My Menopause Transformation (MyMT™) understands the importance and relevance of medical support for many women suffering moderate to severe symptoms as they transition into and through natural menopause in their mid-life years.

MyMT™ does not interfere with or replace any medical advice. It gives research-proven practical lifestyle information and behaviour-change support to women transitioning into and through menopause.

Menopause is a crossroads. It is an ideal time for women to make decisions about how they are going to live the next third of their life. Women need to develop a lifestyle that includes healthy eating and adequate exercise in the long term.” (Dr Beverley, Lawton (2014) Menopause: a guide for every woman)

Wendy, award-winning presenter and fitness industry leader

What we do:

  • MyMT™ is an on-line lifestyle behaviour-change support tool for women transitioning into and through menopause. MyMT™ aims to educate and support women to pro-actively manage their own menopause experience. Our research-verified 12 Step Lifestyle Change Program has been designed as twelve easy-to-complete steps which lead and support women through this journey. The information provided for women and delivered in a 12-STEP progressive program aims to educate them about the lifestyle-changes that might assist them to improve moderate to severe symptoms experienced during the menopause transition. This includes hot flashes/ flushes, sleep management and if required, weight loss.
  • MyMT™ works co-operatively and responsibly with medical practitioners and allied health professionals.
  • MyMT™ screens all on-line clients before registering them on the program. This is STEP 1 of the 12-STEP Program. The Pre-Activity (Par-Q) screening tool used is approved and recommended by the New Zealand Register of Exercise Professionals, the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and the American Council on Exercise (ACE). A medical exclusion process is adhered to.
  • MyMT™ uses the 10-Item Cervantes Scale Menopause Symptom Test [Faustino R. (2013). Assessment of menopause-related symptoms in mid-aged women with the 10-item Cervantes Scale. Maturitas, 76: 151– 154]

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What we don’t do:

  • MyMT™ does not interfere with the clinical medical advice any woman receives. We offer an adjunct program, with a similar focus to New Zealand’s Green Prescription lifestyle-change strategy. Our focus is just on women during their menopause years and the support some might need to facilitate a healthier ageing.
  • MyMT™ does not sell supplements or hormone replacement therapies.

Who designed the Program?

  • The lifestyle-change program has been designed by Wendy Sweet [B.Phys Ed (Univ. of Otago); M. Sport & Leisure Studies; PhD (Univ. of Waikato)]. An award-winning exercise professional with over 25 years’ experience, Wendy’s doctoral thesis explored women’s healthy ageing experiences at mid-life and her Master’s thesis explored lifestyle behaviour change in the context of personal training. Drawing on her own research as well as her personal experience transitioning into her mid-life years and her extensive practical experience working in the fitness industry and in sport, health and exercise education, Wendy brings this to the design and development of MyMT™.

Case Study: Female (56 years)

  • On HRT & anti-depressants for 5 years. Medically approved to enter program.
  • Weight gain in past 3 years (Weight 78 kg; previously 64kg); Mainly diaphragmatic, WHR = +1.0
  • Exercising 6 times a week; running, kayaking mainly with no shift in weight and despite painful feet, especially at night.
  • Exhausted with 4 year history of waking 4-5 times a night with hot flushes/ flashes and night sweats despite being on HRT
  • BP – 170/90
  • Blood profile as below sent by her Dr, with added CRP of 2.1
Taking blood

Blood Work

Total Cholesterol 7.0 mmol/L (<5.0) H
Triglyceride 0.8 mmol/L (< 2.0)
HDL Cholesterol 2.28 mmol/L (t 1.0)
LDL Cholesterol 4.4 mmol/L (< 3.4) H
Total/HDL Chol Ratio 3.1 (< 4.5)
Ferritin 27 uglL (20-200)
TSH 1.21 mUlL (0.3-5.0)
Free T4 8.0 pmol/L (7-16 pmol/L)
25-OH Vit D 53 nmol/L (50-150 nmol/L)

After 6 weeks starting the initial MyMT™ 6-STEP ‘Circuit-Breaker’ Lifestyle Change Program, here’s what this client had to say:

I’ve lost 4kg without too much effort, just putting into practice your recommendations. I had my first night’s sleep for 3 years last night. I spoke to my Doctor and he gave me permission as you suggested for me to start coming off HRT and my anti-depressants. I am now off them. I can’t thank you enough for helping me turn my life around and manage my menopause! I can’t believe that we women don’t know this stuff, but it was never spoken about by my mother. Thanks again, I was thinking the other day I’ve had a business coach & mentor, a psychologist, but never a Wellness mentor who is causing me to rethink everything I do at this stage of my life. It’s great & I am most appreciative.”