Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

These questions relate to the MyMT™ Programs for women in menopause. If you are a Health Professional interested in undertaking a menopause certification, please visit MyMT™ Education

With MyMT you can learn anytime from anywhere, at your own pace. 

In your private learning hub, the MyMT™ program of your choice is delivered to you progressively over a 12 week period. 

A module is released each fortnight containing an educational webinar, around 60 minutes in length, where Wendy explains why your symptoms are occurring and the lifestyle changes you can make to relieve those symptoms. Each module also contains downloadable PDF summaries with your action plan for the fortnight, as well as bonus articles packed with lots more information and tips. 

As part of the program, you also have access to: 

  • The MyMT Food Guide including hundreds of recipes and cooking videos
  • Six bonus videos which focus on managing menopause symptoms in your workplace. 
  • Optional modules for women who are taking HRT or Anti-Depressants, or are having issues with sore joints, gut health or cardiovascular health. 

Even though everything is delivered online, you will not be alone. You will be invited to join the private Facebook coaching group. This is where you can ask Wendy questions, get inspired by others, and read Wendy’s coaching posts which date back 8 years. 

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to incorporate the changes Wendy suggests. Over the 12 weeks, you will receive support emails to keep you on track.  

There are two main 12 week programs for menopause symptom management – MyMT™ Circuit Breaker is for leaner women and MyMT™ Transform Me is for women who are struggling with menopause weight gain.

Transform Me is a ground-breaking menopause-specific weight loss and wellness program. First, you will focus on turning around your sleep and a condition called ‘oestrogen dominance’ which is the cause of your weight gain. Then we move onto other menopause symptoms from there so that you can restore your energy and health. You will learn  everything you need to stop gaining and start losing menopause weight without exhausting exercise, supplements or calorie restriction.

With Circuit Breaker we start with turning around your hot flushes/flashes and sleep so that you restore your energy and ‘break the circuit’ of your menopause symptom chaos. From there we address other hormonal imbalance issues causing your insomnia, fatigue, sore joints, irritable gut, anxiety and more. 

If you aren’t sure whether you are suited to Circuit Breaker or Transform Me, please take the Symptoms Test so that we can help you decide. 

The third 12-week program is just as important as Circuit Breaker and Transform Me. It is called MyMT™ Rebuild My Fitness. Re-build My Fitness is a healthy exercise program designed specifically for women during and after menopause where you learn how to rebuild your fitness, strength, balance, bone and joint health with menopause appropriate exercise and activity levels.

This program works best once you have addressed your symptoms. Not only does it help get you exercising again but it introduces healthy habits which help guard against heart disease and stroke, two of the biggest killers for our age group. 

Wendy chose 12 weeks for a reason – from a physiological perspective, this is how long it takes to turn around hormonal health with lifestyle behaviour change strategies. As you put the powerful, scientifically evidenced strategies into practice your hormones all start “talking” to each other again which helps to restore hormonal balance in your changing menopause body. 

The order of the modules has been determined to have the biggest impact on your symptoms first and then to teach you how to turn new strategies into lifelong habits. 

You could, but remember, it’s not just about the visible symptoms. It’s about the ‘invisible’ as well.

For so many women, peri-menopause is the game-changer when it comes to their health. If you aren’t sure if you are going into menopause, then please take the MyMT™ Menopause Symptoms Test to find out more.  

“We all like to think that what we do is unique, but in the case of MyMT™ I can honestly say that I have been there myself.    

As my own health was changing and as my symptoms became worse, I began to understand that if we don’t take back control of our health and symptoms in menopause our post-menopause years are likely to lead to worsening health.  My health became my project and I applied my women’s healthy ageing research studies to understand how to turn around menopause symptoms through working with our hormones, not against them.

And now my experience is available for you too! While most lifestyle programs (and menopause supplements too) are not targeted at our changing hormonal environment in menopause, this one is.

My seven modules and support emails have been designed to open progressively to maximise your ability to learn and implement new health strategies step by step. 

I also know how hard it is to get answers when we have questions. So, that is why my coaching support group (private Facebook group) is included. You can ask me, or others any questions you like, and read over 8 years worth of my coaching posts. 

An online course is no good if you don’t get to the end of it, so this one is designed with your success in mind. 

You can read more about my story here. “

The MyMT™ programs do work, and there are two main reasons for this.  Firstly because Wendy teaches you unique lifestyle strategies to work with your hormones, not fight against them. And secondly because of our uniquely designed support strategy which spreads your learnings and changing habits over 12 weeks to turn your new learnings into lifelong habits. 

But don’t take our word for it, explore the testimonials and success stories from real clients on the MyMT™ website. 

And once you join the program ask questions of other women inside the Coaching Group.  Either way you will learn that MyMT™ programs are truly life changing – our clients are our greatest advocates. 

There are no hormone medications or supplements in the MyMT™ programs, as Wendy focuses on turning around your symptoms with lifestyle changes (e.g. nutrition, exercise, sleep hygiene etc.).

If you are on menopause hormone therapy [MHT], then this is a decision that you have made with your Doctor. Many women go on MHT for reasons other than hot flush management (e.g. to manage osteoporosis risk or heart disease risk or depression), so the decision to go on or even come off your hormone therapy is a decision that you must make with your medical specialist.

