Are you at a point in your life where turning around your weight and your health is a priority?  Do you feel that you want to tackle your mid-life health and weight management with a scientifically evidenced systematic programme specifically tailored for you during menopause? Because if you do, then I have the 12 week online menopause-specific weight loss transformation plan you’ve been waiting for!
  • Do you feel that your menopause BELLY FAT is changing your health?
  • Are you lying awake at night?
  • Are you exercising and eating well but you can’t stop gaining fat?
  • Do you feel bloated and uncomfortable?
  • Is your waist ‘thickening” and your jeans are getting tighter?
  • Are you confused about your menopause weight gain? 
  • Have other dietary, exercise or menopause therapies not worked for your sleep, hot flushes and weight management?
  • Are you interested in a scientifically evidenced weight management programme that is designed specifically for your changing hormonal environment in menopause?
  • Do you want a programme that doesn’t focus on endless exercise and dietary regimes that you know you can’t stick to because you have a lot going on in your life?
  • Do you want a programme that is ON-DEMAND and you can do it in your time at your pace without feeling that you have reach your goal-weight in a certain time frame?

I thought so.  Because this was me too.

When my weight spiraled to an ALL TIME HIGH in peri-menopause I was confused.  I felt bloated and uncomfortable and no amount of exercise I did helped.  The women in my PhD studies on women’s mid-life healthy ageing also told me similar stories.  When exercise, nutrition and health professionals did not have the answers I sought for changing my long term health and the trajectory I was on towards heart-health issues, I knew I had to untangle menopause. I’m so pleased that I did.  Because when I finally stopped focusing on exercise and nutrition messages that are designed for younger people and athletes, and I began to sleep all night, I stopped gaining and started losing.

Using information from women’s healthy ageing research, I’ve learnt that menopause is the start of our biological ageing, so with this as the starting point, I have researched how we must manage our health, our symptoms and our weight as we age. And this means that in a new hormonal environment we have to change how we look after ourselves. What to do is in my on-line programme, which I have simply called Transform Me by Wendy Sweet.   I called it this, because when you say this out loud, that’s what I promise to do for you!

So many women are now getting great results. Kaye dropped two dress sizes, so did Tess … and Carolyn … and Anne … and Pauline, and so many more.

Weight gain in your Menopause transition no longer has to define you.  I love how women doing this programme are taking back control of their health before they reach their ‘post-menopause’ years.

My name is Wendy Sweet and I know you won’t find anyone, anywhere more passionate about guiding and supporting you to make the lifestyle changes that will help you not only lose your menopause weight, but focus you on your health as you age. I am a leading educator and women’s healthy ageing researcher, who has a PhD as well as over 30 years in and around the health [nursing] and exercise industry in New Zealand. I love bringing all of my knowledge in physiology, exercise, nutrition and women’s health management, into one exciting programme for you. I also want you to know that through my research studies, I have learnt a new way to live my own daily life to suit my changing hormonal environment in menopause. It’s helped me beyond belief to feel healthy and vibrant again and now I want to teach you what to do too.

Everything I did to lose 15 kgs and restore my health is now in a coaching programme called MyMT TRANSFORM Me by Wendy Sweet. After you sign on you not only get exclusive membership to the education modules (there are six, 40 minute modules waiting for you) but you get to join me nearly every day on my private coaching group.  There are hundreds of women just like you there already.  Every day they read my posts, which they tell me, keeps them informed and motivated.

These progressively delivered modules contain the LIFE-CHANGING INFORMATION you need to firstly STOP gaining, and secondly, START LOSING.  All the info is EASY to FOLLOW and easy to IMPLEMENT.  All you have to do is LISTEN, LEARN and TRANSFORM.


How do I know this programme works? Because Kaye, and others tell me!

