MyMT™ Coaching Community

Dr Wendy Sweet (PhD) and women from around the world are here to support you every step of the way. 

What makes MyMT™ so unique is access to Dr Wendy Sweet (PhD) via her private Facebook Coaching Community, exclusively for the use of MyMT™ members.

I realise that knowledge is only one part of the journey and staying motivated is equally important. Having someone to share and connect with you at a meaningful level is what makes this program so effective.

While I can anticipate common struggles for women transitioning menopause, which my program addresses, I also appreciate that we are all unique. That’s why receiving my personal support and guidance is so important.

I’m here to provide you with the knowledge and encouragement you need during this crucial time in your life. You can ask me any questions you like in the coaching community. You will also benefit from reading the responses to other women’s questions, and being a part of an extended support network.

Women who have the most success on the program say that this on-going support is a critical part of their menopause transformation. 

Access is available both while you are undertaking the online program, and after you have completed it – to keep you on track and maintain your motivation. 

When women join the program they gain free access to the coaching community for 3 months, but can then stay on in the community for as long as they like for a small admin fee of NZ$12.50* per month. Women love knowing that there is no pressure to complete the program in the 12 weeks. 

* Approximately AU$11.50, £6, US $7.50 depending on daily exchange rate. 


Understanding your Privacy on Facebook

How the MyMT™ Transformation Works

Your MyMT™ Menopause Coach, Dr Wendy Sweet (PhD) has a single goal… to help women around the globe proactively manage their own menopause transition through lifestyle changes. Our online programs teach you about the powerful lifestyle changes you can make to adjust to your new hormonal environment so that you can reduce your symptoms, lose weight and set yourself up to age healthily into post-menopause. 

Step 1

Take the Symptoms Quiz

Take the MyMT™ Symptoms Quiz to understand your symptoms and how these compare to women all around the world. 

Step 2

Watch the Masterclass

If you are confused and frustrated by your symptoms, then the on-demand, 2 hour, Masterclass on Menopause is for you.

Step 3

Transform Your Health

Choose from 2 symptom reduction programs – Circuit Breaker or Transform Me, AND learn menopause specific exercise with Rebuild my Fitness. 

Bronwyn Photo

“MyMT™ solved my symptoms. This programme is amazing.
I’m one of the Transformers mentioned and I want to shout it from the roof-tops how amazingly beneficial this program is! I wish all Women’s Health Practitioners, Gastroenterologists, Endocrinologists, Orthopaedic Surgeons, Cardiologists…..who are seeing all our menopausal symptoms in isolation to their specialty begin to recommend this program.”


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