Set in the context of an ageing and mainly female population, the World Health Organisation (WHO, 2012) reports that lifestyle diseases are on the rise in over 50% of post-menopausal women (60+ years) . The time for women to change their health is in mid-life, so mitigating the inflammatory changes that menopause can bring is essential.

The purpose of MyMT™ is to actively support women to change their health as they navigate their mid-life years. Achieving this may help to mitigate even more lifestyle-influenced health problems as they age. How MyMT™ does this is through a scientifically evidenced 12-STEP lifestyle behaviour-change program.

MyMT™ welcomes inquiries as well as the opportunity to discuss the success of the numerous clients on our program.

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  • In 2015, MyMT™ undertook a trial of the program with Baby-boomer women over the length of New Zealand. For information about their experiences and success, please contact MyMT™.
  • For information about the PhD research study currently undertaken by MyMT™ co-founder, Wendy Sweet, It’s Personal and it’s Professional: An exploration of the meanings mid-life women Baby-boomers attribute to ‘working out’ with a Personal Trainer, please contact,

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Globally, lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, cardiac disease and obesity are substantially increasing. When combined with menopause during mid-life many women are significantly at risk.

Although a natural process, menopause is not well understood by the general population and the success of treatments vary considerably…

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