“Before MyMT™  I was advised to have less than 1200 calories a day….. walking for an hour a day (not sleeping) and l didn’t lose any weight. I thought I was never going to be able to get rid of those awful hips!  I was feeling quite depressed and spent a lot of time in tears which I was putting down to menopause!  My energy has returned and my moods are better and I’ve dropped two dress sizes! Anyway just wanted to let you know all that.  I can’t thank you and your program enough.”

– Kaye

Once you start the MyMT™ ‘Transform Me’ by Wendy Sweet course, this is what you receive:

  1. SIX 30 minute video-seminars delivered ON-LINE. You only access one or two modules a fortnight – that way you learn at your pace, not mine.
  2. A recipe book and food/ shopping information that I have spent years researching. All the fabulous ‘food information’ is specifically targeted towards our health needs in our changing hormonal environment in menopause. This is why you will lose weight!
  3. I’ve put in extra handouts which you can download and print out. Each module has my ‘Daily Dozen’ approach for you to action as you fit my suggestions into your day-to-day life. So, the handouts are for you to take with you, when you are ‘on the go’ as your reminders.
  4. Women LOVE the ‘Transform Me’ coaching page. Nearly every day, I post relevant and interesting information that helps to keep you on track and focused. It’s not about changing everything at once. It’s about learning how you can use the programme to allow your body in menopause to adjust to it’s new hormonal environment and how you can achieve this at home or work.
  5. Over the 12 weeks you get unlimited access to the programme, but you can also take your time, because for a small monthly fee of only $12.50 you get access to the programme and my coaching for as long as you like. This also means you can return to modules and listen to them again at your pace, not mine!

I know the ‘Transform Me’ weight loss programme works…that’s because women tell us so!

“The amazing thing for me about MyMT™ has been how Wendy has pulled together so much of my lonely, uncomfortable research and presented it in such an excellent format. The program links all of my symptoms in an INTEGRATED APPROACH, enabling them to be addressed by me. I’ve now learnt all the things that I didn’t know about turning around my symptoms during peri-menopause and now, menopause. All the MyMT™ strategies and more, I have found to be true!!”

– Bronwyn

“Finally, I can see my waist again. I’ve stopped gaining and started losing. I love the way, Wendy has got me to finally focus on ME!”

– Lisa, New Zealand

In peri-menopause and menopause, some women stay THIN. Others like me, stack on belly-fat. There’s a scientific reason for this. And not many people know about it. I certainly didn’t. It’s because our changing hormonal environment can lead to a condition known as ‘Oestrogen Dominance’. When menopause hormonal changes arrive and women don’t adjust their lifestyle for their changing hormonal status, many put on weight. This is because our fat cells store oestrogen and for so many women, this means that DESPITE the lowering of the reproductive hormone oestrogen, there are many other areas in the body that store oestrogen. When this happens, the role of progesterone changes too and this can cause insulin and another stress hormone, called cortisol, to get out of balance too. This is what I help you to manage. Because as I discovered, when left un-managed, not only do your hot flushes and sleep become worse, but your health starts to change too. This makes it tough in your post-menopause years.

If your weight is changing, or has changed, now that you have reached menopause, then please join me. What you learn will surprise you! In every module, I explain what is happening and more importantly, the strategies you can implement to change your situation.

“It took me 12 weeks to LOSE the belly-fat and not only did I feel FANTASTIC, but I also CHANGED MY HEALTH.”  This was the best thing for Kaye who has gone from a Size 14 down to a Size 10. She did it with the MyMT™ programme. You can read her story here.

Tess came into MyMT™ and within a month had lost 10 kg after years of struggling with her weight following IVF Therapy. Read her testimonial here.

For 30 years, I have watched women struggle to lose weight over the long term.  I now realise that the first thing they must do is to understand how their HORMONES impact on their weight, especially during the menopause transition .  The programme has all the answers to your menopause weight gain.  In six on-line learning modules, you will learn what to do to TURN YOUR BODY FROM FAT-GAINING INTO FAT-BURNING.

