MyMT™ Transform Me

MyMT™ Transform Me is a 12 week menopause and post-menopause weight loss programme. 

Dr Wendy Sweet (PhD) presents

MyMT™ Transform Me

A Groundbreaking Menopause Specific Weight Loss and Wellness Programme

Forget Everything You’ve Ever Been Told About Weight Loss

When my weight spiraled to an all time high in peri-menopause, I was confused. I felt bloated and uncomfortable and yet no amount of exercise or dieting helped.


What’s more, lack of sleep, endless hot flushes, increased anxiety, sore joints and muscles, mood swings, unstoppable belly fat and increasing cholesterol, not only left me feeling exhausted and despondent, but fearful about my health as I aged. Thinking about my future years when I still had so much to achieve in my life was concerning. 

When exercise, nutrition and health professionals didn’t have the answers I needed, I set out to find them myself through the scientific evidence specific to mid-life and beyond.  I’m so pleased that I did. Because when I finally stopped focusing on exercise and dietary advice designed for younger people, males and athletes, and instead paid attention to the myriad of changes our bodies undergo during menopause and our ageing, I learnt that weight loss and symptom management in mid-life needs a different approach. This is because the loss of oestrogen and progesterone has a powerful effect on other parts of our body, and yes, when we don’t sleep, we can’t fat-burn overnight. 

That’s why I created MyMT™  Transform Me. This 12 week online programme has the integrated solutions for restoring your sleep, reducing hot flushes and sore joints as well as teaching you how to lose weight specific to your menopause transition. It’s also suitable for those of you who are post-menopausal, because every single strategy has been researched from my women’s healthy ageing studies. Pulling all this information together changed my life and I now want you to benefit from this information too. By giving my body exactly what it needed to transition well, everything changed for the better. I began to sleep all night; I felt better mentally and physically and I stopped gaining and started losing weight.

Women around the world call it “life-changing” …

Best of all, there are no crazy diets or exercise regimes to follow, nor are there any expensive supplements. 

What you will find in your online learning modules are the simple, progressive and powerful strategies that puts YOU in the drivers seat. You learn how to turn around your SLEEP so you burn fat overnight, restore your LIVER HEALTH, reduce INFLAMMATION that is building up in your JOINTS, and eat for your HEALTH as  you age.

You also learn how to turn around your OESTROGEN DOMINANCE, which keeps you in fat-storing mode as you transition through menopause. Even if you are in post-menopause, then this powerful programme is for you, because it’s designed from my women’s healthy ageing studies. 

Wendy Sweet [PhD] / MyMT™ Founder & Lifestyle Coach/ Member: Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine.

Wendy arms crossed

MyMT™ Transform Me is a research based weight loss programme designed specifically for women during perimenopause, menopause and into post-menopause. Because it gets to the root cause of what causes us to gain weight during menopause, it’s not like other weight loss programmes.

It offers you the chance to take control of your weight, as well as other physical and emotional symptoms of menopause. MyMT™ Transform Me has helped thousands of women worldwide. Read on to find out why it’s so transformational, and how it can help you.

YES! I want my 12 week menopause weight loss transformation - only NZ$299*

* approx. AU$282, UK£156, €181, CAN$258, US$189 - part payment options available

It’s Not Your Fault You Can’t Lose Weight

Have you tried everything to lose weight but can’t seem to shift more than a few pounds or kilos?  Yes, I was the same. But, our menopause transition changes everything you may have been used to, to manage your weight in the past.  

Menopause and post-menopause weight gain is influenced by: 

  • Oestrogen Dominance
  • Impaired Sleep
  • Thyroid Imbalances
  • Poor Liver and Gut Health
  • Increased Insulin 
  • Increased Cortisol/ Stress
  • Joint Pain
  • Chronic Inflammation
  • Muscle Changes

That’s why MT™ Transform Me is more than ‘just’ a weight loss programme. It’s a complete educational resource for you, which also serves to educate you about the changes to your body during menopause. You will discover the solutions that you can put into place to address the root cause of your symptoms and weight gain. The programme helps your body to adapt to its new hormonal environment, providing it with exactly what it needs to transition well. 

Feel free to explore each of these symptoms of menopause further to understand how they may be impacting your ability to lose weight or better still, I have a Masterclass on Menopause online webinar for you, which I put into an online format for you with my live seminars disrupted with changes to international travel.

Impediments To Weight Loss During Menopause

Did you know there’s a scientific reason so many women put on weight in menopause?

