How MyMT™ Programs Work

Choose from 3 online courses: reduce menopause symptoms with Circuit-Breaker, lose weight with Transform Me or start exercising again with Rebuild My Fitness


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Rediscover your mid-life health, vitality and energy

I want you to feel like your old-self again. Do you? If so, then I have researched how to turn around our symptoms in menopause and/or lose weight using evidenced lifestyle solutions rather than just relying on endless supplements and medications. I hope you can join me for 12 weeks to learn how to adjust your lifestyle to better match your changing hormonal environment as you move through menopause. During the COVID-19 pandemic, I have made it easier for you to join by taking NZ$50 off the cost of all of my programmes as I know many of you may be struggling at this time and I would love to support you. Please use the promo code ATHOME20 when you purchase. 

It would be my privilege to have you  join me on your 12 week online self-learning, MyMT™ menopause transformation programme. Choose from Circuit Breaker (for thinner women) OR Transform Me (for women wanting to lose weight). Each 12 week programme is now NZ$88 a month for 3 months (AU$83 or UK£46) and this includes my personalised coaching too. I can’t wait to share my discoveries with you. 

Re-discover your health, vitality and energy during menopause

When you come on board into your private member area within either of the MyMT™ 12 week online programmes and put my powerful lifestyle strategies into action to help you re-balance your hormones in menopause, you’ll re-discover the joy of sleeping all night and feeling like your old self again.

Thousands of women around the world have done these programmes and if you re struggling to get on top of menopause changes, then I want you to join me too.  Whether you choose MyMT™ Circuit Breaker (for thinner/ leaner women) or you want to understand how to lose your menopause belly fat with MyMT™ Transform Me, then these powerful, scientifically evidenced programmes are for you. You only need 60 minutes a week over the 12 weeks to listen to each module that opens up in your private learning hub. As well, my private coaching community is where I post regular updates for you and you stay connected with me through here or via email if you have questions.

You also receive the MyMT™ Food Guide which contains all the food information and recipes you need to turn around your hot flushes, mood swings, joint health and more. Women love this powerful information that I’ve taken from scientifically evidenced women’s health nutrition. 

My BONUS modules help you restore your Joyful Joints, understand specific lifestyle solutions if you are on HRT or menopause anti-depressants – and I’ve made you a MINDFULNESS module too.  All you do with all of the modules is LISTEN, LEARN and then put what I tell you into ACTION! I can’t wait for you to join me and I’m always available to change anything that needs to be changed as we are all different in how we live our day to day lives. 

Women all over the world are feeling great again, especially when they discover how to sleep all night, reduce their joint pain, take back control of their weight, reduce their hot flushes, night sweats and more! 

MyMT™ is a scientifically evidenced, step-by-step coaching programme that is delivered online in your private member area.  Each 50 minute module opens up to you each fortnight, allowing you time to listen to the information and then put what you are learning into action. The programme is progressive and over the 12 weeks, you listen to my webinars, download my action plans and discover how to allow your body to adapt to your new hormonal environment as you move from peri-menopause to post-menopause. 

When my women’s healthy ageing research identified that menopause is the ‘biological gateway’ to our ageing, it made sense for me to follow the women’s health research in the design of this powerful programme. Thousands of women are so pleased that I did! 

Not all women experience the same symptoms,

Which is why there are two online programmes to choose from – Circuit-Breaker and Transform-Me. If you need help to restore your sleep, reduce hot flushes, improve energy or lose weight, than sign up to the one designed for you. If you aren’t quite sure then please email me. 

Both programmes are on-line with personal support and coaching from me via my private Facebook community. You can find support from those in the group and reach out to me in here or privately via email, if you have a question.

Reduce menopause symptoms with Circuit-Breaker or lose weight with Transform Me.

MyMT™ Transform Me

A Groundbreaking Menopause Specific Weight Loss and Wellness Programme

Designed for women who have experienced weight gain during peri-menopause or menopause. You’ll learn the scientific reasons for your weight gain and how to:

Weight gain during menopause can lead to problems with your heart, joints and muscle function as you age. I don’t want this to happen to you.

In your 12 week Transform Me programme you receive step-by-step solutions for:

“I’ve lost 8.5kg now, and have so much more energy. When I wake up now, I want to get up and extend my day. My stress levels have decreased dramatically and my body is moving more freely. I feel as if my life is back on track. I haven’t had any sleeping tablets for 4 months now and I'm now off my anti-depressants . I can't thank MyMT enough."

Pauline, 54 yrs, Nelson - NZ

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Menopause is a time for lifestyle change. With MyMT™ you learn what to do and why. The results are powerful.
Get ready for your success.

MyMT™ Circuit Breaker

Helps you break the circuit of your symptom chaos

Designed for thinner women experiencing poor sleep, increased anxiety, palpitations, hot flushes, night sweats, low energy, sore joints and more. You’ll learn how to:

If you don’t break the circuit of your symptoms in your menopause transition, then the inflammation that builds up may lead to worsening health problems as you go into your post-menopause years. To really address menopause symptoms, we need to get to the heart of our cellular health. MyMT™ helps you to put menopause into ‘wellness’ not ‘sickness’ – you discover how to adjust to your changing oestrogen and progesterone levels as you age, so you ‘break the circuit’ of your symptoms during this stage of life.  You stay with me for 3 months and each month there are payments of NZ$105 – or pay in full at NZ$299. I can’t wait for you to feel better as I do now too. 

In your on-line 12 week menopause Circuit-Breaker programme you receive step-by-step solutions for:

“Hi MyMT, I cannot believe how I’m feeling now. I’m sleeping all night and I have so much more energy during the day. I have just had a 4 day weekend and worked in the yard doing very hard manual gardening. Despite this I have continued sleeping well and feel like I kept up with my adult children (maybe more than them too) in lifting, shoveling and chopping trees down. I feel 100% to what I was earlier in the year. Thanks again for your fabulous programme.

Sandra, 53 yrs, New Zealand

YES! I want to reduce my menopause symptoms for only NZ$249 - use promo code ATHOME20 to save NZ$50

Re-Build My Fitness Online Women’s Healthy Ageing Exercise Programme

MyMT™ Re-Build My Fitness

The Next Phase In The Journey 

Once you’ve completed either MyMT™ Circuit Breaker or MyMT™ Transform Me, you have the opportunity to participate in this exciting exercise program.  

Re-Build My Fitness is a menopause and post-menopause specific exercise program that works best after you’ve addressed menopause symptoms with one of the programmes above. Discover how to improve your health with the right exercise for you during menopause.

In your on-line 12 week menopause Re-Build My Fitness programme you receive step-by-step solutions for:

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"Ladies, I’m so excited to bring you my online RE-BUILD MY FITNESS programme which I’ve designed specifically for you during menopause and beyond! Despite my 30 years as a leading educator in the fitness industry and a pioneer of the New Zealand personal training industry, I had no idea that everything I was used to doing for my workouts would all change as I went into menopause. Now I have the programmes for you, that I couldn’t find for me!

Wendy Sweet [PhD] / MyMT™ Founder & Lifestyle Coach

YES! I want to rebuild my fitness for only NZ$249 - use promo code ATHOME20 to save NZ$50