No matter whether you are on MHT or not, the MyMT™ programs have lifestyle solutions that help to reduce your hot flushes, improve your sleep, turn around sore joints and muscles, and for those of you who are overweight, the Transform Me program teaches you how to turn around your oestrogen dominance, which is the cause of your menopause weight gain.

No matter whether you are on Menopause Hormonal Therapy (MHT) or not, then the MyMT™ programs have lifestyle solutions that help to reduce your hot flushes, improve your sleep, turn around sore joints and muscles, and for those of you who are overweight, the Transform Me program teaches you how to turn around your oestrogen dominance, which is the cause of your menopause weight gain.

My women’s healthy ageing research led me to position menopause in our biological ageing. It’s a natural life-event that all women go through. When I struggled with my own symptoms in menopause, despite taking endless supplements and MHT, I learnt that many women in other cultures don’t experience the symptoms that many women living in western societies experience. 

If you are on MHT, then this is a decision that you have made with your Doctor. Many women go on MHT for reasons other than hot flush management (e.g. to manage osteoporosis risk or heart disease risk or depression), so the decision to go on or even come off your hormone therapy is a decision that you must make with your medical specialist.

Every bit of research shows that the types of food we eat, and how we eat are critical to our symptom management and our healthy ageing, so food is an important part of the MyMT programs. Following the women’s healthy ageing and longevity research, Wendy has centered these programs around the Mediterranean Diet which she has modified to include the essential nutrients for women in midlife. 

When you come on this program, you won’t be counting calories or be on a restrictive diet. You will learn about why certain nutrients help to reduce your symptoms, and what whole foods you can eat to get those nutrients. 

Food is such a confusing topic, and every woman is different, so Wendy is here to support you through these changes. You receive a Food Guide which explains the ‘Why’ and then recipes, meal ideas and cooking videos to show you the ‘How’. Women all over the globe are also sharing their meals in the MyMT Community every day, so you will never be at a loss for ideas or support.  

All you need is a computer or a phone and internet connection. Some women love to listen to the module as they go for a walk, and then print out the summary PDFs later. 

You do not need to belong to Facebook to join this program. But if you are a member, this is the best place to access Wendy’s coaching support.  

If I told you that all it takes is one hour a fortnight to listen to each module when they are delivered to your inbox, and then make a plan to action the strategies, could you find that hour?  I hope so, because otherwise you might just need to find time to be sick instead! 

As I always says, it’s not a race, and it takes time to turn change into habits. Although the programs are 12 weeks long, you are welcome to move as slowly as you need. After the 12 weeks finishes, you can continue to access your modules and my support in the Coaching Community with a NZ$12.50* monthly subscription. 

For as long as you need! Each program lasts for 12 weeks but Wendy always says that it takes a year or more to successfully make a long term change to your habits. Some women are still with us 5 years after they started their journeys. 

After 12 weeks, to maintain access to your modules and Wendy’s coaching support, there is a small monthly fee of NZ$12.50. You can cancel your subscription at any time. 

Yes, of course. We can help you with any technical questions, no matter your ability or knowledge! Just email and Georgia or Rob will support you. 

The MyMT™  programs all cost NZ$399* each. If you wish to extend your access to the modules after 12 weeks there is a small subscription fee of NZ$12.50 per month. 

We have part-payment options** for you too, where you can pay once per month throughout the 12 week period. 

Don’t forget to sign up to the newsletter community at the bottom of this page to be notified of exclusive sales.  

[* approx. AUS$363/ CAN$324/ US$206/ UK£188/ EUR€220- exchange rate varies on the day]

**Part payment fee applies. 

If you are a Health Professional interested in menopause for your clients, you can now become qualified as a Menopause Coach through MyMT™ Education.  

We have three courses, designed to suit your scope of practice: 

  1. Our most comprehensive 15 week course, the Menopause Practitioner Course, provides you with everything you need to specialise in menopause symptom management.
  2. If you are interested in the unique science of menopause weight loss,  then the 6-week Menopause Weight Loss Coach Couse is for you. 
  3. If you are a Health, Wellness or Life Coach and would like an introductory level course, please explore the 3-week An Introduction to the Science of Menopause for Health Coaches


Suzy Malseed Australia

My energy, sleep and overall health have improved so much on this program and I’m now a record-holder in World Pool Freediving!



How the MyMT™ Transformation Works

MyMT™ has a single goal… to help women around the globe proactively manage their own menopause transformation through natural, lifestyle changes. No longer should menopause symptoms impact on their life.

Step 1

Take the Symptoms Quiz

Take the MyMT™ Symptoms Quiz to understand your symptoms and how these compare to women all around the world. 

Step 2

Watch the Masterclass

If you are as confused and frustrated by your symptoms as I was, then my self-paced, 2 hour, Masterclass on Menopause video is for you.

Step 3

Transform your Health

Choose from two 12-week symptom reduction programs – Circuit Breaker or Transform Me, OR learn menopause specific exercise with Rebuild My Fitness.

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