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What are the signs of menopause? How do your symptoms compare to others?

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MyMT™ Menopause Symptoms Quiz

Take back control of your health. Improve your quality of life.

This is not a marketing tool to sell you supplements. It is a tool designed to help you understand what really goes on in your body, and where to focus your efforts when it comes to dealing with the common symptoms of menopause.

Knowledge of menopause is hugely important for midlife women, and there is so much more to it than hot flashes.

To complete the perimenopause and menopause quiz, please rate the severity of your symptoms for each question
(0 = No symptoms to 5 = Very Severe)

Take the MyMT™ Symptoms Quiz

To complete the quiz, please rate the severity of your symptoms for each question (0 = ‘No symptoms’ to 5 = ‘Very Severe’)


Since watching your short video from your Menopause Quiz, it’s made me realize that what I’ve been experiencing wasn’t me going crazy in the head. I had all sorts of emotions going on inside me and then my thinking turned to overthinking… until I came across your video.

Thank you for doing this Test. It explained so much to me.

Sherry T.

New Zealand

I love women discovering my powerful and proven lifestyle strategies for reducing symptoms in menopause. I can’t wait to help you too.

Why take the Perimenopause & Menopause Quiz?

  • Do you reach for a fan when everyone else puts on a sweater or a jumper?
  • Can’t remember the last time you slept 8 hours?
  • Are you putting on weight and can’t work out why?
  • Do you find yourself struggling with joint pain and inflammation?
  • Are you feeling anxious or experiencing mood swings?
  • Are you experiencing digestive issues like bloating?

Hi, I’m Dr Wendy Sweet (PhD), a women’s healthy ageing researcher and menopause specialist on lifestyle solutions. When I first started experiencing everything outlined above, and couldn’t regain control despite endless dieting, exercise, supplements and medication, I sought help. But, I was surprised to learn how few health care providers understood what was happening to me as I aged. 

Over 50% of the population will experience menopause, but so little was known about the changes going on inside. This spurred me to undertake a research-based PhD on the topic of women’s healthy ageing. Every single woman I interviewed wanted what I wanted, which was to restore our health without endless supplements or medications. I made it my purpose to find out how. 

After decades of analyzing women’s health and ageing research, I truly understand how complicated and frustrating this ‘stage’ of life can be. Mid-life is a time of massive change for women, but the information available is either too complex or too good to be true.

That is why I have created the MyMT™ Menopause Self Assessment Tool for you. This free menopause quiz will help you understand what stage of ‘the change’ you are at and how severe your menopausal symptoms are (in comparison to the 500,000 women who have taken this quiz).

The MyMT™ Menopause Assessment is derived from the 10-Item Cervantes Scale for assessing menopause-related symptoms (Faustino et al., 2013). It is not a marketing tool to sell you supplements. It is a tool to help you understand what and where to focus your efforts with your symptoms. After all, when our teenagers struggle with adolescence, we don’t think of them as sick, so why do we treat menopause as an illness?

Knowledge is Power - Understand your menopausal symptoms to help you take back control of your health.

MyMTTM Women are regaining control of their health, vitality and energy

It’s never too late. No matter whether you are just starting your menopause journey or in post-menopause, a few lifestyle changes can have a powerful impact on your health as you age. Below are testimonies from women who have completed our menopause symptom treatment program or menopause weight loss program.  

Suzy Malseed Australia

Suzy - Australia

“I learnt from MyMT™ that menopause isn’t the end of the road. We need to work with our bodies instead of against them. I am loving having my health back.”
Closeup photograph of perimenopause quiz participant

Michaela - Canada

“I was at my wits end with menopause weight gain. With Wendy’s program, I sleep through the night, I’ve lost weight and my anxiety has greatly diminished. I feel like my old self again.”

Sue Mimm Snippet

Sue - Austria

“Thank you Wendy. Your personal touch and genuine and kind connection with each of your members is such a refreshing change in today’s online space where it’s so easy to feel lost and disconnected.”