Re-Build My Fitness Online Women’s Healthy Ageing Exercise Programme

Do my fabulous exercise programmes at home, at the gym, or anywhere you are in the world. It’s my privilege to get you back into the exercise you love to do. Body-Type Specific Workouts for Women in Menopause (or Post-Menopause) to get fit, get strong, get toned and for some of you, get slim, or just get motivated!

[Updated Modules – Brand New Research – Specific to women in their menopause transition and beyond]

 Ladies, I’m so excited to bring you my online RE-BUILD MY FITNESS programme which I’ve designed specifically for you during menopause and beyond! Despite my 30 years as a leading educator in the fitness industry and a pioneer of the New Zealand personal training industry, I had no idea that everything I was used to doing for my workouts would all change as I went into menopause. Now I have the programmes for you, that I couldn’t find for me!”   

[Wendy Sweet, B.PhysEd./ PhD/ NZ REPs Registered Exercise Specialist]


The wrong exercise for your body-type in menopause can actually send you into worsening hot flushes, poor sleep and poor joint and immune health and for many of you, your belly-fat can increase with the wrong exercise too! I found this out the hard-way as well. What’s more, research consistently reports that mid-life and the menopause transition, is a time in a woman’s life when it’s easier to stop being active than continue. But healthy ageing studies frequently report that our heart, muscle, bone and joint health, needs the benefit of exercise! So, we need to stay active to support our successful and healthy ageing.

THAT’S WHY I HAVE USED MY 30 YEARS OF EXERCISE INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE AND KNOWLEDGE TO BRING YOU THIS POWERFUL PROGRAMME WHICH I’VE CALLED ‘RE-BUILD MY FITNESS’. In this ONLINE programme, I present everything I needed to know when peri-menopause and menopause came knocking at my door!

As a leading educator, I also began to understand that everything that is being taught to exercise professionals in many exercise and sports courses has to date, been targeted towards younger populations, athletes and males.Very little is taught about exercise that is specifically aimed at women’s hormonal health, especially in menopause. As I did my doctoral studies on women’s health and exercise, I realised that this is because, women in their 50’s today, are the first generation to have aged alongside the modern fitness industry, so exercise prescription messages (and research) are lacking.

That’s why I love offering you this Re-Build My Fitness Programme. It’s unique to women in their menopause transition. 

It offers you the chance to re-build your fitness, strength, balance and bone-health as you age. There are four different types of workouts that I’ve specifically designed according to your BODY-TYPE. This is really important as we age.

If you are a bigger frame as I am (Adrenal or Pituitary Body-types), then your health risk as you age is typically Metabolic Syndrome, Heart Disease and Type 2 Diabetes. As you lose muscle during menopause, your risk is weight gain. So, my programme helps you to burn the fat and halt the increasing risk of post-menopause heart disease.

If you are thinner or leaner (Thyroid or Gynaeoid Body Types) then your health risk may be Osteoporosis and immune health concerns linked to increasing frailty as you age. So, you may benefit form increasing your strength, bone health, cardiac health and improving your resilience as you age.  

It doesn’t matter whether you are ready to get into more exercise now that you have completed the  Circuit Breaker or Transform Me programmes, or you just need to change up your exercise and nutrition to better suit your healthy ageing, Re-Build My Fitness is for you.  There are BODY-TYPE SPECIFIC exercise programmes that you download and videos to watch.  

FEEL FITTER and STRONGER with these fantastic programmes specific to you during your menopause transition.  This is Re-Build My Fitness. Designed to keep you younger, fitter, stronger, balanced ….

MyMT™ Rebuild-Me

Step 1 -Introduction to RE-BUILD MY FITNESS

Did you know that your blood vessels, muscles, bones and nervous system experience changes in their structure as you go into a new hormonal environment during your menopause transition? No, nor did I. And for women who love exercising (or who used to love exercising!), these structural changes mean that you need to change  your exercise frequency, intensity, time and type (this is the F.I.T.T. acronym that we use in exercise prescription). to accommodate your changing hormonal environment.

MyMT™ Rebuild-Me
Step 2 – Re-Build your FITNESS FOUNDATIONS

It doesn’t matter whether you are just starting out or you are getting back to the activity levels you used to enjoy, STEP 2 brings you in touch with moving more!

