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MyMT™ Circuit Breaker

Discover my scientifically evidenced lifestyle solutions to 'break the circuit' of your symptoms during your menopause transition and into your post-menopause years.

Are menopause symptoms diminishing your quality of life and nothing you’ve tried is working?

If this sounds like you, then welcome to the MyMT™ Circuit Breaker 12 week online lifestyle-change programme. 

Did you know that when we move into our menopause years (from our mid-40’s right to the end of our 50s) our body is experiencing lots of changes? This is why I always say that menopause isn’t ‘just’ about hot flushes! There are numerous other changes occurring all around our body, from our brain to our liver, to our gut, joints, muscles, nervous system and of course, our skin too. 

From a biological point of view our menopause transition means that the reproductive hormones, oestrogen and progesterone, are declining as part of our ageing. We all know that puberty is the period when oestrogen and progesterone first arrive, so in effect menopause is the opposite or the book-end to puberty.  

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When my own symptoms overwhelmed me and endless supplements for menopause and the HRT, wasn’t working into the longer term, I was undertaking my doctoral studies on women’s health and ageing. What I learnt astounded me.

As such I began to question the advice we were being given in mid-life around our symptom management, supplements, exercise and nutrition. This curiosity led me towards setting up My Menopause Transformation – a 12 week lifestyle change programme for women in menopause or post-menopause.

There are two different programmes whether you need weight loss (MyMT™ Transform Me) or if you are thinner or leaner then you are in the right place here to learn about MyMT™ Circuit Breaker.  

Menopause is the biological gateway to our ageing years, and yet we are the first generation to go through it in the context of busy, active lives. How we look after ourselves in mid-life has not been well researched, so I set out to do this for you.

As I embarked on my women’s healthy ageing research I identified four key pain-points for women transitioning through menopause that can contribute to other health concerns as they get older.

  • Lack of sleep
  • Night sweats and increasing hot flushes/ flashes
  • Mood swings, anxiety and depression
  • Tiredness, fatigue and for many women weight gain

YES! I want my 12 week symptom Circuit Breaker - only NZ$299*

* approx. AU$282, UK£156, €181, CAN$258, US$189 - part payment options available

Menopause symptoms, when unresolved can create worsening health problems as we age.

As if these symptoms aren’t bad enough, left unresolved they may lead to health issues later in life. If you don’t break the cycle of your symptoms in your menopause transition, then the inflammation that accumulates in your body may worsen as you move into post-menopause.

Chronic muscular pain (fibro-myalgia), high cholesterol, poor insulin regulation, high blood pressure, sore joints, sore muscles, arthritis, migraines, depression, gut problems and many more health issues all have links to inflammation deep in our cells.

By addressing the underlying cause of your menopause symptoms and by allowing your body to adapt to this stage of life, not only can you experience relief from your symptoms, but you can reduce inflammation.

This is why I designed MyMT™ Circuit Breaker, so women can have the energy and vitality they deserve to have at this time of life.

"I was delighted to come across Wendy’s programmes when I had been searching for health and well-being support during menopause. With a background in health I was impressed by her evidence-based research which was clearly translated into accessible and practical information. From her wealth of experience and expertise Wendy distils the wisdom of holistic wellness and age appropriate self-care. Her programmes offer sensible and sustainable strategies, resources and step by step easy to follow modules for improving, managing and transforming health and wellness. Wendy makes it do-able and is incredibly supportive, encouraging and motivating. The online group are like- minded women who share their journeys and are inspirational as role models, peers and friends. Get amongst it women!"

TURN around MENOPAUSE SYMPTOMS and restore
your body to the health and vitality you deserve!

MyMT™ Circuit Breaker helps you achieve this by taking you through a 12 week on-line programme. You’ll complete seven step-by-step modules to learn how to:

It’s time to move menopause into wellness, not sickness

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Like many women, I tried Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and untold expensive supplements in an effort to find some relief from my symptoms. Now I understand that these were not addressing the underlying cause of menopause symptoms, which is a changing hormonal environment clashing with our modern lifestyle.

When we don’t sleep, hot flushes, sore joints, mood swings, heart palpitations and anxiety may become worse. Especially if we are doing the wrong exercises and not adjusting our nutrition to match our changing hormonal environment.

When we don’t support our body to move into mid-life and ageing and adjust our lifestyle accordingly, other hormones get out of balance too. Then so begins an endless cycle of debilitating symptoms. Left unmanaged these symptoms can result in an increased accumulation of inflammation, which can lead to cardiac and metabolic health issues later in life.

