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MyMT™ is a New Zealand based, online company that works with clients in 50+ countries.  No matter which timezone you’re in, we can accommodate and would love to hear from you.

Our administrator (Georgia) is based in the United Kingdom (GMT + 12hours). She will respond to enquiries as soon as possible.

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Please use the form provided or the admin email address for any general enquiries or member feedback. 

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Media or Collaboration Enquiries

MyMT™ welcomes any enquiries as well as the opportunity to discuss the results of the 15,000+ women who have completed a MyMT™ Program. Please get in touch with Dr Wendy Sweet (PhD) directly at


My Menopause Transformation is an online company and does not have a physical practice. For any mail, please send it to: 

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New Zealand

How the MyMT™ Transformation Works

Your MyMT™ Menopause Coach, Dr Wendy Sweet (PhD) has a single goal… to help women around the globe proactively manage their own menopause transition through lifestyle changes. Our online programs teach you about the powerful lifestyle changes you can make to adjust to your new hormonal environment so that you can reduce your symptoms, lose weight and set yourself up to age healthily into post-menopause. 

Step 1

Take the Symptoms Quiz

Take the MyMT™ Symptoms Quiz to understand your symptoms and how these compare to women all around the world. 

Step 2

Watch the Masterclass

If you are confused and frustrated by your symptoms, then the on-demand, 2 hour, Masterclass on Menopause is for you.

Step 3

Transform Your Health

Choose from 2 symptom reduction programs – Circuit Breaker or Transform Me, AND learn menopause specific exercise with Rebuild my Fitness.