MyMT™ Circuit Breaker

Discover my scientifically evidenced lifestyle solutions to 'break the circuit' of your symptoms during your menopause transition and into your post-menopause years.

12 weeks duration (online)

Complete in your own time

Video modules and PDF summaries

Over 100 recipes and meal plans

Support through private coaching community

It’s time to move menopause into wellness, not sickness

Are menopause symptoms diminishing your quality of life and nothing you’ve tried is working?

If this sounds like you, then welcome to the MyMT™ Circuit Breaker online lifestyle-change programme. 

Did you know that when we move into our menopause years (from our mid-40’s right to the end of our 50s) our body is experiencing lots of changes? This is why I always say that menopause isn’t ‘just’ about hot flushes! There are numerous other changes occurring all around our body, from our brain to our liver, to our gut, joints, muscles, nervous system and of course, our skin too. 

From a biological point of view our menopause transition means that the reproductive hormones, oestrogen and progesterone, are declining as part of our ageing. We all know that puberty is the period when oestrogen and progesterone first arrive, so in effect menopause is the opposite or the book-end to puberty.  

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MyMT™ Circuit Breaker

When we don’t sleep, hot flushes, sore joints, mood swings, heart palpitations and anxiety may become worse. Especially if we are doing the wrong exercises and not adjusting our nutrition to match our changing hormonal environment.

When we don’t support our body to move into mid-life and ageing and adjust our lifestyle accordingly, other hormones get out of balance too. Then so begins an endless cycle of debilitating symptoms. Left unmanaged these symptoms can result in an increased accumulation of inflammation, which can lead to cardiac and metabolic health issues later in life.

That’s why I want you to ‘break the circuit’ of your symptoms and get to the heart of our cellular health. 


Step 1 - Why have I put on weight?

When you complete your pre-screening form, I look at it personally and get back to you. This means for some women, I can let them know if they need medical clearance. My introduction modules cover why your weight often increases with hormonal changes in menopause. 

Step 2a - Sleep Management

Learning to restore lost sleep patterns during our menopause transition is the most powerful thing we can do to help our symptoms, our weight and our health as we age. You will learn why you are putting on weight if you aren’t sleeping. 

Step 2b - Are You Oestrogen Dominant?

Too much stored oestrogen in the fat cells unbalances the hormonal environment, over-shadowing progesterone and causing weight gain. I introduce you to simple lifestyle strategies to help you stop gaining weight – you can’t lose weight until you stop gaining. 

Step 3 - Learn to Love Your Liver

Liver function is at the heart of weight loss in menopause. You will discover how to turn around you liver health without wasting money on endless liver-cleanses, and get your liver to function properly in breaking down fats, cholesterol and oestrogen. 

Step 4 - Eat to Sustain, Not to Gain

Nutritional type and timing is crucial for your ‘long-term successful weight loss’ which is scientifically defined as a year or more. Diets destroy the hormones which help to manage your appetite, fullness and long-term health. When you know what to eat and when, the body starts to burn the unhealthy white fat hidden deep down in your belly during menopause.

Step 5 - Readdress Stress

This module isn’t ‘just’ about psychological stress. It’s also about the internal environment of your body and how your cells and tissues also become ‘stressed’. Internal stress in our tissues and fat cells is called oxidative stress and causes lots of inflammatory changes that can lead to worsening health problems as we age. 

Step 6 - Fitness Foundations

It doesn’t matter whether you are just starting out or you are getting back to the activity levels you used to enjoy, this module brings you in touch with moving more and giving your metabolism the boost it needs. This module teaches you about the effect of exercise specific to your weight management in menopause. 

Step 7 - Mindfulness

Feeling overwhelmed and time-poor in menopause not only increases your hot flushes, but increases feelings of anxiety and deprives you of precious sleep. You must learn to turn this around. That’s why I’ve included this bonus module for you. It teaches you the relevant easy-to-use strategies to keep the ‘inner you’ calm, focused and centred.

