Making Waves: The benefits of cold-water swimming for your heart health and weight management in post-menopause.

Are you a swimmer? If so, then when did you last go for a swim? I’m not just talking about a dip in the hot-pools, or jumping waves at the beach – I’m talking about swimming for at least 30 minutes. Overarm, breast-stroke, backstroke or butterfly – it really doesn’t matter which stroke you do. […]

The link between your poor sleep in post-menopause and Vitamin D levels.

If there’s one thing I wish I had been able to help my late-mother with, it would be her sleep. Or rather, her lack of it. As I read the women’s health and ageing literature whilst undertaking my doctoral studies, there is no question that if we are going to live healthy, long lives, then […]

“I’m slimmer, healthier and full of gratitude for your MyMT™ programme.” – Bev Rhodes

“Before I began this programme I was exhausted and overweight. You made my decision to look after myself so much easier with the research you have completed and put into this programme. There is much I want to fit in to the rest of my life still and now I feel I have the energy […]

The Evolutionary Origin and Significance of Menopause.

With the possible exception of pilot whales, no mammals studied to date are known to commonly exhibit the cessation of their reproductive capacity as they get older. Except of course, for human females. I didn’t know that. Did you?  Over the lockdown period here in New Zealand, I’ve been using my time not being able […]