Symptoms Quiz Results for Score 11-25

This video explains the Symptoms Test results for a score of 11-25. Your results will also be emailed to you, so please check your junk email if you don’t receive it.

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You scored between 11-25

This is a moderate symptom severity score, and the second most common. The highest possible score is 50. Around 30% of women are in your category, so please don’t feel alone!

Are your symptoms affecting your day-to-day life?

One of the challenges I had myself when I reached this score, was that I had no energy to get through my day and didn’t understand why I felt so hot all the time.

So, I know that you may be experiencing some symptoms that are having an effect on how you feel and how you get through your day. Maybe you also don’t understand which symptoms are due to menopause and which are due to normal ageing – I talk about this in my 2-hour Masterclass on Menopause webinar.

Many of my clients tell me that despite numerous medical and specialist appointments, no one can explain the link between their health issues, their changing hormonal environment and their ageing organs. 

So happy with the way I feel. Six weeks into MyMT™ and I’m feeling the best I have in a decade.

When my own symptoms overwhelmed me and HRT wasn’t giving me the relief I needed, I spent hundreds of hours as part of my PhD Thesis researching the lifestyle solutions that are evidenced to help midlife women reduce symptoms and lose weight.

The scientific research is there, it’s just not getting out to women.

I can’t wait to share my findings with you in my 2-hour Masterclass on Menopause webinar. It’s everything I wish I had known before I entered menopause. 

Women on the MyMT™ programmes love learning how they can make simple adjustments to their lifestyle to place menopause in ‘wellness’, not ‘sickness’.

Menopause is a critical window before our third age. Make sure you know what you can do today to manage your symptoms and set yourself up to age healthily. To learn more, watch my Masterclass on Menopause webinar or explore the 12-week Programmes.

Knowledge is power - it's time to put your health first!
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Jill McGranaghan Cropped Feb 2023
"I can’t thank you enough for sharing your excellent research in your Masterclass. Your knowledge linking lifestyle to menopause, opened up my ability to change my health situation. I have now lost 25 kgs and I’ve overcome very high blood pressure due to the lifestyle changes I’ve made."
New Zealand
Kathryn Joseph Blurred Background
"In the dying days of 2022, my resolution was to do something about my downward spiral, get some control over my symptoms and lose some weight. I joined the Transform Me Program. It wasn’t long before I saw results in terms of improved sleep and weight. I feel so much better, healthier and lighter. I don’t mean that only literally but figuratively as well. I have so much more energy and no longer spend my days feeling tired and sluggish."
Kathryn, J
Julie Syl Kalungi Square
"Let me say this. My sleep has improved a great deal. In fact I might go as far as saying I get a minimum of 7 hours sleep every night! And the result is... I just realised I have lost 22lbs. Nothing seemed to work until MyMT™. OMG.. what magic is this?"