MyMT™ Restore your Joyful Joints

A mini course to help you relieve your aching joints

during peri-post menopause and start exercising again.

Rated 4.8/5 based on thousands of happy customers

Relieve your sore joints and muscles with MyMT™

Are your aching joints affecting your ability to do the things you love? Maybe your knees are stiff when you get out of bed? Or your legs feel restless and heavy? Maybe you feel dizzy and lose your balance easily, which has affected your mobility?

But, has anyone ever mentioned menopause?

70% of the 500,000 women who have taken the MyMT Symptoms Quiz are struggling with aching joints and muscle pains. Not many people realise that it is one of the most common symptoms of menopause, because oestrogen plays such an important role in joint lubrication and muscle fibres. 

Restore your Joyful Joints is a stand-alone module taken out of the hugely popular MyMT™ Transform Me and Circuit Breaker Programs. It is designed for women who are only struggling with this symptom, and need some support to get back on their feet. 

For a limited time, secure two modules for the price of one! Once you have reduced the inflammation in your joints, get back on track with your exercise with MyMT™ Fitness Foundations.

100% Online

Educational webinars and action plans delivered straight to your inbox. 

Self paced

Watch online, in your own time, as many times as you wish.

Easy to implement

Practical strategies that are easy to fit into your busy lifestyle. 

Packed with bonus resources

A 6-week walking program, circuit program, posture guide and physio exercises

The Connection Between Menopause and Sore Joints

Hi, I’m Dr Wendy Sweet [PhD], Women’s Healthy Ageing Researcher and Menopause Educator.

As I interviewed women up and down New Zealand as part of my doctoral studies, they would tell me about their sore joints, aching knees and restless legs that were preventing them from exercising the way they used to. I was astounded… because that’s exactly how I felt as well.

Troubled by numerous injuries when I reached my late 40’s and early 50’s, I was confused about why I couldn’t tolerate the physical activity I was used to. But the worst thing was that over time, I began to lose my confidence in being as active. 

So when women on my studies told me the same thing, I knew I needed to look into what was really going on with our aching joints in menopause.  What I learnt astounded me. 

Did you know that...

Purple joints

Tendons have oestrogen receptors

The role of these receptors is to harness oestrogen to help keep the tendons pliable and flexible. It’s role is in healing and repairing.

Muscle atrophy

Muscles lose size and density through menoapuse

This is a normal part of our ageing, but when this happens it affects the way our tendons work. 

Ear canal

Ear canals contain oestrogen

The role of oestrogen in our ears is to help keep the tiny hairs upright, which normally help us with balance. In menopause, women often feel dizzy and lose their balance as oestrogen declines. 


Collagen turnover is slower

This means that if we are doing too much high impact exercise our recovery is slower and we build up more inflammation in our joints and muscles. 

Reducing inflammation and rebuilding your health and fitness are vital as you transition menopause into later life.  MyMT™ Joyful Joints combines modules from my other online programmes into one integrated package specifically to address joint paint and to help you get moving again. 

MyMTTM women around the world are getting back to doing the things they love

Lesley Wright (Cropped Version) June 2020

Lesley - UK

“It felt like every muscle in my body was sore, but now I am back running, sleeping, no hot flushes and I’ve lost 15lb (7kg).”

Toni Gordon, NZ (Photo)

Toni - New Zealand

“At 52 I felt many years older with sore joints, weight gain and poor sleep. Then I found MyMT™. My joint pain has gone, I’m sleeping all night and the difference in how I feel is incredible.”

Lucinda Dodds headshot low res

Lucinda - Australia

“I’m now sleeping, no hot flushes and no plantar fasciitis. I can walk freely again. This program truly changed my life.”

Are you ready to join them?

Rated 4.8/5 based on thousands of happy customers

MyMT™ Restore your Joyful Joints

What you will discover...

Hil, New Zealand
  • The types of nutrients that you need to reduce inflammation, strengthen tendons, and improve bone and muscle health.
  • What foods can replace the role of oestrogen and collagen as they decline. 
  • How to improve blood flow to get vital nutrients and oxygen into your joints.
  • The most effective forms of stretching for improving flexibility and increasing range of motion.
  • How to stop the dizziness and balance issues that may be troubling you. 
  • The most effective forms of exercise to reduce pressure on your joints.
  • How to improve your recovery after exercise, so you can exercise more frequently.
  • How to restore and maintain your posture to prevent further injuries.

Once you have got on top of your aching joints, I show you how to start exercising again with MyMT™ Fitness Foundations. You will discover: 

  • How to steadily build up your fitness levels with guidance on exercise frequency, intensity, type and timing.
  • How to incorporate more movement into your normal daily activities.
  • How to warm up for exercise to compensate for your lower oestrogen. 
  • How to monitor your exertion levels.
Don't let your aching joints get you down!

Regain control with a step-by-step scientifically-evidenced plan. 

This powerful JOYFUL JOINTS and FITNESS FOUNDATIONS package is now available to you for only NZ $49.95 (Approx. AU$45.5, £24, US$30)

Rated 4.8/5 based on thousands of happy customers

Frequently Asked Questions

With MyMT you can learn anytime from anywhere, at your own pace. All you need is access to a computer, tablet or mobile device so you can access the MyMT™ learning portal. 

At MyMT™ our approach involves educating you about why your symptoms are occurring with scientific information, and then giving you powerful lifestyle solutions to help you relieve those symptoms. Every lifestyle solution is easy to incorporate into your busy lifestyle. 

As part of this mini course you will be able to access:

  • Restore your Joyful Joints – 1 hour video webinar and downloadable action plan. 
  • Fitness Foundations – 1 hour video webinar and downloadable action plan. 
  • Knee rehabilitation exercises
  • Circuit program
  • 6-week walking program
  • Fitness test
  • Posture guide
  • Dizziness and Balance guide
  • Nutrient handouts and Recipes

All you need is a computer or a phone and internet connection. Some women love to listen to the module as they go for a walk, and then print out the summary PDFs later. 

“Do you remember how free your joints felt when you were younger? You ran, jumped and skipped without all the aches and pains and stiffness that you’re feeling now. I longed to have this feeling back too. 

We all like to think that what we do is unique, but in the case of MyMT™ I can honestly say that I have been there myself. As I sat there while my family went skiing without me, I knew I needed to do something about it. 

My health became my project and I set to work – reading as much as I could as part of my Masters and Doctoral studies about how to turn around menopause symptoms through working with our hormones, not against them.  

That was over 15 years ago now. And now my experience is available for you too! While most lifestyle programs (and menopause supplements too) are not targeted at our changing hormonal environment in menopause, this one is.  By learning how to reset your hormones at a cellular level, you address the cause and not just the symptoms of menopause.  

For decades menopause has been seen as a ‘sickness’ and often not talked about.  It is time to put menopause into wellness, not sickness.  

You can read more about my story here. “

Dr Wendy Sweet  – PhD

MyMT™ programs do work, because Wendy teaches you scientifically-evidenced lifestyle strategies to work with your hormones, rather than fighting against them. 

But don’t take our word for it, explore the testimonials and success stories from real clients on the MyMT™ website. 

Either way you will learn that MyMT™ programs are truly life changing – our clients are our greatest advocates. 

The MyMT™  Restore your Joyful Joints costs NZ$49.95*. For a limited time, this includes access to the Fitness Foundations stand-alone module from our popular MyMTRebuild My Fitness Program. 

[* approx. AUS$45.50, UK£24, US$30]

Exercise to Energise, not Exhaust!

When you exercise, your body releases feel-good hormones including endorphins, which can put you in a good mood for the rest of the day. It helps improve your quality of life and mental health.