What Makes My Menopause Transformation [MyMT™] So Different?

When it comes to talking about menopause symptoms and the struggle many of us have to make sense of how we are feeling, it often feels like no-one is listening or understanding what is actually going on. But it doesn’t have to be this way any longer, as hundreds of women on the MyMT™ programmes have, or are currently discovering. Through the revolutionary MyMT™ 12-week programmes, women the world over are now gaining clarity on why their symptoms are occurring and how to use specific lifestyle change strategies that I’ve researched from my women’s health studies (and applied for myself as well) to help them thrive and survive their menopause transition. All without resorting to traditional medications or hormone therapy treatments. Many women are also using the MyMT™ programmes to help them get off these treatments. The fabulous women on these Success Stories pages are living proof that menopause symptoms don’t need to claim our wellbeing at this stage of life. I can’t thank them enough for sharing their stories with you too.

Wendy Sweet RN, PhD

Women’s Healthy Ageing Researcher and MyMT™ Creator and Coach

Wendy Sweet  RN, PhD

“I now have the energy that menopause had taken away.” [Andrea, Australia]

Meet Andrea - she loves painting. This is her sitting on the steps outside her studio where she lives in Australia. When Andrea first contacted MyMT™ she was exhausted, frustrated and confused about what was happening to her energy levels in menopause. As she said, "Finally I had arrived at a point in my life,...

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Carolyn – 54 years,
“Within days I felt better”

When I turned 50, I couldn't believe how tired I felt. It was frustrating for me, because all my life, I've worked and love my career as a Police Officer working in the human services sectors. I have always been active and lived a fairly healthy lifestyle, looking after my family and my career, but...

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“I’m a Personal Trainer but I didn’t know anything about menopause.” [Debbie, NZ]

I love it when leading Personal Trainers come into my programme. As I say in the seminars, we are the first generation of women to go into menopause in the context of the modern sports and fitness industries, so we are the ‘guinea pig’ generation! When I was struggling myself to recover from with all…

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Phillipa – 51 years
“My night sweats have gone”

I've always been a morning person - but with menopause all I wanted to do was to stay in bed! At 51 years, Phillipa was happily assisting her husband to manage their rural business. Living in the country her days were busy and her when her head hit the pillow at night, she was straight...

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woman measuring her waist

Jeanette – 52 years
‘I now know what works for my body’

When she received the phone call that she needed to return to her Doctor for the results of her recent blood tests, Jeanette was nervous. She knew that a re-call like this was typically bad news. She was right. The nurse explained that her Liver Function Tests were a little abnormal. All Jeanette could remember...

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a massage, years of Estrogen Dominance

Sue – 49 years

When Sue reached her late 40’s, her busy life as a massage therapist, exercise-class instructor and marathon competitor started to take its toll. The problem she noticed at first was her inability to recover from day to day. She was exhausted. Then despite all the exercise and her busy job, Sue began to gain weight....

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