Thank you for purchasing MyMT™ Transform Me
Please read the important information and watch the video below.

Thank You for purchasing MyMT™ Transform Me

Congratulations on the successful purchase of the MyMT™ Transform Me menopause weight loss and symptom reduction program.  I’m so excited to be supporting you.

Please start now by watching the video below – if you haven’t already done so, you will find the links you need for your health screening form and to join the Coaching Support Group below this video.   

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What you need to do now to Get Started: 

  1.  Complete your Health/Medical pre-program screening form HERE.   This is how you and I engage on any pre-existing medical issues in case I have to customise anything in the program to better suit you.  (You won’t receive your program login instructions until you submit this form.) 
  2.  Join my private Facebook coaching support group HERE.  I post all the latest information in this group 3-4 times a week, and the support and friendship you receive from other women just like you is invaluable.  
  3. Check your email inbox for Login instructions and password for access to the Transform Me program (you won’t receive the email until you have submitted the medical screening form).

And don’t forget to set your Junk Mail to “Never Block Sender” so that you receive all the rest of my programme emails too (if you don’t receive an email from MyMT™ within 5-10 minutes of purchase there is a good chance it is in your SPAM email folder).  For more instructions on how to manage your Junk Mail visit this page on my website.

I can’t wait to get you started…  welcome on board!


Dr Wendy Sweet
Your Menopause and Wellness Coach