This is because our changing hormonal environment can lead to a condition known as ‘Oestrogen Dominance’. When menopause hormonal changes arrive and women don’t adjust their lifestyle for them, many put on weight. This is because our fat cells store oestrogen. When this happens, the role of progesterone changes too and this can cause insulin and another stress hormone called cortisol to get out of balance too.

This is what I help you to manage. Because as I discovered, when left unmanaged, not only do your hot flushes and sleep become worse, but your health starts to change too. All of which takes a toll on you in your post-menopause years.

MyMT™ Transform Me guides you through these changes, helping you adapt to your new hormonal environment.

Incredibly, because of our changing hormone levels in menopause, we can add 1-2 kg a week during menopause when we can’t sleep, with much of this going on our belly and under our diaphragm.

So forget the gym, a good night’s sleep is the answer to your menopause weight loss. But that’s easier said than done when you’re suffering from increased cortisol, hot flushes and joint pain. Being awake night after night means that a hormone called insulin remains higher than usual overnight, which interferes with the production of your sleep hormone called ‘melatonin‘.

As sleep deprivation accumulates, it can increase the risk of heart problems, anxiety and depression; resulting in even more sleepless nights. MyMT™ Transform Me helps you to break the cycle of sleepless nights, so you lose weight and stay healthy.

Every cell in the body depends upon thyroid hormones for regulation of their metabolism. So when the thyroid gets out of balance, due to lowering oestrogen levels, and we aren’t changing our diet to get the extra iodine and tyrosine we need, and we’re not sleeping, then all of these things combined can lead to a thyroid that isn’t quite able to do its job properly. This is why changes in thyroid function in menopause can lead to weight-gain and for many women, worsening hot flushes.

Research about the importance of gut microbiome has been widely reported in recent years. As you transition menopause, lower levels of oestrogen impact on your gut health. Many women find that this is a time when they experience more gut issues which leads to poor absorption of nutrients. But it doesn’t have to be this way. As you discover the best foods to eat during menopause with the MyMT Food Guide, while learning how to sleep all night, you can restore your gut health. 

How many women do you know who continue to put on weight in their midlife years, despite being on a good eating regime and exercising daily? Insulin sensitivity is known to worsen with advancing age and increasing central obesity (diaphragmatic and abdominal obesity) results. High levels of cortisol are the main reason for developing insulin sensitivity, but so too is a condition called estrogen dominance. If you are putting on menopause weight, then undoubtedly your insulin levels will be changing too. To address this you need to focus on lowering your cortisol levels and balancing your estrogen.

Have you heard of cortisol? Cortisol helps control blood sugar levels, regulate metabolism, reduce inflammation and assist with memory. It also has a controlling effect on salt and water balance, so it also helps control your blood pressure. But when we produce too much of it, our bodies hold on to fat reserves as a survival mechanism. That’s why managing stress levels is crucial for weight management. When cortisol levels are in balance again, you will reduce insulin sensitivity and stabilise your blood sugar levels; only then will you stop gaining weight during menopause.

Did you know that we have oestrogen receptors in our muscles, joints and tendons? This is why during menopause, when oestrogen is lowering, our joints feel stressed and our muscles ache more. It’s worse when we can’t sleep because our usual overnight healing and repairing function disappears as well. Having healthy joints is vital for weight management because we need to be able to walk and move more. This is why joint health is part of your Transform Me programme.

Many diseases are formed due to an accumulation of inflammation in cells and tissues; and we are now just starting to learn of the possible connection between inflammation and depression. We are the first generation of women to have high levels of inflammation accumulating in our liver, gut, muscles, joints and fat cells. This has a powerful effect on our symptoms as well. MyMT™ Transform Me shows you how to reduce inflammation at this critical stage of life.

One of the outcomes of menopause is that as you lose muscle density. Consequently, you also lose the number and size of mitochondrial cells. These beautiful cells store oxygen and this is where fat is burned. In menopause and as a natural part of our biological ageing, we lose precious mitochondrial cells which wreaks havoc on menopause fat-burning potential. MyMT™ Transform Me

YES! I want my 12 week menopause weight loss transformation - only NZ$299*

* approx. AU$282, UK£156, €181, CAN$258, US$189 - part payment options available

Don’t leave it too late

“How we manage our menopause transition, shapes our health for the rest of our life.”

