Restore Your Joyful Joints in Menopause

An online webinar for women in their menopause transition who are experiencing painful, aching joints​

Restore Your Joyful Joints in Menopause

An online webinar for women in their menopause transition who are experiencing painful, aching joints

MyMT™ Restore your Joyful Joints is a stand-alone 60 minute webinar with scientifically evidenced lifestyle solutions for menopausal women experiencing joint pain. 

ONLY NZ$49.95 (AUS$47.50 or UK£25) 

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What are your sore joints and aching knees preventing you from doing? 

  • Maybe your knees ache when you get out of bed (as do the soles of your feet?)
  • Maybe your legs feel restless and heavy overnight?
  • Maybe you can’t bend down or do the activity you used to?
  • Maybe you can’t walk downstairs without your knees hurting?
  • Maybe you’ve lost your confidence to do the exercise you love to do? 
  • Maybe you feel dizzy and lose your balance easily, which has affected your mobility?

Perhaps you’ve gone to get these aches and pains checked out with your health professional, but not one of them has mentioned menopause?  I was the same too.  That’s why I developed this mini-programme for you.  For women on my 12 week programme it’s changing their lives.  

ONLY NZ$49.95 (approx. AUS$47.50 or UK£25) 

Hi, I’m Dr Wendy Sweet [PhD] from My Menopause Transformation. When women on my healthy ageing doctoral studies were telling me about their sore joints, aching knees and restless legs that were preventing them from exercising the way they used to, I was astounded… because that’s how I felt as well.

Troubled by numerous injuries when I reached my late 40’s and early 50’s, I was confused about why I couldn’t tolerate the physical activity I was used to. But the worst thing was that over time, I began to lose my confidence in being as active as I used to be. 

As someone who has been active all my life, I was devastated. Even more so, when I could no longer do the activities that we liked to do as a family.  It seemed that no matter what I did, my knees constantly ached and my joints were sore and swollen. Of course, I had them checked out, but the medical and health practitioners I consulted found nothing wrong. 

How amazed was I, that women on my studies, who were also active, were telling me similar stories?  I knew that as part of my women’s healthy ageing studies, that I needed to look into what was really going on with our aching joints in menopause.  

What I discovered astounded me. For example, did you know that: 
  • our tendons have oestrogen receptors on them?  The role of these receptors is to harness oestrogen to help keep the tendons pliable and flexible. 
  • our muscles lose size and density as we move through menopause?  This is a normal part of our ageing, but when this happens it affects the way our tendons work. 
  • our ear canals contain oestrogen?  The role of oestrogen in our ears is to help keep the tiny hairs upright, which normally help us with balance. In menopause, however as oestrogen declines, women often feel dizzy and lose their balance easily. 
  • there is a nutrient found in olive oil that replaces the loss of oestrogen in our tendons?  This is why changing our nutrition to meet the specific changes to our health that occur during menopause is so important to do.  
  • when we go through menopause, collagen turnover is slower?  This means that if we are doing too much high impact exercise our recovery is slower and we build up more inflammation in the joints and muscles. 
 This is what I want you to be able to benefit from too

When I ask the question about who has sore joints in my live Masterclass on Menopause seminars everyone raises their hands.  Yet, no-one links sore joints to menopause.  

I am so passionate about women restoring their joint and muscle health back to what it used to be before menopause arrived, I’ve taken the Joyful Joints module out of my other programmes and made it available to you without you having to purchase my full 12 week programme. 

What’s more, I’ve added in a bonus module from my menopause exercise programme called FITNESS FOUNDATIONS. 

Once you have reduced the pain and inflammation in your joints, FITNESS FOUNDATIONS teaches you how you can start exercising again and you learn the changes that occur in our muscles as we age.  You can also download my 6-week walking plan as well. 

This powerful JOYFUL JOINTS and FITNESS FOUNDATIONS webinar package is now available to you for only NZ $49.95 (approx. AUS $49.50 or UK £25).  


This 2-for-1 package will change your life – women on my programmes tell me so every day!  It is packed full of information which delivers results so you can get moving again. This is so important to our health as we age.   

How do I access the webinar?

The Joyful Joints webinar is part of the MyMT™ Health Restoration Series and it’s waiting for you right now in your private Member Only area on the My Menopause Transformation website.  

All you do is listen to the webinars and then download the “Daily Dozen” PDF handout summaries as your reminder, and start putting everything I tell you to do into action. 

My webinars are packed full of information, tips and tricks.  You can watch them as many times as you like.  It’s that simple, but the results are what counts.  


Do you remember how free your joints felt when you were younger? You ran, jumped and skipped without all the aches and pains and stiffness that you’re feeling now. I longed to have this feeling back too. 

But when I reached my early 50’s I was told that this was ‘my lot’ in menopause – my feet were hot and sore too. However, that all changed when I did my women’s healthy ageing studies I asked myself two questions:  

  1. If menopause is the opposite life stage to puberty, why has it become so medicalised?

  2. Why are there women who don’t experience sore joints and aching muscles in some parts of the world?  And how can we learn from them?

Women tell me that this information has been life-changing for them. 

I’ve done all the research because I so wanted to feel like my old self again. And now you can get the information you need to restore your joyful joints too and learn in the convenience of your own home.

I love it when women tell me what they are up to now that their joints feel so much better. They are enjoying themselves and feeling more confident in the activities that they’ve not been able to enjoy. 

I hope you will come on board – it’s my privilege to offer you this 2-for-1 module taken from the hugely popular 12 week MyMT™ Transform Me programme. I’ve done this because as I discovered too, when your joints, knees and feet let you down in menopause, life isn’t much fun being left on the sideline.

You lose your confidence and as women become LESS active, the dreaded weight goes on as well. And yes, I was that woman once too. 

But when you do what I tell you to do in the Joyful Joints webinar, you will feel so much better…  and you will be able to enjoy moving more freely again too.  Jane joined me on the Transform Me 12 week weight loss programme, but it was only when she did the Joyful Joints module that she was able to get into some running again.  So did Julie, and look at her now. 

I can’t wait to help you too. 

Help yourself to regain the confidence to tackle life at full speed during and after menopause.  For a limited time this powerful JOYFUL JOINTS webinar is available to you for only NZ $49.95 (approx. AUS $49.50 or UK £25).  Join the MyMTrevolution now and feel fabulous once again.