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The growing movement of slow-jogging in Japan and why you need to boost your aerobic exercise during menopause

We all know that a little exercise or activity makes a big difference in our day. But at a time when the world of competitive sports and fitness is increasingly dominated by athletes, many ordinary women need to re-discover that the exercise that matters the most for our health as we age is not the competitive type, but another type of exercise – aerobic, endurance exercise. Don’t worry, after 30 years working in the fitness industry and exercise education, I know myself that fitness messages and experiences have got pretty confusing.

That’s why I was so stoked when I heard from one of the ladies on the MyMT programme about the slow-jogging fitness movement in Japan. As she said, “This resonates so much with what you tell us as well Wendy.” That’s why I’m having a shout-out for good old-fashioned aerobic or endurance exercise for all of us during menopause … especially those of you who want to halt your belly-fat and look after your heart health as you get older. When women come into my Re-Build My Fitness programme as well as the MyMT Transform Me programme, I love it when they understand that to lose weight, we need to be sleeping all night, turning around our liver health AND backing-off too much high intensity exercise until we restore our energy levels again. But what I do encourage them to do is to increase their slower, endurance exercise, and if their joints aren’t sore, I get them to walk or try some slow jogging.

SLOW JOGGING is an exercise method elaborated by Professor Hiroaki Tanaka (Fukuoka University, Japan). He chose the term “slow jogging” to emphasise that jogging doesn’t always have to be done at pace. Slow is a perfectly good way to do it, says Professor Tanaka and I agree. The key he says, is to maintain niko niko pace. It is a an efficient, healthier, and pain-free approach to running for all ages and lifestyles.

Menopause is the time of our life when we need to change how we look after ourselves, including with our exercise. That’s why I have designed the Re-Build My Fitness programme, which women are doing after they have either completed Circuit-Breaker (for thinner/ leaner women) or Transform Me (for women wanting to lose weight). Re-Build My Fitness is a 12 week programme which teaches women how to get the right exercise back into their lives so it can also be completed without doing the other programmes. The first module begins with understanding how to improve aerobic fitness – I’ve called it ‘Fitness Foundations’ and it’s got your aerobic exercise programme for you to down-load. This can be undertaken inside the gym on the treadmill or outside braving the elements, and teaches you why longer-duration aerobic exercise is necessary for our health as we age. It’s the type of exercise that makes you smile. If you want to get exercise back into your life, I hope you can join me sometime too.

Wendy Sweet [PhD] / MyMT™ Founder & Lifestyle Coach

“If you have ever wondered if there was a clear easy plan to follow to sleep all night, reduce hot flushes and prevent or reduce your weight gain during menopause, then ‘welcome’ – you’re in the right place now.”

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