That’s why I want you to ‘break the circuit’ of your symptoms and get to the heart of our cellular health. When we do this, we set up our energy, vitality and health for the next phase of our lives – our post-menopause years ahead.

Numerous women find that traditional medical therapies and supplements may not work into the longer term as menopause changes go on, especially in helping to alleviate sore joints and muscles, sleep problems, hot flushes or cardiac palpitations. Some women also find that they lose or gain weight. However, discovering how to adjust our lifestyle to accommodate our changing oestrogen and progesterone levels, helps symptoms to reduce considerably. That’s what MyMT™ Circuit Breaker teaches you to do – and you get to learn in the comfort of your home and at a pace that suits you. 

YES! I want my 12 week symptom circuit breaker - only NZ$299*

* approx. AU$282, UK£156, €181, CAN$258, US$189 - part payment options available

If menopause is the ‘book-end’ to puberty, why do we need so many medications and supplements? This was my curiosity as I did my women's health and ageing studies.

To really experience relief from menopause symptoms we need to understand:

  1. Why our symptoms occur in the first place, and
  2. How we can help our bodies adjust to its new hormonal environment.

When you were going through puberty, did you experience any of these symptoms?

  1. Mood swings and irritability
  2. Tiredness and fatigue
  3. Weight changes
  4. Heavy or light periods.
  5. Changes to your sleep patterns.
  6. Skin changes such as acne.

A ‘light bulb’ moment occurs for many women when they learn that menopause is actually puberty in reverse – a natural, biological change that all women go through. That’s why, to get you started with your understanding I also have my 2 hour Masterclass on Menopause for you if you to get started without the commitment of coming onto my 12 week programme. 

Once we make sense of the hormonal chaos that menopause may create and start helping our bodies adapt to its new hormonal environment, then we can experience true relief from symptoms.

This is what MyMT™ Circuit-Breaker does – over 12 weeks you discover step-by-step what to do to manage your symptoms. There’s a fabulous food guide as well, which has over 100+ recipes for you as well as seven easy online modules that teach you how to manage each symptom one by one. What’s more, you come into my online private coaching group where you receive additional motivation and support.

This programme is life-changing. How do I know this?
Because women tell me what a difference it has made to their lives…

happy woman next to her dog on leash taking for a walk in the park

"“It seemed like all my joy had been sucked out of me. I’m thankful every day for finding MyMT.” Julie, Canada

“My self-esteem had never been so low, it seemed like all my joy had been sucked out of me.  I had never been so unsettled and imbalanced in my life.  Then, I found your website….reading your and other women’s stories made me realise I was not losing my mind and I was not alone.  I have a strong faith and I thank God everyday for leading me to you. If it wasn’t for finding this programme and reading other women’s comments and struggles I think I would have been walking to my Drs office to simply medicate myself with antidepressants.  NOT what I wanted to be doing.”

"I feel this is a programme where woman can claim back their life." - Debbie, New Zealand

This programme has given me confidence that there is hope, rather than just laugh it off and secretly hate what’s happening to me. I feel this is a programme where woman can claim back their life, and get the tools to navigate this area of their lives. Life is not a rehearsal and I want the best of life always. I’m not ready to give up and just take medication or let my health slide. This is my life and the MyMT™ programme has helped me to claim it back. This programme has saved my sanity.”

MyMT Testimonial United Kingdom Lesley Cornwall

"I'm back running, no hot flushes, sleeping all night and I've lost 15lbs." - Lesley, UK

“After retiring  from teaching in 2017 at the age of 60, I hoped to work on getting my energy levels back up as well as improve my poor sleep pattern. Both of these things had suffered due to the long and pressurised hours of work that teaching full-time brings. I began to think about my symptoms – some hot flushes poor sleep and most distressingly, every joint and muscle in my body seemed to ache. All I could think of was a friend and two ex- work colleagues who were suffering from fibromyalgia. Was I heading down this path too? But that’s all behind me now. Thanks to your programme.” 

MyMT™ Circuit-Breaker teaches you how to break the circuit of your symptoms in peri-menopause and menopause and transition through this stage of your life with renewed energy, health and vitality.

Here’s how the programme works:

The first step is simple. All you do is fill in the on-line medical screening form. I personally review all screening forms, as I take an interest in every one of my participants. If I have any concerns or suggestions, I will get in touch with you. If not, you proceed to the next step.

Listen to the on-line video seminar and discover how to improve your sleep and reduce your hot flushes and night sweats. A lack of sleep exasperates our symptoms, and can lead to high insulin levels, weight gain, increased inflammation and much more. It’s vital we address this symptom first.