Here’s Why MyMT™ Transform Me Is Different to Other Weight Loss Programmes

MyMT™ Transform Me 

In your 12 week ‘Transform Me’ programme you receive step-by-step solutions to help you:

  • Stop accumulating belly fat and start losing weight by understanding a condition called ‘oestrogen-dominance’
  • Sleep all night because fat-loss occurs overnight
  • Restore your energy to levels you used to know
  • Restore thyroid balance so your metabolism increases
  • Restore liver and gut health so healthy nutrients are absorbed better – you lose your bloating and improve your energy
  • Remove the pain from muscles and joints so that you can move more!
  • Understand which foods assist your changing hormonal environment and promote fat-burning
  • Reduce the inflammation that is keeping you in fat-gain mode
  • Enjoy my private online coaching which keeps you learning and feeling motivated and supported!
  • Learn how you may possibly taper off HRT and menopause related anti-depressants (with the permission of your Dr) – (Optional)

Because Kaye and many others tell me!

“Before MyMT™ I was advised to have less than 1200 calories a day….. walking for an hour a day (not sleeping) and l didn’t lose any weight. I thought I was never going to be able to get rid of those awful hips! I was feeling quite depressed and spent a lot of time in tears which I was putting down to menopause! Now my energy has returned and my moods are better and I’ve dropped two dress sizes! Anyway just wanted to let you know all that. I can’t thank you and your programme enough.”

“The amazing thing for me about MyMT™ has been how Wendy has pulled together so much of my lonely, uncomfortable research and presented it in such an excellent format. The programme links all of my symptoms in an INTEGRATED APPROACH, enabling them to be addressed by me. I’ve now learnt all the things that I didn’t know about turning around my symptoms during peri-menopause and now, menopause. All the MyMT™ strategies and more, I have found to be true!!”

“Finally, I can see my waist again. I’ve stopped gaining and started losing. I love the way, Wendy has got me to finally focus on ME!”
Lisa, New Zealand

The Transform Me programme is designed to be completed over a 12 week period. Over the 12 weeks you get unlimited access to the programme, but if you need longer and want to stay on with me, then you can. For a small monthly admin fee of only NZ$12.50 you get access to the programme and my coaching for as long as you like. This also means you can return to modules and listen to them again at your pace, not mine.

Once you start the MyMT™ Transform Me programme, this is what you receive:

  • 60 minute video-seminars delivered online into your member area. These teach you what is happening with your symptoms and what to do to change this! From sleep management to improved liver health, hot flushes and weight loss, you learn my powerful strategies. You don’t get all the information at once however. Delivery is staggered so that each e-learning module opens up each fortnight over the 12 weeks – you get an email as your reminder when your next module has opened. I love how women can learn at their own pace where-ever and when-ever they want. 
  • A recipe book and food/shopping information that I have researched according to women’s menopause and healthy ageing studies. All this fabulous ‘food information’ is specific to our changing hormonal environment in menopause. This is why you will lose weight!
  • There are also extra PDF handouts which you can download and print out. Each module has my ‘Daily Dozen’ approach for you to action as you fit my suggestions into your day-to-day life. The handouts are for you to take with you, when you are ‘on the go’ as your reminders.
  • Access to my private coaching community. After you sign on you not only get exclusive membership to the education modules, but you get to join me nearly every day on my private coaching group. There are hundreds of women just like you there already. Women love this community, as they receive the information and support they need to stay motivated. It’s not about changing everything at once; it’s about learning how you can use the programme to allow your body in menopause to adjust to its new hormonal environment wherever you are – at home or work.

“I am passionate about guiding and supporting you. I love bringing all of my knowledge in physiology, exercise, nutrition and women’s health management into an online coaching environment for women.”

Wendy Sweet [PhD] / MyMT™ Founder & Lifestyle Coach

Seven Transformational Steps

"For 30 years as a personal trainer and educator, I have watched women struggle to lose weight over the long term. I now realise that the first thing they must do is understand how their hormones impact their weight, especially during the menopause transition. I’ve put all the answers to menopause weight gain in seven fabulous learning modules. I invite you to explore each one."

When you complete your pre-programme screening form, I look at it personally and get back to you. This means that for some women, I can let them know if they require medical clearance. This is also when you join my private coaching group where thousands of women enjoy reading my coaching posts. I can’t wait to share this added information with you too.

Get started in the programme with these two modules. Each is designed for you to learn about why you are putting on weight if you aren’t sleeping and if you have developed a condition called ‘oestrogen dominance’. I had no idea about this myself, but through my research, learnt how to stop the gaining through understanding how to sleep all night and reduce the build-up of excess oestrogen in our fat-storage cells. You’ll learn why your cholesterol may be climbing and why your weight is increasing during perimenopause and menopause. But more than this, I introduce you to simple lifestyle changes to help you stop gaining weight – because you cannot lose weight until you stop gaining. 

