Walking and talking: Menopause symptoms management for Canadian women.

Feeling socially isolated and talking to Physicians who didn’t understand the severity of their symptoms and the change that arrived to their quality of life, were all mentioned by women in a new study out of beautiful Edmonton in Canada that arrived in my email inbox over the past month. “Tired women will not walk” […]

Why you need to boost your aerobic exercise during menopause and beyond.

The image above is Kaye. Previously living in Cairns, Australia, she now lives in New Zealand and this photo was taken when she ran her very first marathon. Amazing! 16kgs down and slow jogging her way around the 42km course. I still remember her email to me when she first joined the MyMT™ weight loss […]

How your muscles age and why your recovery after exercise may be slower during menopause.

My coaching community is full of women enjoying being active again. I say ‘again’ for a reason – so many of them tell me that they have enjoyed activity all their life,but when peri-menopause arrived, aching muscles, insomnia and sore joints, left them unable to do the exercise that they used to do. Winter has […]

Depression, Exercise and Mid-Life Gut Health: what every woman over 50 should know.

The history of menopause-related anti-depressant use is fascinating. A medication called Iproniazid, developed in the early 1950’s for treatment of tuberculosis, was never intended to become one of the first pharmaceutical anti-depressants. But when Physician’s noticed that tuberculosis patients became more cheerful, optimistic and more physically active, further research revealed that the change from melancholy […]

The growing movement of slow-jogging and why it’s good for you in menopause – but you must restore your joints first.

We all know that a little exercise or activity makes a big difference to how we feel but in a world where there is so much choice around the type of exercise that is promoted to mid-life women, I believe that simple aerobic exercise is being forgotten. I know myself that fitness messages have become […]

Exercise and your ageing immune system and my 3 top exercises to boost your immunity during menopause.

Since the mid-1980s researchers have systematically examined the effects of a session of exercise on immune function. With the health chaos that the world is experiencing, I’m reminded of this research today. Never before have we become so aware of our immune function and for women in menopause, immune health is crucial to look after. […]

VIDEO: Did someone mention depression in menopause?

Did someone mention MENOPAUSE DEPRESSION? Over 2/3 of women in their 50s in the UK, Australia and New Zealand, get placed on anti-depressants in their menopause transition. Why is this when we’ve been healthy and happy all our lives? This was my curiosity too when I felt depressed and had lost my mojo. But where […]

Menopause Exercise – Discover the best exercise to boost your ‘good’ HDL-Cholesterol in mid-life and beyond!

When a study arrived in my email in-box recently, comparing blood lipid profiles (blood fats) between a group of younger women who still have oestrogen and a group of women who have recently gone through menopause, I took notice. In a world whereby the population is ageing and over half of the world’s population are […]

Why the fitness industry may not have the answers for women in menopause who need to change the way they exercise.

“My sleep is now normal. The joint pain is better. I am much fitter, exercising 5-6 times a week and have lost 10kgs over the 12 weeks.”   [Raewyn] One of the things I recommended to Raewyn, was that she changed her exercise and reduce her high-intensity exercise to start with. It’s what I do when […]