you also have access to the MyMT Food Guide, hundreds of recipes, cooking videos and meal plan suggestions! My goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to incorporate the changes I suggest. 

You will also be invited to join my private Facebook coaching group. This is where you can ask me questions, get inspired by others, and read my coaching posts. With 7 years worth of informational coaching posts in this group, you are bound to find the answers to your questions, or someone who has experienced similar symptoms to you.

There are no hormone medications or supplements in the MyMT™ programmes – If you are on menopause hormone therapy [MHT], then this is a decision that you have made with your Doctor. Many women go on MHT for reasons other than hot flush management (e.g. to manage osteoporosis risk or heart disease risk or depression), so the decision to go on or even come off your hormone therapy is a decision that you must make with your medical specialist.

No matter whether you are on MHT or not, then the MyMT™ programmes have lifestyle solutions that help to reduce your hot flushes, improve your sleep, turn around sore joints and muscles, and for those of you who are overweight, the Transform Me programme teaches you how to turn around your oestrogen dominance, which is the cause of your menopause weight gain.

Explore the testimonials and success stories from real clients on the MyMT™ website. 

Once you join the programme ask questions of other women inside the Coaching Group.  Either way you will learn that MyMT™ programmes are truly life changing – our clients are our greatest advocates. 

Nutrition is an integral factor in reducing both menopause symptoms and/or weight gain. There are no calorie restriction diets within the MyMT programmes. Instead, I focus you on a Mediterranean diet approach, modified for the stage of menopause you are in, which is strongly evidenced against women’s healthy ageing. The emphasis is on eating healthy, whole foods, increasing fibre, and eating to maintain blood sugar levels. 

All you need is a computer or a phone and internet connection. Some women love to listen to the module as they go for a walk, and then print out the summary PDFs later. 

You do not need to belong to Facebook to join this programme. But if you are a member, you can access my coaching support.  

If I told you that ALL IT TAKES IS ONE HOUR A WEEK to listen to each module when they are delivered to your Inbox, and then make a plan to action the strategies, could you find that hour?  I hope so, because otherwise you might just need to find time to be sick instead! 

The MyMT™  programmes are usually NZ$299* but throughout April SAVE $75 and secure your programme for only NZ$224. 

We have part-payment options** for you too, where you can pay once per month throughout the 12 week period. 

[* approx. AUS$208 / CAN$190 / US$139 / UK£113 / EUR€129 ]

**Part payment fee applies. 

For as long as you need! The program lasts for 12 weeks but I always say that it takes a year or more to successfully make a long term change to your habits. Some women are still with me 4 years after they started their journey. 

After 12 weeks, to maintain access to your modules and my coaching support, there is a small monthly fee of NZ$12.50. You can cancel your subscription at any time. 

MyMT™ Menopause at Work

NZ$ 224
  • Part-payments also available
  • *[ approx. AUS$208 / CAN$190 / US$139 / UK£113 / EUR€129 ]

For decades Menopause has been seen as a ‘sickness’. It’s time to put menopause into wellness not sickness.

We are so confident in our product that we offer a 14 day money back guarantee.