My Personal Pledge to you…

“MyMT’s 12-week Menopause Transformation programmes teach you the WHY, WHAT and the HOW of changing your symptoms, your sleep,  your energy levels and your weight gain during menopause.  These are the things that women tell us that frustrate them the most! Through my on-line coaching videos, you’ll DISCOVER the secrets I learnt to turn around my energy, vitality, weight and health in mid-life.  That’s a promise!  To date every single woman who has been through both programmes have achieved fantastic results.

Together we can reduce your menopause symptoms too….. So get started today!”


“Hi Ladies – my name is Wendy Sweet  and I welcome you to My Menopause Transformation™.  I never thought I would be setting up a knowledge-based website for women in their mid-life years, but my own experiences navigating menopause, and listening to women during my Doctoral Studies have led me to develop and deliver this fantastic on-line health improvement programme to YOU.

For over 30 years I have been involved in New Zealand’s health and exercise industry. Although my original career was as a nurse, I then re-trained and pioneered the Personal Training industry in New Zealand.  More recently I have worked as a university lecturer with subject delivery ranging across exercise prescription, health promotion, nutrition for wellbeing and lifestyle behavior-change.  I want you to know that you can trust that the programmes are well evidenced and safe.  This is our point-of-difference from other programs available to you.

The world-class 12-week Menopause Transformation programmes  have all the information you need to renew your energy and vitality in your mid-life years.  What you will discover is that your hormones all work in synergy so there are a number of ‘connecting-the-dots’ lifestyle strategies that you can put in place to manage your health and energy at this time of your life.  That’s the JIGSAW I help you unravel – easily and effectively.

Women going through the programmes are delighted with their results.  They tell us via the ‘Member-Only’ Coffee-Group page. They confirm the effectiveness of our programme. Our Coffee-Group page is a highlight because this is the forum where women ask me questions and receive added COACHING.

I am passionate about you realizing your mid-life potential.  For many of you, these years are critical to re-focusing yourself on your health, exercise and on-going energy as you transition through menopause.  It’s a great time to put yourself first.  I promise to show you the way.  Come join me, I won’t let you down.”