Are your menopause clients struggling to lose weight?

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Are your midlife clients struggling to lose weight?

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The MyMT™ Weight Loss Coach Course will educate, empower and certify you in scientifically evidenced lifestyle solutions for women in their peri-menopause, menopause and post-menopause transition, specific to weight loss.

MyMT™ has helped thousands of women to lose weight. In this course we teach you how to get results like these yourself. 

Why does the world need Menopause Weight Loss Coaches?

Research suggests that the menopausal transition period is strongly associated with weight gain, which, in up to 70% of women, is now a known symptom.

Evidence shows that weight changes during menopause increases the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and Metabolic Syndrome in postmenopausal women.

Despite all that weight gain, midlife women are the highest demographic to be in and out of exercise [Australia Longitudinal Study on Women's Health].

What is a Menopause Weight Loss Coach and how does this differ from your usual role ?

Weight gain, accompanied by an increased tendency for central fat distribution is common among women in their menopause transition and I was no exception to this too despite daily exercise and dieting. What women have done in the past to lose weight suddenly no longer works for them during menopause. 

What I didn’t realise at the time of my own weight gain (and mainly breast and belly fat gain) was that the more abdominal and diaphragmatic fat that accumulated, the more that my fat cells were expanding. Much of this expansion was possibly due to oestrogen storage. I had no idea that fat cells generate their own local production of oestrogen and are now recognized as an important endocrine (hormonal) organ releasing an abundance of inflammatory markers. Did you? 

As it is well known that post-menopause may result in several adverse metabolic consequences, including altered glucose function, dyslipidemia, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease and given that cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in postmenopausal women, the importance of weight management in midlife cannot be overemphasized. Hence, I decided to do something about that. 

I can’t wait to share this scientifically research based Menopause Weight Loss Coach Course with you.

You will come away with an understanding of the unique differences in women’s weight loss and easy to implement solutions for a client cohort who are desperately searching for help. 

How this course will help you succeed

Through my many years of research, I have pulled together all of the pieces of the puzzle for you AND translated the research into practical, easy to implement solutions for your clients. Women on the MyMT™ programmes tell me they are so grateful that they can incorporate these solutions into their lifestyles like second nature…. which makes them sustainable over the long term.  

Not only is every single strategy evidenced against women’s healthy ageing and weight loss lifestyle science, but it is also aligned with the cardiovascular and metabolic syndrome research specific to midlife women. You can be assured that the advice you are providing to your clients will set them up for the best health into their older years. 

All of my solutions are already being proven by the thousands of women who have lost weight through the MyMT™ programmes over the past 7 years. Throughout the course I present numerous real life case studies to you. I guarantee that you will be able to relate their stories back to your clients. 

Menopause weight gain is influenced by so many different physical, behavioural, societal and emotional factors. That’s why I take a holistic approach, bringing together the solutions for sleep, hot flushes, gut health/liver health, nutrition, exercise and more. Not only will you help your clients lose weight, but you will see them turn around their energy, sore joints, mood cardiovascular health and much more. 

If you haven’t already, you will soon realise that behaviour change strategies are one of the most effective tools you can have in your toolbox. But midlife women are some of the hardest women to influence, because what they have done in the past isn’t working anymore. Throughout this course I will share my Masters research with you, which centered on successful behaviour change in menopausal women.  

Wendy is such an amazing teacher. She is able to break down anything into simple-to-understand information that everyone can use. Her research, her vast experience with her own clients and the real-life examples she provides are pots of gold, literally. 


Health and Endurance Coach

Course Outline

"I am passionate about guiding and supporting you. I love bringing all of my knowledge in physiology, exercise, nutrition and women’s health management into an online education environment."

Wendy Sweet [PhD] / MyMT™ Founder & Lifestyle Coach

Module 1: Why does menopause matter to women’s health as they age? 1 hour

Module 2: Why menopause matters to women’s weight gain 1 hour

During Week 1 I introduce you to the relevance of menopause in relation to women’s health and ageing evidence and explain why the menopause transition is so important for women’s health.

We will also delve into the history of menopause, including why it has been medicalised. During this module I will challenge the current menopause medicalisation paradigm with lifestyle solutions. I can’t wait for you to learn what I learnt too.

Modules 3 and 4: The physiology of fat loss in menopause Part 1 – 1 hr

Week 2 is all about an introduction to menopause physiology, as well as hormonal and fat cell physiology. We will explore the three stages that women transition through in midlife as the ovarian function declines – perimenopause, menopause and post-menopause. At the end of Week 2, you will be able to describe the major physiological changes at each stage and identify common disorders of the HPA – Thyroid Axis in relation to menopause weight gain changes. 

Module 5: The physiology of fat loss in menopause Part 2 – 1 hr

Module 6: The science of menopause weight gain – 1 hr

Never before has our liver had to cope with so many changing foods, toxins, drinks, chemicals and ingredients over a women’s lifetime.  Fatigue, anxiety, brain fog, depression and other menopause symptoms including weight management problems and poor recovery from exercise are partly due to changing liver health and function in mid-life. It’s the same with sleep. A women’s menopause transition causes changes in the sleep hormones and this impacts liver function and weight gain.

