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Join thousands of women and health professionals who have harnessed the power of Dr Wendy Sweet’s (PhD) pioneering research into lifestyle science solutions for menopause. Your introductory webinar is waiting for you now. 

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Rated 4.8/5 based on thousands of happy customers

Masterclass on Menopause for Health & Exercise Professionals

Are you finding it challenging to coach your midlife female clients through the change?  

Midlife women are one of the hardest demographics to coach because often what they have done in the past to manage their fatigue, sore joints, sleep and weight no longer works for them as they transition menopause. Add to that their lack of time and energy, and you may be finding that they are struggling to implement changes you suggest.

That’s why, I want you to listen to this webinar.

With the dominant paradigm for menopause symptom management being hormonal medication, what about lifestyle-changes? I hope you agree that this is important too!

Women in menopause are a unique cohort. Not only is their hormonal environment changing, but they are entering menopause within changing societal, occupational and personal demands too.

Not only do we need to think about the complexities of the hormonal, physiological and psychological changes that are occurring, but also how these internal changes clash with the modern, busy lifestyle your clients are likely leading. Add to this the compounding effects of ageing and inflammation, and it’s no wonder there is so much confusion around menopause symptoms for both you and your clients.

It is only once we consider all of these different factors, that we can understand why menopause is a vulnerable time for changing cardiovascular, joint, gut, metabolic and mental health. And more importantly, why women also need to change their lifestyle to adjust to their new hormonal environment. 

Hi, I’m Dr Wendy Sweet (PhD). My career background has spanned Nursing, Personal Training, and University lecturing in exercise science, nutrition and health promotion. Following my doctoral studies in women’s healthy ageing and the menopause transition, I have also founded My Menopause Transformation – online symptom reduction programmes for women and courses for health professionals wanting to specialise in integrative, holistic solutions for menopause.

In this 90 minute Masterclass on Menopause, my aim is to distil the complex physiology and research in a way that is easy for you to share with your clients. You will come away with an understanding of:

Studies on Menopause

The findings of incredible researchers around the world who are studying midlife women.

Hadza Women

Why some women around the globe do not experience the symptoms that Western women do.

Womans Body Square

Why we can’t look at each symptom or hormone in isolation, and need to take a holistic-whole body approach.


Why your client may not be changing their behaviour. I will bring to your attention the powerful behaviour change research that is unique to midlife women.

Life Course Square Grey Background

The influences across the life course which can shape a woman’s menopause experience.


And most importantly, the very real challenges of midlife woman, who are stressed, exhausted and at their wit’s end. The women on my programs have kindly shared their stories for you to learn from.

Coaching 'the change' starts with understanding

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Rated 4.8/5 based on thousands of happy customers

Meet Dr Wendy Sweet (PhD)

Wendy Pink

"Every PhD starts with a curiosity. I set out to explore the meanings that women between the ages of 50 to 60 years, had given to their health as they aged. Every single woman I interviewed positioned healthy ageing in undertaking daily vigorous exercise. But for many of my subjects, their vision of health wasn't going so well. They spoke of sore joints, insomnia, weight gain, brain fog, palpitations and exhaustion. My curiosity and past experience as a Nurse, Pioneer of the Personal Training Industry in New Zealand, and University Lecturer in Sports & Exercise Science and Nutrition, has led me here to you. Bringing your attention to the research specific to women's healthy ageing and behaviour change is my passion."

Debra, Ontario (October, 2020)

Deb - Canada

“I’ve lost 25lbs (12kgs), I sleep through the night, and I can think much more clearly. The joint and muscle pain is much better. I feel like I have a life again.”

Aimee Perett 2022

Aimee - Health Coach

“Wendy is such an amazing teacher. Her research, her vast experience with her own clients and the real-life examples she provides are pots of gold.”

Lisa Bellford V2 (Wisconsin)

Lisa - USA

“I can’t believe it! I’ve been trying to lose my belly fat and reduce my cholesterol for 5 years. I’ve now lost 15lbs and Wendy’s Transformation program has been a life changer.”

Rated 4.8/5 based on thousands of happy customers

CPD Courses for Health Professionals

Menopause Peactitioner Course on Monitor 1080x1080

Menopause Lifestyle Practitioner

A 12-week comprehensive certification that gives you everything you need to set up as a menopause and women’s healthy ageing specialist. 

You will come out with an in-depth understanding of menopause and lifestyle solutions to help your clients sleep all night, manage their hot flushes, sore joints, brain fog, energy levels, and much more.

Next intake commences September.

Menopause Weight Loss Coach on Monitor 810 x 810

Menopause Weight Loss Coach Level 1

A 6 week, self paced course that will provide you with an in depth understanding of the science of menopause weight gain. 

This course equips you with easy to implement, nutrition, exercise and behaviour change solutions to achieve sustained weight loss for your peri-post menopausal clients.

Menopause Health Coach on Monitor 810x810

Menopause Health Coach

A 3-week self-paced, introductory course. 

This course is designed to introduce you to the physiological and psychological changes occurring in midlife, and provide you with client-centered behaviour change strategies specific to this stage, to empower your clients to turn intention into action.

Payment plans available
Rated 4.8/5 based on thousands of happy customers