This feedback is written directly from Debbie after completing the MyMT™ ‘Circuit-Breaker’ program in 2016.

“I struggled through my 50’s with peri-menopause and then menopause. I tried everything under the sun and to be quite frank, I was getting quite desperate as I work as a busy Personal Trainer. I’ve come to realise through this program and everything I’ve learnt, why all my exercise and nutrition training over the years, was no longer relevant. This is because, as Wendy says, this is such a unique time of our life and we are unique with our desires for a healthier future.

I came across Wendy Sweet’s name when I read an article she had written on ‘Menopause’ and it was like a beacon to me. I couldn’t wait to make contact and understand more about this program. I actually had nothing to lose as by this time, I had been on HRT for 12 months and gained around 6kg. We get so desperate and we “buy this buy that” mis-advised and misinformed. I was at the end of my tether. I knew of Wendy who leads the forefront of Personal Training in New Zealand as I work in this industry as well.

She is highly recognised in Australia and New Zealand and is not only the most informed person and leader on this subject in the health and exercise industry, but she has been through it all herself. She knows exactly what we as 50+ woman go through because she is living it too.

I have spent so much money on the “latest thing” for peri-menopause over the years. People over the counter saying you need to take ‘this’ and if that doesn’t work come back and try that. I tried so much but nothing worked for me. I finally chose to go on HRT advised by my doctor. Again, it did not work into the long term and unlike this program, did not address the OTHER HORMONAL HEALTH ISSUES that I now understand, menopause brings on.
What I have learnt in this ‘Circuit-Breaker’ program has been remarkable. I thought I was eating well, but found that I wasn’t eating the right foods that I needed to in menopause. As well, I did not understand the strategies that I needed to put into place to manage my hot flushes and turn around my sleep and night sweats. I have learnt that when it comes to mid-life and menopause, we do have to adapt, but this comes with age as well and changes should be made. The program advises nutrition more in depth once you are into the program. It’s not just meat and vegies or even Paleo. It is actually far from it. It’s about what foods are best suited for our best performance, wellbeing and our healthy ageing at this time of our lives.

Now that I have done the program I feel so much better. Everything Wendy suggests WORKS! Every day I gained more energy and I now feel that I know what to do. I feel like I’ve claimed back my life through the help from Wendy and Gerry, who does the technical side of things. What I especially liked however, was simply being advised by another ‘Woman’ who has been through what I have been through and is very informed. I’m sorry but a guy over the counter at the pharmacy just wasn’t cutting it, quite frankly! Wendy has come up with a program that yes you do pay for it. (As you would most things), but the difference is the DIRECT SUPPORT. I mean DIRECT, email, facebook however you want it. This aspect is so important for women who want to change their health and lifestyle. She also challenged my BELIEFS about what I knew from my past, and this has been critical to my own learnings.
Menopause can be different for everyone. Woman are at different stages and different levels. Wendy is so informed, so onto it she does advise and connects at every level women are experiencing. She is a real woman/person at the other end of our messages and her support is immediate. This program has given me CONFIDENCE and has EMPOWERED me at a time in my life, where I was feeling so down and out. I had almost thought about giving up my personal training business, but that has all changed now. I secretly hated what was happening to me in menopause. Thank you to Wendy Sweet and Gerry. These ladies have done their homework and are passionate about helping other women. I have no trouble paying for their program and I am sharing with other woman who struggle at this time. I’ve learnt that your 50’s don’t have to Suck! This program is not an ongoing pit of money it is a well-informed, supportive program. I feel this is a program where woman can claim back their life, and get the tools to navigate this area of their lives. Life is not a rehearsal and I want the best life offers always. I’m not ready to give up and just take medication or let my health slide. This is my life and the MyMT™ program has helped me to claim it back. This program has saved my sanity.
Debbie, 54 years, NZ

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