Do you feel that your health and energy is changing during menopause?

Poor sleep, night sweats, hot flushes, depression or weight gain are signs that your body is not coping with your mid-life hormonal changes.

The good news is, you don’t have to ‘tough it out’ or  rely on HRT.  

Menopause blind-sided me too, so from my doctoral research I un-tangled all of our symptoms. From this I discovered how to turn these around without HRT. Now, what to do is in a powerful 12 week online programme. If you want to feel energetic, vibrant and healthy again, then I invite you to watch the video and hear my ‘menopause’ story. It just might be you too.”

Wendy Sweet, Women’s Healthy Ageing Researcher/ MyMT Programme Founder


* Over 1,000 women from 5 countries have participated in the online MyMT programmes. 98% of them tell us their symptoms have been resolved.

MyMT has two different programmes. Choose ‘Circuit-Breaker‘ if you just want symptom relief, or choose ‘Transform Me‘ if your goal is also weight loss. Each one is NZ$299.00 with the option of payments split over three months and a 30 day money back guarantee.

Women love my private coaching community too. They feel supported and motivated which is why it’s called the MyMT ‘ Coffee Group‘. This is FREE to you for the first three months and only NZ$12.50 per month after that.

Are you ready to re-discover your health, vitality and energy again? I hope so!

Please don’t let menopause define you.  Join me on MyMT to DISCOVER the secrets I learnt to turn around my energy, vitality,  health in mid-life.  Not all women put on weight, so that’s why there are two different programmes for you to choose from.


‘Transform Me’ teaches you how to lose your menopause weight gain.     BUY NOW

‘Circuit-Breaker’ helps you to turn around all of the common menopause symptoms including hot flushes, lack of sleep, mood swings, getting off HRT and anti-depressants and more …       BUY NOW

Not sure of the programme for you?  Then take the Symptoms Test to find out. 

What makes My Menopause Transformation different from other lifestyle programmes?

Menopause symptoms are a result of changing hormone levels, primarily oestrogen and progesterone, which affect other hormone balance too. So menopause changes can upset your body’s unique bio-chemistry.  But every one of your symptoms is reversible if you change your lifestyle. Through my research, I have un-raveled every single symptom in menopause and matched these to powerful scientifically-proven lifestyle change strategies. This is what MyMT is – a 12 week programme which teaches you how to work with your hormones, not against them, at this crucial stage of life.

There are no hormone medications or supplements. Just easy-to-apply lifestyle solutions via 6 on-line video-seminars all accessed over a 12 week period. How to restore the hormonal harmony that menopause takes away is waiting for you in the exclusive member area now.

 Women tell me every day how GREAT they now feel!


You’re in fantastic company. Here’s what MyMT clients say….

Kaye – 51 years
“I dropped two dress sizes with the MyMT TRANSFORM ME program.”

Before Kaye started the on-line MyMT™ ‘Circuit Breaker’ program, she was going to work having only had 3-4 hours sleep a night…

Merridy – 57 years
“With MyMT Circuit Breaker I got off HRT and Anti-depressants in menopause”

Gym owner Merridy knew the toll that running a business and continually helping others took on her energy and stress levels, but the trade-off was fit, happy clients empowered by their visits to her gym…

Debbie – 54 years
“I now sleep all night”

I have struggled through my 50’s with peri-menopause and then menopause. I have tried everything under the sun and to be quite fran…

Carolyn – 54 years
“I’ve got so much more energy and my motivation has returned.”

I am a 54 year old woman who has worked all my life. I was a Police Officer and have always worked in the human services sectors, I have always been active and lived …


Meet your MyMT™ Guide – Wendy Sweet

I still remember the day I first felt hot flushes coursing through my body.  I had no idea I was in peri-menopause.  But when my symptoms left me tired, sleepless, moody and bloated, I knew I had to work out why.

What I discovered was how your menopause symptoms become worse because of the chaos caused by other hormones, not just oestrogen and progesterone.  My discoveries led to the development of powerful life changing strategies that removed my symptoms and left me feeling like my old-self again.

I invite you to read my story.  My name is Wendy Sweet….

Read my story here

In the MyMT™ Circuit Breaker program you will discover how to:

  • sleep all night without night sweats,
  • reduce your hot flushes
  • restore your energy, moods and motivation
  • get off HRT and menopause related anti-depressants if you desire
  • feel fantastic in your 50’s

If you don’t ‘break the circuit’ of your symptoms, then you will head into more health problems as you age.

What you receive in your 12 week menopause transformation:

  • powerful, effective sleep management strategies
  • hot flush management strategies
  • energy improvement strategies
  • anti-inflammatory strategies
  • nutrition and exercise plans
  • online coaching to keep you engaged, motivated and supported

” I think that all women going through menopause should do this program.  It has changed my life.” (Andrea, Australia, 53)

In the 12 week  MyMT™ TRANSFORM ME  programme you will discover how to:

  • lose your menopause belly fat
  • restore your energy
  • restore thyroid balance
  • restore liver health
  • sleep all night
  • get off HRT and menopause related anti-depressants if you desire
  • return to exercise that’s specific to your changing menopause body

If you don’t’ lose your menopause weight you will head into more health problems as you age.

What you receive in your 12 week menopause transformation:

  • sleep restoration strategies
  • liver health rejuvenation plans
  • nutrition plans, recipes and more – all specific to menopause changes
  • insulin-reduction and health rejuvenation plans
  • exercise programmes specific to weight management for mid-life women
  • private, online coaching to keep you engaged, motivated and supported


“I am now 2 weeks into your programme.  I am sleeping all night, have lost 2 kgs and now waking with energy.  I didn’t realise the impact the hormone balances were having on me.

(Jayne Christchurch 51)


Well here I am, one week in, two kilo’s down, sleeping all night and making better choices to suit my menopause body. Roll on next week when I receive the next module. Thanks MyMT™. My life is changing now.”
Anne, 53 years, Comment on Coffee-Group

We are so confident in our product that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee.



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