Restore Your Grateful Gut in Menopause

An online webinar for women in their menopause transition who are experiencing painful, aching joints

Restore Your Grateful Gut in Menopause

An online webinar for women who are experiencing bloating and digestion problems in their menopause transition

MyMT™ Grateful Gut is a stand-alone 60 minute webinar module for peri-menopausal, menopausal and post-menopausal women with digestion problems.  

ONLY NZ$49.95 (AUS$47.50 or UK£25).

MyMT™ Restore your Grateful Gut in Menopause  “Join me in this on-demand 60 minute webinar and discover the evidence which helped me to turn around my changing gut health in mid-life too.”  [Dr Wendy Sweet, PhD/ MyMT™ Founder]  

Menopause isn’t just about hot flushes – sore joints, weight gain or weight loss, anxiety, depression, insomnia, itchy skin and yes, gut health changes are all symptoms of menopause.  

When I’ve read many of the comments from women who join me on my 12 week programmes, their gut health features frequently. From feelings of bloating and cramping, to Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and/ or constipation or gluten intolerance, the gut-health stories keep coming.

Which is why I decided to look into what is really going on with our changing gut health during menopause. And I don’t mean from a medical perspective – you are still advised to go get your gut-health checked out by your Doctor or a Specialist obviously, I mean from a menopause and ageing perspective. 

Our digestive system is a victim of declining oestrogen during the menopause transition too. There are changes that arrive as we move into the next phase of our lives – our biological ageing and our organs are changing as we move through menopause.

For example, if women aren’t sleeping, then this can impact gut health, because our gut and digestive system also work on a 24 hour circadian rhythm.

That’s why it’s no surprise to me that 1 in 5 women in their mid-life years experience changes to their gut health. I talk about this in my ‘Restore Your Grateful Gut‘ module in the 12 week programmes, but the exciting news is that I’ve released this as a stand-alone module for you now as well. 

So, what is your gut telling you?  

  • Do you feel bloated by the end of the day? 

  • Do you find that your bowels aren’t ‘regular’ any more?  Or that you have more gas?
  • Have you discovered that you can no longer tolerate the foods that you used to eat? 
  • Is indigestion and heart-burn a daily occurrence?
  • Do you love bread, but find that this doesn’t suit you any more?
  • Do you feel full more often but have hardly eaten anything?
  • Is it getting harder for you to maintain your weight?
  • Are low energy levels constantly frustrating you?

If you have answered YES to some of the questions above, then you aren’t alone. And perhaps you’ve gone and had your symptoms checked out (yes, please do) but then no abnormalities have been found or you’ve been put on numerous supplements for bowel health, but you aren’t sure if these are working? 

Maybe this is because no-one you’ve visited for advice has mentioned menopause and your ageing and changing gut as you lose oestrogen. Yes, I was the same too, as are many of the women who join the MyMT™ programmes.   

“Your advice on the gut has been fantastic.  Two months ago I had just signed a form to have an unpleasant endoscopy to investigate what was happening with my stomach.  I had been having on-going problems for two years and no doctor could work out what the problem was – even the consultant.  A day before I went in to have the endoscopy I decided to cancel and try your gut rehab programme.  Within a week I was symptom free and I  haven’t had any pain whatsoever since.  Really fantastic.”   Catharine, UK,  April 2020

Our gut health in mid-life matters to our health as we age.  Numerous new research which I talk about in my 60 minute module, has made us more aware of the powerful connection between the state of our digestive system and our ongoing health as we age.

This is why I developed this e-learning module for you. Not only is it already in my full 12 week programmes, but I’ve now updated and released it as a stand-alone module for you as well.  In it I explain: 

  1. Why our gut health matters as we age. 
  2. How our menopause transition changes the integrity and workings of our gut.
  3. What to do to heal and repair your gut (which surprisingly, only takes a couple of weeks if there are no under-lying health or medical concerns for you). 
Will you join me? It is ONLY NZ$49.95 (AUS$47.50 or UK£25) throughout the coronavirus lock-down period – this is my way to support ALL women during this stressful time.  

