Dr Wendy Sweet (PhD) in the Media

Dr Wendy Sweet’s (PhD) is an International Keynote Speaker, Contributor and Author on Lifestyle Science for Midlife and Beyond

Wendy gives menopause a new narrative

Wendy’s decades long exploration into women’s healthy ageing led her to set up a global menopause brand delivering online and in person menopause courses and presentations in over 50 countries.  

Like many good things Wendy’s journey started with a curiosity, which was why women in western countries seem to experience worse menopause symptoms than in other countries. Her findings not astounded her. She now brings this information to women and Health Professionals in online courses. Her Menopause Practitioner Course sells out in days.

Uniquely qualified to speak with breadth and depth on the subject of women’s health, Wendy is a former registered nurse and played a large role in founding the Personal Training industry in New Zealand and writing fitness education standards across New Zealand and Australia. After many years lecturing university-level exercise and physiology, she went on to complete her Masters and Thesis in Women’s Healthy Ageing and Behavioural Change.  

Wendy specialises in translating the often complex scientific research, into easy to use information and solutions that women can understand. Her presentations are backed up with comprehensive and in depth scientific research, and unique insights from MyMT‘s own programmes and Symptoms Quiz (which paints a very bleak outlook of the symptoms that over 500,000 women are feeling in midlife).   

An in demand public speaker and presenter, Wendy’s unique take on menopause and her mastery of the subject will challenge everything you thought you knew about menopause…

Frequently Asked Questions

These questions relate to the MyMT™ Programs for women in menopause. If you are a Health Professional interested in undertaking a menopause certification, please visit MyMT™ Education

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  • Contributed to Beyond Booze by Sarah Rusbatch
  • She Knows Magazine Feature Article with Dan Buettner 2023
  • Peri-menopause Summit with Mamamia 2022
  • Contributed to Don’t Sweat It by Nicki Pelligrino
  • Radio New Zealand Interview 
  • TV3 Breakfast Interview
  • Daily Mail Interview 2019
  • Yoga Australia Conference 2024
  • Women’s Healthy Aging Innovation Summit USA 2023
  • Exercise New Zealand Annual Conference 2023
  • Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine Conference 2023
  • UK International Health Coaches Association Member Webinar 2023
  • Health Coaches Australia and New Zealand Association Member Webinar 2023
  • Anatomy Trains Women’s Health Symposium Speaker 2022
  • Kerry Group UK
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  • Vodafone NZ
  • Gallagher Group NZ
  • Waikato District Council NZ
  • Waikato University NZ
  • Otago University NZ
  • University of the West of Scotland
  • Queensland Police Service

United Kingdom & Ireland:

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Debra, Ontario (October, 2020)

Julie - Anatomy Trains

“I’ve lost 25lbs (12kgs), I sleep through the night, and I can think much more clearly. The joint and muscle pain is much better. I feel like I have a life again.”

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Zestt Wellness

“I am just so grateful that I had something to cling to through dark times, and a community that was supportive and helpful and positive. I cannot thank Wendy enough for making this her specialism and publicising natural ways of getting through this challenging period.”

Jane Jamieson, NZ v2

Sarah Rusbatch

“After 25 years plus, with hot flushes, insomnia, depression, weight gain and countless other issues, I finally found Wendy! What a joy the past 12 weeks has been as I’ve been learning to live again!”

MyMT™ Transformation Programs

Choose from three 12-week, online coaching programs

Weight Loss and Symptom Reduction

Transform Me

A ground breaking menopause-specific weight loss and symptom reduction program.

Symptom Reduction

Circuit Breaker

Designed for thinner women experiencing poor sleep, increased anxiety, low energy, hot flushes and more. 

Exercise Program

Rebuild my Fitness

 A midlife exercise program that works best after you’ve addressed menopause symptoms with Transform Me or Circuit Breaker.

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Menopause Qualifications for Health Professionals

MyMT™ Education – Choose from three Continuing Professional Development courses

MyMT Cert Badges Health Coach Course Gold
Introductory Level - 3 weeks

An Introduction to the Science of Menopause for Health Coaches

Introduces Health and Wellness Coaches to the physiological and psychological changes occurring in midlife

MyMT Menopause Weight Loss Coach Badge (White)
Weight Loss - 6 weeks

Menopause Weight Loss Coach

Learn about the unique physiology of weight gain in midlife, and discover proven lifestyle solutions for weight loss 

MyMT Menopause Practitioner Course Cert Badge (Grey)
Specialist Course - 12 weeks

Menopause Practitioner Course

Our most comprehensive certification, designed to enable and empower you to prescribe lifestyle solutions for menopause symptoms

Rated 4.8/5 based on thousands of happy customers