When you sign up to my TRANSFORM ME programme, I am committed to supporting you. The first 12 weeks of coaching is included as part of your programme and if you get behind or life gets in the way, then there is no pressure. For only $12.50 a month admin fee, you continue access to your modules and my continued coaching support. You decide how long you want to take.


It’s NOT TOO LATE to turn around your mid-life HEALTH and your WEIGHT. All you have to know is HOW. I’ve done the research, so all you do is put it into ACTION with my ‘Transform Me’ by Wendy Sweet, 12 week programme. Your 50’s are an important milestone in your life and I want you to feel energetic, vibrant and ‘alive’ so that you enjoy the next 30 years of living that you still have to do!  

Step 1 – Introduction and on-line medical clearance form and sign in details

Step 2 – Are you Oestrogen Dominant?

This module teaches you what oestrogen dominance is and HOW to reduce it. You’ll learn why your cholesterol is climbing and why your FAT is stacking on during peri-menopause and menopause. But even more than this, I will teach you the things you need to do with your lifestyle changes to STOP GAINING. You cannot begin to LOSE until you stop GAINING. That’s a fact. If you aren’t sleeping then you also access our OPTIONAL SLEEP WEBINAR in Step 2 as well.

Step 3 – Love your LIVER.

Liver function is at the heart of weight loss and in menopause your liver matters more than you think. In this 30 minute module, you will discover how to turn around your liver health simply and scientifically WITHOUT wasting money on endless products that don’t work for your menopause hormones. You need to get your liver back to doing the JOB it is meant to and that’s, breaking down fats and oestrogen. Gotta love that!

Step 4 – Eat to SUSTAIN, not to GAIN.

Have you tried endless diets which don’t work in the long term? Do you find that you still crave certain foods that satisfy you in the short-term, but don’t sustain you? Nutritional TYPE and TIMING is crucial for your long-term weight loss,and successful weight loss is scientifically defined as a YEAR or more. Diets destroy the hormones which help to manage your appetite, fullness and long-term health and for many women, living busy, stressful lives over many years, have led to a disturbance of the factors that influence their eating patterns. When you know what to eat and when, the body starts to BURN the un-healthy white fat hidden deep down in your belly during menopause.

Step 5 – Re-address Stress

This module isn’t ‘just’ about psychological stress. It’s also about the internal environment of your body and how your cells and tissues also become ‘stressed’. It’s called oxidative stress and because this leads to lots of inflammatory changes which lead to worsening health problems as we age, our mid-life years are the perfect time to be re-addressing stress. In this fabulous module, I teach you how.

Step 6 –Fitness Foundations.

It doesn’t matter whether you are just starting out OR you are getting back to the activity levels you used to enjoy, STEP 6, brings you in touch with moving more and giving your metabolism the boost it needs! The simple but effective exercise programmes you receive here are SAFE and SPECIFIC to women transitioning through menopause. There is nothing you can’t do and you can exercise ANYWHERE – at home, in the park, at the gym. You choose what’s best for you as you re-discover the JOY of becoming the active woman we want you to be!


Mindfulness practices are all the rage at the moment, but many FAIL TO ADDRESS the critical strategies that need to be implemented into our DAILY LIVES. We need to know how to do this, because when we are more purposeful about our every day actions, it helps us to manage our weight. Whilst our physiological changes in menopause, contribute to weight gain, so too do our behavioural routines. You know what I mean – the afternoon dip in energy that causes you to go for the sweet foods! I used to be like that too. That’s what I focus you on in this beautiful, mindful module.

Sound good? I hope so. Let’s do this, girls.


MyMT™ 12 week Transform Me Programme is available for you to purchase RIGHT NOW in three easy payments. 12 weeks for NZ$299. That’s $25 a week.

**PS: Don’t forget my coaching community too. This is where you can stay in touch with me for as long as you like. Your first 3 months is free as part of your programme purchase, and after that you can stay as long as you like for only $12.50 a month. I would love you to join me here.