A lack of sleep exacerbates women’s symptoms during menopause and can lead to high insulin levels, weight gain, worsening hot flushes, increased inflammation and much more. It’s vital that this sleep is addressed in women’s menopause weight loss. In this module, we will explore the circadian rhythm’s role in sleep regulation and why this gets out of balance during menopause. I can’t wait to share this module with you. It is one of my favourites.

Module 7 – Food for thought: Nutritional considerations in menopause weight loss – 1hr

Have you tried endless diets with your clients which don’t work in the long term for them to manage their weight gain in mid-life?
Nutritional type and timing are crucial for your client’s weight loss management during menopause. Incorrect diets may destroy the hormones which help to manage appetite, fullness and long-term health so focusing on factors affecting women’s food choices during menopause in relation to weight loss are important to understand.

Module 8: Physical activity and exercise considerations in menopause weight loss Part 1 – 45 mins

Module 9: Physical activity and exercise considerations in menopause weight loss Part 2 – 45 mins

Mitochondria are considered the “energy power station” of the cells due to their ability to regulate energy metabolism. These organelles also regulate critical cellular processes, such as calcium homeostasis, and cell survival (Sorriento et aal, 2021), so why aren’t we focusing on mitochondrial health and capacity during the menopause transition? Mitochondrial health is critical to maintaining wellness in all organs and tissues, but when women are overweight or obese, the role of mitochondria become even more important, because this is the location of free-fatty acid uptake for energy conversion. I explain why in this powerful module which introduces you to the exercise that really matters in women’s weight management as they age.

Module 10 – Turning theory into practice: Successful behaviour change for women in midlife – 1 hr

Midlife women have unique considerations when it comes to successful weight loss. Their success is dependent on a range of physiological, psychological, social, behavioural and yes, even environmental factors – all of which must be managed effectively in order to get your clients desired outcomes.

The needs of your midlife and post-menopause weight loss clients differ from your strength and conditioning clients or your rehab clients and fitness clients. Hence, understanding Behaviour Change Strategies and Problem-Solving Strategies will help to set you up for success. 

The Level 2 course will be released in late 2023.

Meet your coach

Hi, I’m Dr Wendy Sweet (PhD), a women’s healthy ageing researcher and the founder of My Menopause Transformation. I am so excited to bring you this course, which is a culmination of all of the different aspects of my career.

For over 30 years I have been involved in New Zealand’s health and exercise industry. Although my original career was as an ICU nurse and I’m not practicing any more, I re-trained and pioneered the Personal Training industry in New Zealand.

Once I left this industry, I returned to education and not only was I lecturing in sport, exercise, nutrition and health physiology, but I was so interested in how to help midlife women change their lifestyle behavior, that I undertook my master’s studies in this area.

Then I went on to do my doctoral studies. My desire was to better understand how women perceived their ageing and the role of exercise in this during the menopause transition. I am so pleased that I did!

Frequently Asked Questions

The MyMT™ Menopause Weight Loss Coach Course runs for 6 weeks and everything is delivered online, so you can complete it at anytime, from anywhere in the world.

You can expect to devote 2-4 hours per week to this course based on your own desire for additional readings. 

Our comprehensive 6 week course includes:  

Self Directed Learning

  • One or two pre-recorded modules will be delivered to your inbox per week. Each video module is approximately 1 hour long and you can pause me at any time. There are 10 modules over the six weeks. 
  • There is a downloadable PDF summary of each module, including all the scientific references I refer to.
  • Reflection questions at the end of each module to keep you on track and inspire curiosity. 
  • Weekly emails from me which are packed full of further articles, recipes, case studies from women on the MyMT™
    programmes and more. 


  • A form of assessment is required as part of our CPD accreditation. To graduate the course, you must pass the multi-choice assessment. But don’t worry, you can complete this assessment as many times as you like. 

Certificate & Badge

  • On completion of the course, you will be awarded a certificate and badge to reflect your new knowledge. 

Whilst this course is designed primarily for Personal Trainers and Allied Health Professionals it is also for any health professional who wants to better understand menopausal weight gain and weight loss strategies. 

This course is also suitable for advanced Health Coaches with a secondary qualification which allows them to prescribe and recommend fitness and nutrition. 

If you are unsure whether you are suited to this course, please enquire, we are happy to help. Email and we will respond as soon as we are available.

You will have access to our course co-ordinator, Georgia, for any queries you may have throughout the course. These may be passed on to Dr Wendy Sweet (PhD) if they require her specialist knowledge. 

The course runs for 6 weeks, but we know that life gets in the way and sometimes you can’t get to your modules that week, so your modules will be available for an additional 6 weeks (12 weeks in total). If you would like to extend your access further, you can do so for a small fee. 

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Throughout the course I will share the insights gained from the 250,000+ women who have completed the MyMT™ Symptoms Quiz and the 12,000+ women on the MyMT™ Programmes. This will put you a step ahead of your competition by enabling you to prepare for the questions you could get from your own clients.

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