“This is a new journey, a change of lifestyle and Wendy’s programme helps with this.” [Beta, Ireland]

Beta, MyMT

“I’m really grateful I found Wendy’s program. I’m entering the menopause transition with less anxiety now. I had enormous difficulties, especially with sleeping. Wendy’s programme helped me get back on track. These days, I still sometimes wake-up in the middle of the night but I always go back to sleep based on her teachings. As […]

“Feeling tired and miserable was no longer an option!” [Patricia, Canada]

Ontario, Canada is a long way from the South Island of New Zealand, but I ‘got it’ when Patricia mentioned that she loved her exercise and was really struggling to recover from the exercise that she had easily managed for decades.  There were a few emails that flew across the Pacific as I worked on […]

“I was 50 and still suffering the eating disorder that had plaqued me my whole life, but now it has truly vanquished.”

When Romany Romany from the UK came onto the MyMT™ programme a couple of years ago, I thought her name was a bit unusual, so I emailed her to ask if I had it correct – the same first and last names. “Yes, you do” she wrote back, “but to find out why, you need to read my book.” […]

“I thought the only thing waiting for me was fat clothes, pain and a heart attack ..” [Brenda, Tasmania]

“I’m almost at the end of my 12 weeks Transform Me and I am TRANSFORMED!” mentioned Brenda in my private facebook community for the women on my 12 week programmes. I was intrigued, because a ‘transformation’ isn’t just physical as modern gym-culture would have us believe. In my programmes, the term ‘transformation’ has relevance in […]

“Thank you for giving me the tools to help my mind and body relax and stop “fighting it” and go with what was happening to my body during my Menopause Transition.” [Janine, NZ]

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“I had struggled for years to lose weight. Then I lost 13kg very quickly. I thought I had an illness when the weight fell off, and had many, many tests done to find I was in post menopause, following a hysterectomy 2 years prior. Wendy, thank you for assisting, guiding, me with tools to help […]

“I couldn’t afford your programme, but you helped me realise I was in control. I’ve now lost 25kg.” [Jill, Australia]

Jill McG Australia

Are your symptoms due to menopause or obesity? That was the question I asked in my mid-week article last week. I never know how many of you are reading my articles or watching my Masterclass on Menopause (to the end!), but thankfully, Jill has been doing both. It was last week’s article that prompted her […]

“After a hysterectomy, my symptoms got worse, but this programme was a life-saver.”

It’s tough to have a hysterectomy and be told that because you are in post-menopause, your symptoms will go away. But they don’t.  For numerous women like Sherri, the hot flushes and night sweats can become worse, even in post-menopause, as does sleep, even if  the hysterectomy was long ago.   Most women, like Sherri, think […]

“At first I didn’t want to change how I lived my life. Now at 55, I’m sleeping, have lost weight, no sore joints and feel healthy again.” [Zelinda, Australia]

Why do people struggle to turn healthy lifestyle intentions into action? It’s a question that I studied for numerous years doing my Masters thesis. And I have an answer for you! Behaviour-change research consistently reports that for women especially, three main factors impact on their resolve to change their lifestyle routines and behaviours:  Lack of […]

VIDEO: “Like most working mothers, I put my head down, hoping my symptoms would miraculously go away.” [Danni, New Zealand]

“I had been struggling by myself to try and manage my health after developing Graves disease, a congenital hyper-active thyroid condition that started to occur in my menopause years. This was triggering a heart condition that threw me into atrial fibrillation intermittently, and put me at high risk of potentially suffering a stroke.  But like […]