Hi, I’m Dr Wendy Sweet [PhD] from My Menopause Transformation. When women on my healthy ageing doctoral studies were telling me about their sore joints, insomnia and increasing weight I noticed another common pattern; many of them had ongoing gut health and digestion issues as well.  

My gut health changed a lot during menopause and I had no idea why. That’s why I became intrigued when women in the My Menopause Transformation programmes were telling me similar stories.

But with all the research that has been coming out lately about the powerful connections between sleep, depression and the gut microbiome, I knew that I needed to look into what was really going on with our digestion system and place this in the context of our changing hormones as we transition into and through menopause.  


And so my research journey began.  What I began to understand is that the lining of women’s guts is different from men’s.  Ours is thinner and is full of oestrogen receptors, so menopause affects the motility (or movement) of our gut as we lose oestrogen.  

From there I learnt about the importance of diet in the performance of our gut and our liver, and how this is affected by the types of foods we eat.  It’s interesting too that there is increasing evidence about not having too many man-made protein supplements in our diet as these can interfere with the gut microbiota as well.

But what hasn’t been discussed much is that our gut is on a 24 hour circadian rhythm, and one of the greatest issues for women as they transition through menopause, is that they aren’t sleeping.

This affects the absorption and digestion of food as well as the health of our gut. For many of you, this may be also affecting your weight management and cardiac health as you age too. 

The more investigation I did into our changing gut health in menopause, the more I also learnt that much of the information we hear about the importance of the gut these days takes a ‘one size fits all’ approach. 

This means that more often than not, the advice is designed for a young and largely male audience.  As mid-life women, our needs are often either forgotten or ignored.  So what I have done is to connect the dots between our changing hormones in menopause, new gut health research and our ageing.  And I have put it all together into this mini-programme just for women in mid-life like you. 

Thousands of women love what they learn on the My Menopause Transformation 12 week programmes. They discover not only why they are experiencing problems, but also the fabulous solutions I have researched and most importantly, what specific actions they need to take to turn their symptoms and/or weight around.  

One of the modules inside their private learning hub is a 60 minute webinar about restoring their gut health and getting their digestive system moving again.  I call it RESTORE YOUR GRATEFUL GUT IN MENOPAUSE.  

Now you can purchase this mini-programme on it’s own. I’ve pulled this webinar out of my other programmes and it is now a STAND-ALONE mini-programme by itself.  

gut bloating and digestion issues in menopause
 I want you to be able to benefit from the information I have researched too

This powerful GRATEFUL GUT mini-programme is now available to you for only NZ $49.95 (approx. AUS $49.50 or UK £25).  

This mini-programme contains the essential information we all need not only during menopause, but in post-menopause as well.  It is packed full of information which is so important to our ongoing ‘good’ health as we age.   

How do I access the webinar and download the handouts?

The Grateful Gut webinar is part of the MyMT™ Health Restoration Series and it’s waiting for you right now in your private Member Area on the My Menopause Transformation website.  

All you do is listen to the 1 hour webinar and then download my “Daily Dozen” PDF handout summaries and example food plan as your reminder. I have 5 principles that you must follow for 2-3 weeks. Once you have this information, all you do is start putting everything I tell you to do into action. 

It’s that simple, but the results are what counts.  

Because of my own research into my changing gut health in mid-life and the increasing of availability of knowledge about the gut from researchers around the world, I have pulled this programme together for you.  

I can’t wait for you to learn what I learnt myself. 

For a limited time this powerful GRATEFUL GUT webinar is available to you for only NZ $49.95 (approx. AUS $49.50 or UK £25).  It’s my way of supporting you to improve your gut health in mid-life. I want you to have the information to help your gut and digestive system feel grateful again.