The western, modern lifestyles we have enjoyed all our lives can cause inflammation in your liver cells. In this fantastic module, you learn what to do to love your liver so we can reduce inflammation levels. Inflammation is the cause of a multitude of health issues, so we focus on this next.

This step is packed full of information to restore your energy levels to what you enjoyed before menopause took your energy away.
This step isn’t just about re-addressing psychological stress. Peri-menopause can cause such hormonal chaos for many women that their adrenal and thyroid health suffers. This can lead to oxidative ‘stress’ within your body’s cells. This step teaches you how to turn this around.
It’s hard to change the habits you’ve set up for years. I know this. But with the science of positive psychology, you will discover strategies to help you stay calm and in control, which also helps your symptom management during menopause. Our Mantra here is “change the mind and the body will follow.”

Mind your mindfulness – mindfulness practices are all the rage at the moment, but many fail to address the critical strategies that need to be implemented into our daily lives. We need to know how to do this, because when we are more purposeful about our everyday actions, it helps us to manage our symptoms too. Whilst our physiological changes in menopause contribute to symptom chaos, so too do our behavioural routines. You know what I mean – like the afternoon dip in energy that causes you to reach for the sweet foods! I used to be like that too, that’s what I focus you on in this beautiful, mindful module.

Sound good? I hope so. Let’s do this, girls.

When you sign up to MyMT™ Circuit-Breaker, you receive unlimited access to the online programme for three months. Each step has a simple ‘Daily Dozen’ Checklist to remind you of key learnings as you go about your day. This allows you to view it anywhere at your own pace! And if you want to take longer, you can. There is a small admin charge of $12.50 each month to continue access.

You’ll also receive easily, downloadable handouts, including your own MyMT™ menopause Food Guide and recipes. 

Join my private menopause coaching community for additional support

Perhaps what makes this programme so impactful is that you gain access to your own private coaching community. If you want longer to get through the course, then all you do is stay on after your 3 months for a small monthly charge of $12.50NZ. When you sign up to MyMT™ Circuit Breaker, you automatically receive three months free access to this private Coaching Community via Facebook. This is where I share tips, strategies, latest research and much more. I’m here to provide you with the knowledge and encouragement you need during this crucial time in your life. You can ask me any questions you like. You will also benefit from reading the responses to other women’s questions, and being a part of an extended support network.

Never before has there been a programme like MyMT™ Circuit Breaker

Menopause is the time to make lifestyle changes to support healthy ageing, so you experience more of what you want in life and less of what you don’t. Women in their 50’s want to age differently from our mothers’ generation and this program enables you to do so. Thousands of women have already signed up to the revolutionary MyMT™ Circuit-Breaker programme. They love the difference it’s making to their lives, especially those women who, as they often state, “have tried everything.” The programme is easy to follow. All you have to do is listen to each video-seminar, download the hand-outs and put it all into action. Let’s look at what a difference it’s made to the lives of others. I love the feedback from women who do the MyMT™ Circuit-Breaker Programme – this is what they tell me:

Did you know that women living in western countries report the highest levels of menopause symptoms?

MyMT™ programmes are designed from the perspective of healthy ageing and draws on emerging research from populations around the world that are known to experience healthier and longer lives. When exploring the link between western societies and increased symptoms, this is what I learnt. We are the first generation of women to go into menopause having lived through the past four decades which has seen the incredible growth in industries related to food processing, marketing, medicine, hormone therapies, supplements, exercise, environmental chemicals and alcohol consumption. Other societies have not been exposed to the levels of substances and lifestyles that we have, and so we are carrying around higher levels of inflammation in our cells. Learning how to reduce inflammation is crucial to managing our symptoms and health in the long run. MyMT™ 12 week Circuit Breaker shows you how. You won’t find anyone more passionate about guiding and supporting you to make the changes you need to turn around your symptoms in menopause. I invite you to explore my program further, and experience the transformation thousands of other women worldwide have. Life is hard enough without having to endure sleepless nights, hot flushes, mood swings, anxiety, sore joints and fatigue.

Give your body the support it needs to adjust to its new hormonal environment. Give your body the relief it needs to reduce inflammation and health issues later in life.

MyMT™ 12 week Circuit Breaker Programme is available to purchase now for less than $25 a week. Monthly payment options available AND you get my private coaching community group FREE for 3 months too. 

YES! I want my 12 week symptom circuit breaker - only NZ$299*

* approx. AU$282, UK£156, €181, CAN$258, US$189 - part payment options available