Optional Modules

  • Lifestyle solutions if you are on HRT or Anti-Depressants
  • Hot flush management
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Intermittent Fasting
  • Heart health

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* approx. AU$234, UK£131, €149, CAN$229, US$180 - part payment options available

Progressive Modules

Each fortnight a new module is opened up. A staggered delivery approach is purposeful. The body and brain need time to adapt to the changes we are going to make.

PDF Summaries

Each module contains a summary of tips and tricks that I want you to focus on over the fortnight. There are also more PDFs that dive deeper into certain subjects, like the importance of Vitamin D, a walking programme and adapting the solutions for your body type.

food guide, recipes and meal plans

Why is it that in a world of abundance of food, we’ve become so confused about what to eat, when to eat and how to prepare it? The MyMT Food Guide, recipes and meal plans aim to simplify it for you.

Programme Features

access to dr wendy sweet

Programme delivery is automated, but there is a real person (me) behind everything. I endeavor to get back to all women in the Facebook group and emails personally, with tailored advice for their situation.

coaching group

The private coaching group is your opportunity to ask me questions, and connect with women all over the world who are going through menopause. With over 2000 women in the group, you will never feel alone. My coaching posts cover everything from the latest healthy ageing researc,h to specifically evidenced nutrients for menopause.

Access beyond 12 weeks

While the modules last for 12 weeks, I recommend you stay with the coaching support group for 12 months. It takes 6 months to make new tissue in your body and 12 months to turn intentions into life-long habits. For a small monthly fee, many women choose to continue their access beyond 12 weeks.

This programme is life-changing. How do I know this?
Because women tell me what a difference it has made to their lives…

happy woman next to her dog on leash taking for a walk in the park

"“It seemed like all my joy had been sucked out of me. I’m thankful every day for finding MyMT.” Julie, Canada

“My self-esteem had never been so low, it seemed like all my joy had been sucked out of me.  I had never been so unsettled and imbalanced in my life.  Then, I found your website….reading your and other women’s stories made me realise I was not losing my mind and I was not alone.  I have a strong faith and I thank God everyday for leading me to you. If it wasn’t for finding this programme and reading other women’s comments and struggles I think I would have been walking to my Drs office to simply medicate myself with antidepressants.  NOT what I wanted to be doing.”

"I feel this is a programme where woman can claim back their life." - Debbie, New Zealand

This programme has given me confidence that there is hope, rather than just laugh it off and secretly hate what’s happening to me. I feel this is a programme where woman can claim back their life, and get the tools to navigate this area of their lives. Life is not a rehearsal and I want the best of life always. I’m not ready to give up and just take medication or let my health slide. This is my life and the MyMT™ programme has helped me to claim it back. This programme has saved my sanity.”

MyMT Testimonial United Kingdom Lesley Cornwall

"I'm back running, no hot flushes, sleeping all night and I've lost 15lbs." - Lesley, UK

“After retiring  from teaching in 2017 at the age of 60, I hoped to work on getting my energy levels back up as well as improve my poor sleep pattern. Both of these things had suffered due to the long and pressurised hours of work that teaching full-time brings. I began to think about my symptoms – some hot flushes poor sleep and most distressingly, every joint and muscle in my body seemed to ache. All I could think of was a friend and two ex- work colleagues who were suffering from fibromyalgia. Was I heading down this path too? But that’s all behind me now. Thanks to your programme.” 

Read about MyMT™ Circuit Breaker women who have had successful results

Frequently Asked Questions

In your 12 week ‘Transform Me’ programme you receive step-by-step solutions to help you:

  • Stop accumulating belly fat and start losing weight by understanding a condition called ‘oestrogen-dominance’
  • Sleep all night because fat-loss occurs overnight
  • Restore your energy to levels you used to know
  • Restore thyroid balance so your metabolism increases
  • Restore liver and gut health so healthy nutrients are absorbed better – you lose your bloating and improve your energy
  • Remove the pain from muscles and joints so that you can move more!
  • Understand which foods assist your changing hormonal environment and promote fat-burning
  • Reduce the inflammation that is keeping you in fat-gain mode
  • Enjoy my private online coaching which keeps you learning and feeling motivated and supported!
  • Learn how you may possibly taper off HRT and menopause related anti-depressants (with the permission of your Dr) – (Optional)
  • Is a science based weight management programme designed specifically for the changing hormonal environment in menopause.
  • Serves to educate you about the changes to your body during menopause. It offers practical tips and techniques to help you address the root cause of your symptoms and weight gain

