Menopause doesn’t happen in a vacuum – and it’s not ‘just’ about hot flushes as you probably have guessed. Women experience numerous symptoms that confuse them at a time of their life, when they need to operate at their best. 

As we are now over halfway through the year, I wonder how you are getting on? Do you have energy, vitality and you are under control with all that you’ve got going on in your life? 

With the year moving on and the seasons now changing, I’ve put the MyMT™ Circuit Breaker programme ON SALE for you throughout the month of September. This programme is for you if you aren’t overweight but your symptoms are distracting you from day to day. 

I invite you to come on board this month and get your Menopause Symptoms under control. Apply the promo code CB2022 to join me.

There’s so much pressure on women these days and stress can have a huge impact on our symptoms too.  Now is the time to get your symptoms under control. 

The MyMT™ programmes help you to understand the scientifically-evidenced lifestyle solutions that will help you feel your best. Even if you are on menopause medications or supplements, then this doesn’t matter either. But I also want you to have the lifestyle solutions to sleep all night, reduce your hot flushes, anxiety or depression and turn around your sore joints or heart palpitations. If this is you, then please have a listen to my video below to learn more. 

Millions of women around the world and their health advisors think that menopause is ‘just’ about hot flushes, but it’s not.  

There are many more changes going on at this stage of life than we realise. Whether it’s sore joints, depression, insomnia, anxiety, brain fog or heart palpitations or hot flushes, it’s important for our health to turn these symptoms around as we age.

Is this you as well?  The next 12 weeks could change your life…  all you have to do is give me the next 12 weeks and I will help you to get your life back again…  I’m not kidding when I tell you that women find this programme “life changing.”

If this is you, then will you join me on my Circuit Breaker September sale? It’s open for you right now – I’ve taken NZ$100 off the price for the entire month of September, so you learn the lifestyle strategies you need to put into place now in the lead-up to the end of the year to ‘break the circuit of your symptoms.’   

With bonus modules for joint health, heart health, gut health and mindfulness, this programme is fantastic value. I even have optional modules with lifestyle solutions for women taking HRT and/or anti-depressants.  

Then for those of you who want to restore your exercise capability in a gentle, progressive approach, you can also choose to up-grade your order by adding on my 12 week Rebuild My Fitness programme too – you decide.   

Purchase Circuit Breaker by itself and save NZ$100 or purchase Circuit Breaker and Rebuild My Fitness together as a combo package and save NZ$300.  I can’t wait for you to get started.  Use promo code CB2022 now. 


Circuit Breaker

Helps you break the circuit of your menopause symptom chaos.

Learn how to sleep all night,  reduce sore joints and hot flushes, restore your energy, feel calmer and much more without supplements or medication. 

12 week online programme with personalised coaching.

This month only NZ$199* (you save $100) or part-pay over 3 months. 

[AUS$185, UK£101, €119, US$140 or CA$173]

Use the promo code CB2022

*  Coaching support is FREE for first 3 months and $12.50 per month thereafter.

MyMT_Re-build_My_Fitness Digital Montage 2

ADD Rebuild My Fitness

The type of exercise we need as we get older is different. We don’t need to slow down or stop, we just need to think differently, and change our approach.

Re-Build My Fitness is a healthy exercise programme designed specifically for women during and after menopause. Kick start your exercise with a focus on how your exercise needs change during this important time of your life.

This month only NZ$99* when purchased with Circuit Breaker (total price NZ$298) or part-pay over 3 months.  

[AUS$289, UK£154, €179, US$210 or CA$265]

Use the promo code CB2022

*  Coaching support is FREE for first 3 months and $12.50 per month thereafter.

Menopause is your biological gateway into your ageing years and it’s a time of our life when we become vulnerable to changing heart, joint and gut health.   

If I told you that ALL IT TAKES IS ONE HOUR A WEEK to listen to my modules and then make a plan for the week ahead using my brand new Circuit Breaker Food Guide as well as other fabulous information I have for you, to turn around gut, joint and cardiac health, could you find that hour?  I hope so! 

If you can find an hour a week to watch my webinars, download and read the Daily Dozen summary sheets, use my Food Guide that is packed full of information and recipes for you, and start to make the changes in your life that will help your body to adjust to menopause, then please let me help you to help yourself. That’s how so many women have become successful with their long-term symptom reduction by following this programme. 

You do it in your own time at your pace, but with my un-conditional support.

Learn anytime, anywhere.  It’s all onlineWhen you follow the MyMT™ programme you will;

  • learn to sleep through the night again
  • reduce the severity of your hot flushes and night sweats
  • discover how to improve post-menopause liver health
  • learn how to manage your changing heart health
  • improve your gut health
  • reduce joint and muscle pain that is related to your changing hormones as you make another hormonal ‘shift’ into post-menopause.
  • restore your energy and discover how to feel like your old-self again.

Hi, I’m Dr Wendy Sweet [PhD], MyMT™ Founder & Lifestyle Coach.  For decades menopause has been seen as a ‘sickness’ and often not talked about.  When my own symptoms over-whelmed me and the endless supplements and medications I was taking weren’t working, especially for my weight , I decided to tackle menopause and post-menopause!  It was time to put our mid-life and older years into wellness, not sickness.   

Through my women’s healthy ageing studies, I began to understand that if we don’t take back control of our health and symptoms in menopause, then our post-menopause years can become increasingly unhealthy.  Following evidenced women’s health and ageing science is now helping women discover how to feel so much better. “Life-changing” is the common theme! 

I would love you to join me throughout September 2022, so I can help you to turn around your symptoms and re-discover the ‘old-you’ again.  

Choose MyMT™ Circuit Breaker or buy both programmes to double your results....


Circuit-Breaker is for thinner women experiencing poor sleep, increased anxiety, palpitations, hot flushes, night sweats, low energy, sore joints and more. If you are on HRT and anti-depressants there are lifestyle solutions in this program for you to implement in conjunction with your Doctor...

On SALE NOW only NZ$199*. Save NZ$100 and spread payments over 3 months. Use promo code CB2022.

Approximate currency conversion – AUS$185, UK£101, €119, US$140 or CA$173

*  My personalised Coaching Support is FREE for first 3 months and $12.50 per month thereafter.

ADD Rebuild My Fitness

Re-Build My Fitness is an online women’s healthy ageing exercise programme. Including Body-Type Specific exercises, workout programs and videos designed specifically for women in menopause (or post-menopause) to get fit, get strong, get toned and for some of you, get slim, or just get motivated! Find out more or buy now...

On SALE NOW only NZ$99* when purchased with Circuit Breaker. Save NZ$300 on both programmes and spread payments over 3 months. Use promo code CB2022.

Approximate currency conversion for both programmes – AUS$289, UK£154, €179, US$210 or CA$265

*  My personalised Coaching Support is FREE for first 3 months and $12.50 per month thereafter.

Are you ready to reduce your menopause symptoms and restore your health? I hope so. 

If you aren't satisfied then I do offer a 14 day money back guarantee.