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VIDEO: Improving knees in midlife women from Physical Therapist, John Appel.

One of the most challenging concerns for women in their menopause transition, is their sore knees.

I so remember the aching that I used to feel, especially after a day’s hiking or skiing. It was the reason I also gave up my beloved high impact aerobic classes too, as well as my BodyPump and Step classes. My knees just couldn’t handle all the repetitive actions. 

What I didn’t realise at the time, was that the knee ligaments and tendons (and other joints), are losing some of their elasticity and fluid as women move through menopause.

Declining levels of oestrogen cause changes to the integrity and function of joints, including tendons and ligaments. 

But there are solutions to this, based on lifestyle evidence and it’s why, in the MyMT™ 12 week coaching programmes, I have a module called ‘Restore your Joyful Joints‘. This is also available as a stand-alone module.

These exercises and advice by American/Kiwi Physical Therapist and Founder of Pure Performance, John Appel, are in there and as part of a celebration of ‘MyMT™ Menopause Joint Health Month for Practitioners, I wanted to share his video with you too. 

PLEASE NOTE: These simple rehabilitation exercises are not to replace recommendations from a Doctor or Physiotherapist. Stop all exercise if you feel pain. 

Menopause doesn’t happen in a vacuum – and it’s not ‘just’ about hot flushes.

Women may experience numerous symptoms that confuse them at a time of their life, when they need to operate at their best. This includes their joint and muscle pain. 

If you are struggling to understand the consequences of menopause hormonal changes with your midlife clients and would like to better understand some of the specific lifestyle solutions, then please explore the certified courses that I have available for you. 

There is a discount for those of you registered with any of our certifying bodies.  Please email the Course Convenor, Georgia, on to receive the code.

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