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“Not only did I win some medals, but my sleep is so much better too. That’s gold!”

As an athlete, menopause can be challenging. Your sleep changes, muscles and joints are changing and of course, you are often eating foods that are necessary for training and competing, and not necessarily ideal for menopause hormonal changes. But Sarah and I changed all that. Numerous emails flew from New Zealand all the way to Perth and I was so stoked to get Sarah’s email recently too. 

Thanks Wendy for all the information I have learnt from your menopause course, and the extra advice and words of wisdom you post in the group plus in emails.

Today we had the Western Australian masters surf lifesaving state champs. Not only did I get a few medals but I actually had energy right to the last event. Previous years I ran out of reserves by the halfway mark. 🙏
And my sleep is now restorative. That’s gold on it’s own!! So ladies do the program. It works!! I’ve been here since last July on the Circuit Breaker and am still reading everything Wendy posts plus revisiting the modules.”
Sarah G., Perth, Australia – she loves the surf. 

“If you have ever wondered if there was a clear easy plan to follow to sleep all night, reduce hot flushes and prevent or reduce your weight gain during menopause, then ‘welcome’ – you’re in the right place now.” 

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