Whether you are on hormone replacement therapy/ menopause hormone therapy, then this is a decision that you have made with your Doctor. Many women go on HRT/MHT for reasons other than hot flush management (e.g. to manage oesteoporosis risk or heart disease risk), so the decision to come off HRT/MHT is a personal one, that you must take with your medical specialist. If you are on hormone therapy for menopause (HRT) and you are thinking of tapering it down or getting off it (with your Dr’s permission), then have a listen to this COMPLIMENTARY VIDEO-SEMINAR. It’s only around 13 minutes long. In this video I share the options for you to either come off HRT (again with your Dr’s permission), or remain on it whilst putting in place the strategies suggested by MyMT. Both can be achieved without a return to the worst of your symptoms.

Women are using the symptom-reduction 12 week ‘Circuit-Breaker’ program to HELP them re-balance their changing hormones in peri-menopause with lifestyle change practices that benefit their health. So any decision to reduce or withdraw HRT is to do with women and their medical practitioner, which is always what I advise. Some women stay on HRT at their Dr’s advice and still benefit from the program because they find that they do not need high dosages of HRT any more. They enjoy the lifestyle-change strategies that are giving them renewed energy, health and symptom reduction.