Are you at a point in your life where your menopause transition is changing how you feel and nothing you are doing is working?

When this happened to me too and my research participants on my women’s healthy ageing studies were telling me similar stories, I decided to understand what was really going on in our menopause transition. Like many of you, I tried HRT and all sorts of supplements, but now I understand that these didn’t get to bottom of resolving my symptoms. Simply because, in menopause, we need to adjust our lifestyle to suit our changing hormonal environment. And if we don’t, then other hormones get out of balance too. This is what my Circuit Breaker programme teaches you to do. I have all the solutions for you to ‘break the circuit’ of your symptoms. From not sleeping, to night sweats to turning around your anxiety, moods, energy and more – this fabulous on-line programme takes care of your menopause transition, so you become healthy, energetic and vibrant again. Discover the transformation that I undertook for me and now, other women are achieving this too.

TURN around MENOPAUSE SYMPTOMS and restore your body to the health and vitality you deserve!

You won’t find anyone anywhere more passionate about guiding and supporting YOU to make the changes you need to turn around your symptoms in MENOPAUSE!

“Hi everyone, my name is Dr Wendy Sweet [PhD] and yes, peri-menopause blind-sided me too.  This is why, for all of our sakes, I decided to do something about it.  HRT is no longer the way forward for us and endless supplements are expensive and don’t get to the heart of your CELLULAR HEALTH.  When I began my PhD studies into women’s healthy ageing, many of my study participants told menopause symptom stories that resonated with mine.  Like so many women, medication and supplements no longer made a difference.  Hence I decided to figure out the hormonal chaos that menopause can cause for so many women.  What I discovered transformed my energy, my sleep, my moods, my health, my life (and my family’s).  This is what MyMT Circuit-Breaker does – you discover, step-by-step, what to do to turn around your symptoms, health and for some of you, your weight.  The UNIQUENESS of this programme is that I only target MENOPAUSE, one symptom at a time.  Six on-line modules teach you how.

Never before has there been a programme like the one I have developed.  This is because I looked too.  Women in their 50’s want to age differently from our mothers’ generation and when it comes to our menopause transition, this is the time to make changes that will support us into our healthy ageing.  From my extensive research I have identified the four key issues for women transitioning through menopause that tips them into their unhealthy ageing. These are:

  • Lack of SLEEP
  • Night SWEATS and increasing HOT FLUSHES/ FLASHES
  • Mood swings, anxiety and DEPRESSION
  • Tiredness, fatigue and for many women, WEIGHT GAIN

That’s why in the MyMT ‘Circuit-Breaker’ 12 week programme, you learn how to turn these symptoms around using specific lifestyle change strategies that are specific to menopause.

How do I know this?  Because the women already on the programme tell me:

“I think all women going through menopause should do this programme. It has changed my life. I am feeling so much more energised, in control and just happy. It kinda feels unbelievable. Ironically, at this time of my life, I finally had the time to paint but no energy or enthusiasm to do so, and I had wanted this so badly for so long. Now I finally have the energy for my painting and other things in my life. I’m absolutely loving it.”

– Andrea, Australia  

debbie“This programme has given me CONFIDENCE that there is hope, rather than just laugh it off and secretly hate what’s happening to me. I feel this is a programme where woman can claim back their life, and get the tools to navigate this area of their lives. Life is not a rehearsal and I want the best of life always. I’m not ready to give up and just take medication or let my health slide. This is my life and the MyMT™ programme has helped me to claim it back. This programme has saved my sanity.”

– Debbie, Wellington

I love the feedback from women who do the MyMT™ ‘Circuit-Breaker’ Programme – this is what they tell me: 

  1. First of all, they love the fact that I have been there too. I know how women are feeling at this crazy time of our ‘hormonal’ lives!
  2. Because the programme is based on my research and experience, women tell m that they trust it. They also love how I’ve done all the problem-solving.
  3. There is a lot of information ‘out there’ but none of it is customised for menopause AND your busy lifestyle. This is why so many of the women tell me that what I get them to change about their day-to-day life, makes so much sense!
  4. They experience a full night’s sleep again! I love how women are now sleeping longer and waking up feeling refreshed ready to get on with their day.
  5. Women tell me that as they listen to the webinars and then put my strategies into action, they simply feel as if they are ” back in control”.
  6. Many love how the programme is on-line and on-demand. So they can access it anywhere at any time. And they can be discrete about the support they are getting.
  7. Because my focus is lifestyle change and not supplements then most are saving money.
  8. Over 50% of the women have been able to remove their reliance on HRT and other medications. This is important to me, because research indicates that this reduces their risk of some oestrogen-receptive cancers.
  9. They enjoy the learning. Life-long learning is important and the women say that when they listen to the modules implementing the strategies becomes easier. This confirms my belief that whatever your age, knowledge is power!
  10. My private Coaching Community Facebook page helps to keep women engaged and motivated – even if they get a bit behind with the programme information, they check in to read my (almost) daily coaching posts.


This programme is life-changing. How do I know this? Because women tell me what a difference it has made to their lives…

“I’m one of the Transformers mentioned and I want to shout it from the roof-tops how amazingly beneficial this programme is! I wish all Women’s Health Practitioners, Gastroenterologists, Endocrinologists, Orthopaedic Surgeons, Cardiologists…..who are seeing all our menopausal symptoms in isolation to their specialty begin to recommend this programme. It treats the source of the multiple symptoms! I finally feel listened to and empowered to take control of my whole health!”