Liver function is at the heart of weight loss and during menopause your liver matters more than you think. In this 60 minute module, you will discover how to turn around your liver health simply and scientifically without wasting money on endless liver-cleanses and other products that may not be researched for your changing liver and gall-bladder (if you still have a gall-bladder) during your menopause transition. You will learn how to restore your liver health and get it’s function back to doing the job it is meant to which is breaking down fats, cholesterol and oestrogen. I can’t wait to share this module with you. Numerous women on the programme call this their ‘aha’ module. 

Have you tried endless diets which don’t work in the long term? Do you find that you still crave certain foods that satisfy you in the short-term, but don’t sustain you? Nutritional type and timing is crucial for your ‘long-term successful weight loss’ which is scientifically defined as a year or more. Diets destroy the hormones which help to manage your appetite, fullness and long-term health and for numerous women who have lived busy, stressful lives over many years, this may have led to a disturbance of the factors that influence their eating patterns. When you know what to eat and when, the body starts to burn the unhealthy white fat hidden deep down in your belly during menopause.

This module isn’t ‘just’ about psychological stress. It’s also about the internal environment of your body and how your cells and tissues also become ‘stressed’. Internal stress in our tissues and fat cells is called oxidative stress and causes lots of inflammatory changes that can lead to worsening health problems as we age. Our mid-life years are the perfect time to re-address stress. In this fabulous module, I draw on the rapidly emerging stress research and teach you how to re-address your stress.

It doesn’t matter whether you are just starting out or you are getting back to the activity levels you used to enjoy, this module brings you in touch with moving more and giving your metabolism the boost it needs. This module teaches you about the effect of exercise specific to your weight management in menopause. There is nothing you can’t do and you can exercise anywhere – at home, in the park, at the gym. 

Have you ever wondered why there is so much emphasis on mindfulness training these days? But when the challenges of daily life distract us so much, many of us don’t have time to connect with what is meaningful to us. Feeling overwhelmed and time-poor in menopause not only increases your hot flushes, but increases feelings of anxiety and deprives you of precious sleep. You must learn to turn this around. That’s why I’ve included this bonus module for you. It teaches you the relevant easy-to-use strategies to keep the ‘inner you’ calm, focused and centred. In this module you will learn proven strategies for taking a more mindful and meaningful approach to your daily life. When I learnt all of this, it not only changed the way I connected with others but myself too. I can’t wait to share this module with you.

  • Lifestyle Solutions for those on HRT and/or Anti-depressants
  • Gut Health Restoration Module
  • Joint Health Restoration Module
  • Intermittent Fasting Module (new from August, 2020) 

Weight Gain During Menopause No Longer Has To Be A Given

If your weight is changing, or has changed now that you have reached menopause, or you are already in post-menopause and want to lose weight and improve your health, then please join me on MyMT™ Transform Me.

What you learn will surprise you. In every module I explain what is happening and more importantly, provide strategies you can implement to help you feel more vibrant, calm and in control of your weight.

“It took me 12 weeks to LOSE the belly-fat and not only did I feel fantastic, but I also improved my health.”

This was the best thing for Kaye who has gone from a Size 14 down to a Size 10. She did it with the MyMT™ programme. You can read her story here.

Tess came into MyMT™ and within a month had lost 10 kg after years of struggling with her weight following IVF Therapy. Read hertestimonial here.

Are you ready for MyMT™ Transform Me?

  • Do you feel that your menopause is changing how you live your life?
  • Are you lying awake at night?
  • Are you exercising and eating well but you can’t stop gaining?
  • Do you feel bloated and uncomfortable?
    Is your waist ‘thickening” and are your jeans getting tighter?
  • Are you confused about how your body is changing during menopause?
  • Have other dietary, exercise or menopause therapies not worked for your sleep, hot flushes and weight management?
  • Are you interested in a scientifically evidenced weight management programme that is designed specifically for your changing hormonal environment in menopause?
  • Do you want a programme that doesn’t focus on endless exercise and dietary regimes that you know you can’t stick to because you have a lot going on in your life?
  • Do you want a programme that is on demand that you can do in your time, at your own pace, without feeling that you have to reach your goal-weight in a certain time frame?

If you answered yes to most of these questions, you’re not alone. MyMT™ Transform Me can help you take control of your health and wellbeing.

Menopause symptoms do not have to be endured

What’s more, for only NZ$12.50 a month after your 12 weeks has ended, you can continue to access your modules and my coaching support for as long as you need. I can’t wait for you to join my fabulous coaching community. 

YES! I want my 12 week menopause weight loss transformation - only NZ$299*

* approx. AU$282, UK£156, €181, CAN$258, US$189 - part payment options available