Success Stories

“I’m slimmer, healthier and full of gratitude for your MyMT™ programme.” – Bev Rhodes

Before I began this programme I was exhausted and overweight. You made my decision to look after myself so much easier with the research you have completed and put into this programme. There is much I want to fit in to the rest of my life still and now I feel I have the energy to do more.

I can see the difference for me .. no overflowing boobs, no underarm rolls and most of all no belly fat. My face has changed as the weight (around 8kgs) has come away. With renewed confidence I went clothes shopping today for the beautiful slim woman I see in the mirror everyday. Not sure how much weight I have lost as I have no scales, but I’m now wearing jeans from five years ago, so perhaps 10kg. I bought a gorgeous fancy black skirt last week in the children’s department and wearing size 10 clothes again.

Participating in your programme has been life changing for me. A huge thank you to you for taking the challenge to study healthy ageing and share your discoveries on menopause. I would not be where I am today without you or my friend Sue, who told me all about your programme. Slimmer, healthier, focused and happy. With that, add confidence, gratitude and love of self. Thank-you Wendy – your programme is life changing.”

Can you believe that Bev is 62 years young?! When she so kindly sent through this photo for me to share with you, I couldn’t believe it either. She looks confident and fabulous and most importantly, feels more confident as well. 

Have you been struggling with your energy, sleep, health and perhaps your weight during your menopause transition? Or like Bev, are you ‘out the other side’ into post-menopause and just need a health re-vamp? These are all common themes that women in mid-life share! If so, then I invite you to come on board into either of the MyMT™ programmes. It’s not too late to turn around your menopause symptoms and your health. I show you the practical step-by-step solutions in the 12-week programmes that I’ve designed for you or jump on board and start small by purchasing my online webinar which I recorded for you during the Covid-19 lockdown. As I can’t travel at the moment, I recorded my live-event for you instead. There is just a small purchase fee of NZ$15 or UK£7.50. 

Wendy Sweet [PhD] / MyMT™ Founder & Lifestyle Coach

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