The programs you receive here are SAFE and SPECIFIC to women transitioning through menopause.  There is nothing you can’t do, and you can do your exercise anywhere – at home, in the park, at the gym.  You choose what’s best for you as you re-discover the joy of becoming the active woman you want to be! This first step also includes a BONUS WEBINAR which I’ve called ‘Restore your Core & Pelvic Floor’. It goes without saying that we all need to do this in mid-life!

MyMT™ Rebuild-Me


Strength training offers so many benefits to women as they age. As we lose oestrogen and progesterone, so too do we lose precious muscle tone and strength. This is why we need to move beyond the buff biceps or six-pack abs training and get into the best type of strength training that will benefit muscles and bones as you age. Strong muscles that are functionally fit will allow you to enjoy your favorite activities such as hiking, skiing, or gardening for longer. They’ll make keeping up with your grand-kids easier and may even help your golf or tennis game as well as help you to manage your weight as you get older. Certain health conditions benefit from strength training too. Studies show that strength training can help prevent or control conditions as varied as arthritis and type 2 diabetes. So, what can you do about improving your strength as you transition through menopause?  Well, let me tell you!  You’re going to enjoy SAFE STRENGTHENING EXERCISES specifically designed for you in your Strong is the New Skinny module. Designed by me, for you.

MyMT™ Rebuild-Me


As you gradually and systematically follow the earlier programmes, then some of you might want to improve your fitness levels further.  You do this by WORKING HARDER and SMARTER.  Adding in different types of exercise sessions will help you to increase your fitness, so I have designed you programmes that focus on High Intensity Interval Training [HITT]. This training is all the rage in the fitness industry and is on the top-10 list for global fitness trends in 2019. However, in menopause, we must proceed with CAUTION, when doing HIIT training, so I have all this info in the module for you as well.  Some of you might even want to have a programme to ENTER AN EVENT, such as a 5 or 10 km walk or run.  Whatever you want, it’s all in this module ladies.  In Step 4, discover how to improve your fitness, safely and progressively through a bit of good old-fashioned vigorous activity.  I can’t wait to share this with you.

MyMT™ Rebuild-Me


Food is your Fuel when you exercise more regularly or you are training for a specific event.  In Step 5 you will learn new strategies to fuel your body for exercise.  This module is packed full of the latest and SPECIFIC NUTRITION you need for your exercise needs in your menopause transition.  Discover how to eat to the levels of your exercise and retain and restore your ENERGY every day.  There’s not a Master-Chef in sight – only you and what you learn in this fantastic module.

MyMT™ Rebuild-Me


It is well recognised in ageing research that the fitness needs of women as they go into their post-menopause years, is not only important, but their fitness needs are also unique. This is because in post-menopause, women are at increased risk for heart disease, joint problems and weight gain. When you align the physical changes that occur as women get older against the fact that they are working longer and living longer, then ageing well is a priority. There are 7 Pillars of Healthy Ageing for women based on longevity research. In this fabulous module, you will discover what they are …. and it’s not only about staying active!


Have you ever wondered why there is so much emphasis on ‘mindfulness training’ these days?  It’s because with the busy and often stressful lives we lead there comes a time when the challenges of daily life distract us so much that we don’t have time to concentrate on what is meaningful to us.  Feeling overwhelmed and time-poor in menopause, not only increases your hot flushes, but increases feelings of anxiety & deprives you of your precious sleep. You must learn to turn this around.  That’s why I have this module for you. It teaches you the relevant easy-to-use strategies to keep the ‘inner you’ calm, focused and centred.  In this module you will learn proven strategies for taking a more mindful and therefore, meaningful approach to your daily life.  When I learnt all of this, it not only changed the way I connected with others but also myself.  I can’t wait to share this module with you too.

MyMT™ 12 Week Re-Build My Fitness Programme is available for you to purchase RIGHT NOW. Pay NZ$249 in 3 month-by-month payments which also includes my private coaching too. I can’t wait to share this exciting programme with you.

Re-Build My Fitness

Re-Build My Fitness is your fitness programme specific to you in menopause and post-menopause. Discover how to improve your health, with the right exercise for you during menopause. Get fitter, stronger, leaner, improve your balance, pelvic floor and more! If menopause weight gain is also an issue, then add-on MyMT Transform Me too. 

Transform Me

‘Transform Me’ is for women who are putting on belly-fat and may be increasing their risk for changing cardio-vascular health. This fabulous 12 week online programme teaches you how to sleep all night, improve your energy and lose your menopause belly-fat. All with the help of my ‘how-to’ step-by-step strategies to manage a condition called oestrogen dominance, which is often the cause of your weight gain in menopause.