Women are already underway with the MyMT Transform Me programme and loving how they are discovering why they are putting on weight in mid-life, why they aren’t sleeping and why they have become oestrogen dominant. What’s most important though, is that they are now discovering what to do about it. So if you have become frustrated by how hard it is to lose menopause weight and reduce your hot flushes, sore joints and for many of you, improve your sleep, and you just want to take back control of your health and feel like yourself again, then don’t delay in coming on board. The promo code JANUARY19 closes this Sunday, Feb. 3rd (Midnight NZ time).

Perhaps you are back at work already and your lovely holiday break is already a distant memory? Or maybe your new year resolution to eat healthier and get more exercise is almost forgotten already?

Don’t worry, I know that feeling of frustration well. It is why I have created Transform Me – an online 12 week programme designed for women who have hit menopause and now feel like they are no longer in control of how their body is changing. If this is you then I hope you can join me.

We are in the process of closing our January intake and I am so excited because we have hit a record – 2019 is going strong and we now have over 1,300 women in 15 countries on the programme.

If you want to learn more please watch the video below – I have a special offer for MyMT subscribers but it is closing soon so don’t wait any longer …. Please join me and together we will kick start 2019 with my tried and trusted menopause symptoms reduction and weight loss programme.

I hope you will join me on this fabulous programme. It worked for me and hundreds of women just like you. I want you to know what it feels like to be in control of your health and weight in menopause and make the most of this incredible stage of your life.

Make sure that you don’t miss out. Get access today before the price returns to normal. Only NZ$83 per month for three months (usually NZ$100) with a bonus month of my coaching.

Click on the link above and use the promo code JANUARY19 to claim your discount.

In three months time you’ll be glad you did.

Wendy Sweet, PhD/ Women’s Healthy Ageing Researcher & MyMT Coach


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