    Doesn’t focus on endless exercise and dietary regimes that many can’t stick to because they have so much going on in their lives

  • Addresses the myriad of causes of weight gain during menopause, for sustainable long-term weight loss.

  • Is on demand, so you can do in your time, at your own pace, without feeling that you have to reach your goal-weight in a certain time frame [you can also stay on for as long as you need for only NZ$12.50 a month]

  • Includes a private coaching community, where women come together to receive support, encouragement and the answers they need from me

Over the 12 weeks you get unlimited access to the programme, but if you need longer and want to stay on with me, then you can. For a small monthly admin fee of only NZ$12.50 you get access to the programme and my coaching for as long as you like. This also means you can return to modules and listen to them again at your pace, not mine.

Once you start the MyMT™ Transform Me programme, this is what you receive:

  • 60 minute video-seminars. These teach you what is happening with your symptoms and what to do to change this! From sleep management to improved liver health, hot flushes and weight loss, you learn my powerful strategies. You don’t get all the information at once however. Delivery is staggered so that each e-learning module opens up each fortnight over the 12 weeks – you get an email as your reminder when your next module has opened. I love how women can learn at their own pace where-ever and when-ever they want. 
  • Optional modules. Each women’s menopause transition is unique, which is why I have optional modules for women on HRT or Anti-Depressants, women who have dizziness or joint health issues, and much more. 
  • A food guide and recipe book that I have researched according to women’s menopause and healthy ageing studies. All this fabulous ‘food information’ is specific to our changing hormonal environment in menopause. This is why you will lose weight!
  • There are also extra PDF handouts which you can download and print out. Each module has my ‘Daily Dozen’ to explain how to fit my suggestions into your day-to-day life. The handouts are for you to take with you, when you are ‘on the go’ as your reminders.
  • Access to my private coaching community. After you sign on you not only get exclusive membership to the education modules, but you get to join me nearly every day on my private coaching group. There are thousands of women just like you there already. Women love this community, as they receive the information and support they need to stay motivated. It’s not about changing everything at once; it’s about learning how you can use the programme to allow your body in menopause to adjust to its new hormonal environment wherever you are – at home or work.

Whenever you like. The modules are all recorded so you can take the learning at your own pace. You will have access to the modules and private coaching group for 12 weeks. To retain your access beyond 12 weeks you will need to pay a small monthly fee. 

Because Kaye and many others tell me!

“Before MyMT™ I was advised to have less than 1200 calories a day….. walking for an hour a day (not sleeping) and l didn’t lose any weight. I thought I was never going to be able to get rid of those awful hips! I was feeling quite depressed and spent a lot of time in tears which I was putting down to menopause! Now my energy has returned and my moods are better and I’ve dropped two dress sizes! Anyway just wanted to let you know all that. I can’t thank you and your programme enough.”

“The amazing thing for me about MyMT™ has been how Wendy has pulled together so much of my lonely, uncomfortable research and presented it in such an excellent format. The programme links all of my symptoms in an INTEGRATED APPROACH, enabling them to be addressed by me. I’ve now learnt all the things that I didn’t know about turning around my symptoms during peri-menopause and now, menopause. All the MyMT™ strategies and more, I have found to be true!!”

“Finally, I can see my waist again. I’ve stopped gaining and started losing. I love the way, Wendy has got me to finally focus on ME!”
Lisa, New Zealand

YES! I want my 12 week menopause weight loss transformation - on sale throughout the pandemic for only NZ$249*

Apply promo code ATHOME22 and save NZ$50

* approx. AU$234, UK£131, €149, CAN$229, US$180 - part payment options available