Cancel your MyMT™ program subscription

There comes a time for all of us when it seems right to move on. Hopefully now you are more in touch with your body and have been able to put in place simple lifestyle change strategies which have helped to reduce your menopause symptoms and improve your health and wellbeing.

While I am sorry to see you go, if you have reached that point I completely understand. If you would like to share your journey with me so that I can share it with other women just starting out, please email me at  We always love hearing positive success stories.

Please remember that if you have purchased more than one programme, there is no need to cancel your subscription until you are ready to cancel all of your programs. 


*  cancelling your subscription cancels your access to the MyMT 12 week program content, the Coaching Support group and the MyMT email newsletter.  No further charges to your credit card will be made.  Cancellation is immediate so if you prefer to cancel at a future date, please email Rob at to let him know. 

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