What Makes My Menopause Transformation [MyMT™] So Different?

When it comes to talking about menopause symptoms and the struggle many of us have to make sense of how we are feeling, it often feels like no-one is listening or understanding what is actually going on. But it doesn’t have to be this way any longer, as hundreds of women on the MyMT™ programmes have, or are currently discovering. Through the revolutionary MyMT™ 12-week programmes, women the world over are now gaining clarity on why their symptoms are occurring and how to use specific lifestyle change strategies that I’ve researched from my women’s health studies (and applied for myself as well) to help them thrive and survive their menopause transition. All without resorting to traditional medications or hormone therapy treatments. Many women are also using the MyMT™ programmes to help them get off these treatments. The fabulous women on these Success Stories pages are living proof that menopause symptoms don’t need to claim our wellbeing at this stage of life. I can’t thank them enough for sharing their stories with you too.

Wendy Sweet RN, PhD

Women’s Healthy Ageing Researcher and MyMT™ Creator and Coach

Wendy Sweet  RN, PhD

Sandra Tucker “I just feel calm and in control now.”

It was such a great surprise to meet up with Sandra in Tauranga, New Zealand when I was presenting my Masterclass on Menopause seminar. What a privilege and pleasure it was catching up with her briefly. She had come into my Transform Me weight management programme in early 2018 and wanted to come and listen to…

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“Thanks to my renewed energy, I am loving every minute of my new life.”

“Tanzania is a beautiful country…it’s people, wildlife and mountains. I feel so lucky to see Mt Kilimanjaro because it is often covered in cloud.  I’m loving it here, but it is colder than I expected, we are having a particularly bad rainy season. I wanted to share these photos with you and the other women on your…

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Bev Rhodes (61) “I’m slimmer, healthier and full of gratitude for your MyMT™ programme.”  

“Before I began this programme I was exhausted and overweight. You made my decision to look after myself so much easier with the research you have completed and put into this programme. There is much I want to fit in to the rest of my life still and now I feel I have the energy to…

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“I love how my symptoms no longer make me feel unhealthy.” [Wendy]

Do you feel hot, tired, grumpy, anxious or overweight? Are you experiencing heart palpitations or high cholesterol? Has your blood pressure changed? Are your joints and muscles sore? Yes, that was me too. I was 51 when peri-menopause hit me and despite all the exercise I was doing and eating in ways recommended by popular nutritionists and…

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Paula with her dogs

“I just love feeling healthy again.” [Paula, New Zealand]

As a self confessed physically active free-spirit, busy teacher, wife and mother of two, reaching her menopause transition was a ‘game-changer’ for how 50 year old Paula was feeling. In her early 40’s she recognized that her body was changing, and in-spite of her own doctor suggesting she was ‘just too young’ to be heading into…

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Stephnee Jenkins
“My potential grew day by day.”

I am 48 years old , a Personal Trainer/Pilates instructor and I've always been fit and healthy. But then my life changed ... Maybe my journey began 2 years ago when my best friend and husband of 25 years passed away suddenly, blowing my world into a million pieces. Looking back I am very thankful...

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