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MyMT™ Coaching Community is a private Facebook community exclusively for the use of MyMT™ members.

What makes MyMT™ so unique is the access to Dr Wendy Sweet via her private Coaching Community. This private Facebook page is exclusively for the use of MyMT™ members and in here, Wendy posts regular posts to keep women up to date and feeling supported. Whether it’s food-related or the latest research on menopause or motivation to keep going, the purpose of MyMT™ Coaching Community is to help women feel supported and give them the opportunity to enjoy EXCLUSIVE COACHING SUPPORT from Dr Wendy Sweet.

Access is available both while you are undertaking the online course, and after you have completed it to keep you on track and maintain your motivation. When women sign up they access 3 months free coaching but can stay with Wendy for as long as they like for a small admin fee of NZ$12.50 per month. Women love knowing that there is no pressure to complete the programme in the 12 weeks. 

Women who have the most success on the programme say that this on-going support is a critical part of really getting all of the learning and understanding of your menopause transformation. 

For too many years Wendy has seen women get off track with their lifestyle habits because they get busy, exhausted and time-poor. This is normal. But with Wendy’s guidance, knowledge and support from both Wendy and other women on the Coaching Community page, everyone benefits. Some women engage in discussions, others want to be more discrete so they just read and look. We don’t mind how you choose to stay engaged!

During all of the MyMT™ 12-week Lifestyle Change Programmes, membership of MyMT™ Coaching Community is FREE for 90 days. However you may remain a member of MyMT™ Coaching Community and retain your access to all the fabulous information in your learning hub for as long as you choose. A small monthly charge of NZ$12.50 applies for ongoing membership.

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Understanding your Privacy on Facebook

YES! I want a 12 week Menopause Transformation

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Menopause symptoms are a result of changing hormone levels, primarily oestrogen and progesterone, which affect the balance of other hormones too. So menopause changes can upset your body’s unique bio-chemistry. But every one of your symptoms is reversible if you change your lifestyle and allow your body to adapt to its ‘new normal.’ This is what MyMT delivers to you – all the scientifically evidenced step-by-step strategies which you access over 12 weeks, so you discover how to work with your changing hormones in menopause, not against them.

There are no hormone medications or supplements. How to restore the hormonal harmony that menopause takes away is waiting for you in the exclusive member area now.

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