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On Menopause-HRT or Bio-identical Hormones?

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If you are on menopause hormone therapy [MHT], then this is a decision that you have made with your Doctor. Many women go on MHT for reasons other than hot flush management (e.g. to manage osteoporosis risk or heart disease risk or depression), so the decision to go on or even come off your hormone therapy is a decision that you must make with your medical specialist.

No matter whether you are on MHT or not, then the MyMT™ programmes have lifestyle solutions that help to reduce your hot flushes, improve your sleep, turn around sore joints and muscles, and for those of you who are overweight, the Transform Me programme teaches you how to turn around your oestrogen dominance, which is the cause of your menopause weight gain.

My women’s healthy ageing research lead me to position menopause in our biological ageing. It’s a natural live-event that all women go through.

When I struggled with my own symptoms in menopause, despite taking endless supplements and MHT, I learnt that many women in other cultures don’t experience the symptoms that many women living in western societies experience. Why is this I thought?

Why do so many women have problems sleeping as well as over-heating and are over-whelmed with low energy, mood swings, sore joints and more when they arrive in mid-life? I also had these symptoms and at the time was on MHT and taking endless over-the-counter supplements. I felt bloated and my weight seemed to increase daily. Yet I was exercising daily and eating the same foods as I had eaten for years. So, what was going on? That was my curiosity, especially when women on my research studies told me similar stories about their sore muscles, joints, sleepless nights despite daily exercise, working with Personal Trainers and eating in ways that were deemed ‘healthy’.

The more I got into my research, the more I began to understand that study after study showed that menopause was the time in a woman’s life when she is most at risk for health changes, especially changing liver, bone, muscle and cardiac health.

Menopause Matters for Women's Health

Research from the Australian Longitudinal Studies on Women’s Health conducted by Professor Wendy Brown and her team, were also showing that women entering their mid-life years were the highest demographic to stop exercising.

Yet, we all know how important exercise is to our future health, so again I became curious as to why this was. Afterall, my own doctoral studies showed a similar trend.

I knew that there must be a better way for us to manage ourselves at this stage of life, so we feel energetic and vibrant as we move into our post-menopause years. We have very different lives from our mother’s generation and never before have medical and gerontology specialists seen so many diseases of older age.

But here’s the thing – when I looked at the health and longevity research, I learnt that most of these older-age health problems of our mother’s generation are related to inflammatory changes that arrive in mid-life.

With my own health changing [high cholesterol, becoming overweight, high blood pressure, sore joints and changing sleep patterns) I knew that menopause was a high-risk time for women’s health. Whilst medications such as MHT and anti-depressants have been the go-to treatment for women for decades, my own studies indicated that there are specific lifestyle solutions that we need to put into place to manage this ‘change of life’.

Biologically our body is ageing, so I’ve followed the women’s healthy ageing research to design two revolutionary symptom reduction programmes which teach women how to transition through menopause so that in their post-menopause years they remain vibrant and healthy. Both programmes focus on the 7 pillars of health as we age.

Women are using the symptom-reduction 12 week Circuit-Breaker programme to HELP them re-balance their changing hormones in peri-menopause with lifestyle change practices that benefit their health and women who are overweight, are using the Transform Me programme to help them understand how to turn around their weight in menopause, which can send them into worsening cardiac and joint health.

Whilst my programmes don’t interfere with any decision that women make with their Doctor to go on MHT or anti-depressants, some women use the programme alongside support from their Doctor, to come off these therapies as they arrive in post-menopause.

Wendy Sweet [PhD] / MyMT™ Founder & Lifestyle Coach

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Menopause symptoms are a result of changing hormone levels, primarily oestrogen and progesterone, which affect the balance of other hormones too. So menopause changes can upset your body’s unique bio-chemistry. But every one of your symptoms is reversible if you change your lifestyle and allow your body to adapt to its ‘new normal.’ This is what MyMT delivers to you – all the scientifically evidenced step-by-step strategies which you access over 12 weeks, so you discover how to work with your changing hormones in menopause, not against them.

There are no hormone medications or supplements. How to restore the hormonal harmony that menopause takes away is waiting for you in the exclusive member area now.

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