– Bronwyn, Invercargill

“Hi MyMT. This is my first post on Facebook ever. Turning around my sleep and hot flushes has been my focus ever since hearing Wendy’s ‘Health, Hormones & Happiness’ Presentation at Waikato University. There are now definite improvements starting to show regards sleep and hot flush improvements – I’m actually getting some of the first and less of the latter! All in all, I’m really surprised about the interaction between the hormones and the strategies and how it all falls into place to make me feel better. Thanks MyMT™. This menopause was really starting to get me down.”

– Sue, Hamilton


MyMT™ Circuit-Breaker teaches you HOW to ‘break the circuit’ of your symptoms in peri-menopause and menopause and transition through this stage of your life with renewed energy, health and vitality.  With this revolutionary programme you receive:

  1. SIX on-demand 40 minute video-seminars which describe HOW to turn around your symptoms. Some women also use this programme to help them get off HRT or other menopause-related medications and supplements in conjunction with their Doctor.
  2. Easily, downloadable HANDOUTS, including your own MyMT menopause food information and recipes.  Each step (module) has a simple ‘Daily Dozen’ Check list to remind you!
  3. Unlimited access to the ON-LINE programme for he 3 months of the programme. This allows you to view it anywhere and at your pace! And if you want to take longer then there is a small admin charge each month to continue your access.
  4. PLUS, our BONUS three months free access to our private Coaching Community Facebook page. This is where I share tips, strategies, the latest research and more. All specific to this stage of life we are going through. My coaching forum keeps women motivated, knowledgeable and feeling supported because if they ask a question, I reply as soon as I can.

Hundreds of women have already signed up to the revolutionary MyMT Circuit-Breaker programme. They love the difference it’s making to their lives, especially those women who, as they often state, “have tried everything.”  The programme is easy to follow.  All you have to do is listen to each video-seminar, download the hand-outs and put it all into action.   This is how you become your own MENOPAUSE COACH.

You’ll begin to SLEEP ALL NIGHT.  Your HOT FLUSHES will reduce.  Your ENERGY levels will be regained.  Your MOOD SWINGS will disappear. And for those putting on weight, you will STOP gaining and begin LOSING.  Reduce. Regain. Renew.  It’s all in MyMT™ Circuit-Breaker and it’s waiting for you today….


I tried everything to change my symptoms and nothing worked. I put on more and more weight and felt miserable and lifeless. I have been on the programme for about 6 weeks now and honestly it has worked miracles. I am losing weight, my hot flushes have almost entirely gone and I have much more energy and I am feeling fantastic. I spent so much money over the years on doctor’s visits and over the counter remedies that didn’t make any difference. This programme really works and is worth every cent for your wellbeing during menopause. As a consumer of this programme it was worth way more to me for the improvement it has made to my happiness, health and wellbeing.”

Carolyn (programme participant, used with permission)


The 6 Steps of the programme in detail:

MyMT™ Circuit-Breaker


The first step is simple. All you do is fill in the on-line medical screening form.

MyMT™ Circuit-Breaker


This is what Step 2 is all about. Listen to the on-line video seminar and discover how to IMPROVE YOUR SLEEP and REDUCE YOUR HOT FLUSHES and NIGHT SWEATS.

MyMT™ Circuit-Breaker


The western, modern lifestyles we have enjoyed all our lives can cause inflammation in your liver cells.  In this fantastic module, you learn what to do to LOVE your LIVER. 

MyMT™ Circuit-Breaker


This step is packed full of information to RESTORE energy levels you haven’t enjoyed since peri-menopause took them away from you. 

MyMT™ Circuit-Breaker


This step isn’t just about re-addressing psychological stress.  Peri-menopause can cause such HORMONAL CHAOS for many women, that their adrenal and thyroid health suffers.  This can lead to oxidative ‘stress’ within your body’s cells. This step teaches you how to turn this around.

MyMT™ Circuit-Breaker


It’s hard to change the habits you’ve built up for years. I know this.  But with the science of motivation and mindfulness, you will discover the strategies that help you to stay calm and in control, which also helps your symptom management during menopause.

Our Mantra here is “change the mind and the body will follow.”

MyMT™ 12 week Circuit Breaker Starter Programme is available for you to purchase RIGHT NOW for less than $25 a week. Payment options available:

NZ$299, or 3 monthly payments of $99.66 ($25 a week). Plus the bonus of the private coaching community group for 3 months for free!


You’re in great company. Other clients are just like you …

Merridy – 57 years
“I am now off anti-depressants”

Gym owner Merridy knew the toll that running a business and continually helping others took on her energy and stress levels, but the trade-off was fit, happy clients empowered by their visits to her gym.

Jeanette – 52 years
“I now know what works for my body”

When she received the phone call to return to her Doctor for the results of her recent blood tests, Jeanette was nervous. She knew that a re-call like this was typically bad news.

Sue – 49 years
“I have lost 10 kilos”

When Sue reached her late 40’s, her busy life as a massage therapist, exercise class instructor and marathon competitor started to take its toll.  She couldn’t recover from day to day. Then despite all the exercise and her busy job, Sue began to gain weight. She also couldn’t sleep.

Phillipa – 51 years
“I’m so excited that my night sweats have gone and I’m sleeping all night.”

At 51 years, Phillipa was happily assisting her husband to manage their rural business. Living in the country her days were busy and when her head hit the pillow at night, she went straight to sleep.