Are you ready to lead change in the menopause space?

MyMT™ is revolutionizing menopause lifestyle education and we would love you to train with us

Are you ready to lead change in the Menopause space?

MyMT™ is revolutionising menopause lifestyle education and we would love you to train with us

Our mission is to create a network of MyMT™ trained health professionals who use evidenced, lifestyle change solutions to help their peri to post-menopausal clients manage menopause symptoms.

MyMT™ is proud to have helped over 12,000 women around the globe proactively manage their menopause transformation through evidenced lifestyle change strategies. 

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Why Specialise?

Because Menopause Matters

1 billion women are projected to be in menopause by 2025. Never have so many women been at this age and stage at once. 

Of the 250,000+ women who completed the MyMT™ Symptoms Quiz…


Feel like they are lacking energy


Have sore joints


Percieve themselves as being overweight


Are having difficulty sleeping

By following an evidence based, lifestyle programme many of these women went on to restore their energy, vitality and health.

Are you ready to be a part of the solution?

Are your middle age female clients suffering from hot flushes, no energy, sore joints, brain fog, anxiety or weight that won’t shift? Are you confused by the abundance of conflicting health opinions and evidence about menopause?

When women move into their menopause years (mid-40’s right to the end of their 50s) their bodies are experiencing lots of changes. From a biological point of view the menopause transition means that the reproductive hormones, oestrogen and progesterone, are declining as part of our ageing. But, did you know that there are also oestrogen receptors in the brain, heart, skin, liver, bones and muscles? 

That’s why I always say ‘Menopause is more than just hot flushes’. 

The peri-menopause transition is also the start of many inflammatory processes to do with ageing. As such, the trajectory towards many diseases of older age such as cardiovascular disease, osteopenia, autoimmune dysfunction, metabolic syndrome and dementia can start during the menopause transition if women don’t manage their symptoms.

The importance of symptom management in midlife cannot be overemphasized. Women need a unique approach that is tailored to the hormonal changes they are going through. 

Hi, I’m Dr Wendy Sweet (PhD), the founder of My Menopause Transformation and your Coach.

Exploring menopause and post-menopause symptoms through the lens of healthy ageing science as part of my thesis, was pivotal to me turning around my own sleep, sore joints, emotional changes, hot flushes and losing over 15kg in menopause weight. At the time I was a university lecturer, and completing my thesis about the role of exercise on the health of middle aged women. I began to question the advice we were being given in mid-life around our symptom management, supplements, exercise and nutrition.

What I discovered is that the role of other hormones which help to re-balance the body aren’t being factored into the menopause puzzle – this includes sleep, gut and thyroid hormones – all of which are involved in temperature and mood regulation. 

This is what the MyMT™ Education Courses teach you – the hormonal and physiological changes women go through in mid-life, and the scientifically evidenced lifestyle strategies to help your clients relieve their symptoms. I’ve pulled together all of the scientific research into one place so that you can understand the full picture.  

These courses are right for you if...

You want to support women in mid-life and older – a demographic who are desperate for answers.

What makes these courses unique is that all the information has been specifically evidenced for women during their menopause transition. Not only that, all of the evidence is grounded in women’s healthy ageing science.

You can be assured that the advice you are providing is setting your clients up to remain healthy in their post-menopause years – some of the most vulnerable years in a women’s life.  

You want to work in the field of lifestyle medicine and behaviour change

There are no supplements or medications provided in MyMT™’s programmes, as this is between women and their Doctors. Menopause is a natural event, so to unravel women’s symptoms, MyMT™ uses scientifically evidenced lifestyle solutions. 

MyMT™ takes a holistic approach to menopause – looking at a woman over the course of her lifetime. You will be able to show your client how the effects of her current and past lifestyle, have contributed to her symptoms.

You want opportunities to grow your business

Not only will you expand your knowledge about mid-life health, but you will learn behaviour change theories and marketing techniques that are unique to mid-life women. This information comes straight from my Masters Studies as well as case studies from the women on the MyMT™ programmes. 

Graduates of the Menopause Practitioner Course, may also like to explore applying to be a MyMT™ Affiliate. Our affiliates are helping to grow their business through selling the MyMT™ programmes worldwide.

CPD Courses for Health Practitioners

These courses bring you ‘up to the minute’ research on the menopause transition, as well as real life examples from the 12,000+ women who have completed a MyMT™ programme.

Menopause Practitioner Course

12 weeks | Next intake August 2023

Want to deep dive into the menopause transition?

This course posits menopause in the context of women's healthy ageing, exploring the history and physiology of menopause and provides you with solutions to help your clients improve their sleep, energy, hot flushes, brain fog, sore joints, irritable gut and more. You will also learn about behaviour change theories, risk screening and marketing techniques unique to midlife women.

Menopause Weight Loss Coach

6 weeks | On demand (start anytime)

Are your midlife clients frustrated that they can’t lose weight?

The key to success is dependent on a range of physical, psychological, social, behavioural and even environmental factors. This course will provide you with an in depth understanding of the unique differences in menopausal women’s weight gain and equip you with easy to implement, nutrition, exercise and behaviour change solutions to achieve sustained success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Change women’s lives

How do I know you can do this? Because women tell me what a difference the MyMT™ programmes have made to their lives. Not only are they losing weight, but their sore joints, sleepless nights, mood swings, brain fog, tiredness and hot flushes are gone. Read their testimonials here. 

Gain clarity and confidence with menopause discussions

Are you confused by the abundance of conflicting evidence and opinions about menopause? Dr Wendy Sweet (PhD) cuts through the chaos, providing you with the latest, evidenced women’s healthy aging research, presented in a way that is easy to understand and follow with your own clients.  

Grow your business

You’ll expand your knowledge about women’s mid-life health, enabling you to better help your existing clients, deliver new offerings and retain clients for longer. All of the information in this course is suitable for women in both their menopause and post-menopause years, so your clients can be confident that you have the skills to help them as they age. 

Exclusive insights 

Throughout the course I will share the insights gained from the 250,000+ women who have completed the MyMT™ Symptoms Quiz and the 12,000+ women who have participated in MyMT™ programmes. This will put you a step ahead of your competition by enabling you to prepare for the questions you could get from your own clients.

Currently MyMT™ has two courses for Health Professionals: 

1.The MyMT™ Menopause Practitioner Course is a 12 week course, with dedicated intakes. This is because there is a live component to this course whereby your class meets with Dr Wendy Sweet (PhD) on a zoom call to review the modules. 
This course dives deep into the science and physiology of menopause, menopause risk screening, and how to turn around your client’s sleep, hot flushes, sore joints, liver health, energy, anxiety and more, through evidenced lifestyle solutions. There is also information on menopause supplements, behaviour change coaching and the business of menopause. **Does not cover exercise prescription (see below).

2. The MyMT™ Menopause Weight Loss Coach Course is a self learning, evergreen course which runs for 6 weeks. There is no live element so you can start it at any time and complete it at your own pace.
Research suggests that the menopausal transition period is strongly associated with weight gain, which in up to 70% of women, is now a known symptom. Through this course, you will come away with an understanding of the unique differences in women’s weight gain at this age and stage of life, and easy to implement, exercise, nutrition and behaviour change solutions. 

These courses are suitable for a wide range of health professionals. Please look at the entry criteria for each course individually. You can find the entry criteria within the FAQs section on the course outline page. 

If you are unsure whether you are suited to either of these courses, please enquire, we are happy to advise. Email and she will respond as soon as she is available.

Menopause Practitioner Course: 

  • CPD Certification Service
  • National Board of Health and Wellness Coaches (NBHWC)

Menopause Weight Loss Coach:

  • New Zealand Register of Exercise Professionals (NZREPS)
  • Canada Fitness Professionals (Canfitpro)
  • CPD Certification Service

We are also in the process of becoming registered with several other global organisations. 

MyMT™ Education is recognised and approved by global organisations

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