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Lose your stubborn menopause belly-fat and you’ll reduce your hot flushes too. Women on the MyMT™ 12 week Transform Me programme call it ‘life-changing’ – as I did too.

Wendy Sweet Transformation
If you are as frustrated by your mid-life belly fat and continual hot flushes as I was, then do you know that the two are related? The more overweight you are, the more hot flushes you get.It’s all because the extra oestrogen that is stored in fat cells (especially around your breast and belly) cause your insulin levels and thyroid regulation of your metabolism to go into chaos. If you aren’t sleeping, then you can add another kilo or two for that effect as well. I had no idea about the integration of our sleep, thyroid and insulin, until I gained unhealthy belly fat too. When no-one else had the answers and because HRT doesn’t work for weight loss, it’s why, as part of my women’s healthy ageing research, I decided to tackle our menopause weight gain. I’m so pleased that I did. As are other women too.

MyMT Success Story - Jo Smith

That’s why I don’t want you to give up hope, but to imagine yourself in 12 weeks time, feeling like your old self again – in control of your health, weight and symptoms as you transition menopause. I called it My Menopause Transformation because that’s what this revolutionary programme achieves. All without the hormone supplements – just specific, powerful changes you need to make to your lifestyle to better suit your changing hormones in menopause.

If you want to tackle your mid-life health and weight with a scientifically evidenced, systematic programme specifically tailored for you during menopause then I have the 12 week online menopause-specific weight loss transformation plan you’ve been waiting for. I can’t wait to share it with you. 

MyMT Before & AfterWhen my weight spiraled to an ALL TIME HIGH in peri-menopause I was confused.  I felt bloated and uncomfortable and no amount of exercise I did helped.  The women in my PhD studies on women’s mid-life healthy ageing also told me similar stories.  When exercise, nutrition and health professionals did not have the answers I sought for changing my long term health and the trajectory I was on towards heart-health issues, I knew I had to untangle menopause. I’m so pleased that I did.  Because when I finally stopped focusing on exercise and nutrition messages that are designed for younger people and athletes, and I began to sleep all night and turned around my liver health with specific strategies that I researched from my women’s healthy ageing studies, I began to sleep all night, restored my joint health and most importantly, stopped gaining and started losing the unhealthy belly-fat. My cholesterol levels changed and I restored the energy and motivation that I had enjoyed all my life. I can’t tell you how much this changed my life and my confidence.

MyMT Dr Wendy Sweet [PhD]My women’s healthy ageing research changed my life and now I’m using that information to change other women’s lives too. I can’t wait to guide you as well – not only through the modules, but in my private coaching page on facebook or via personal email support. From my doctoral research, I began to understand that menopause is the start of our biological ageing, so with this as the starting point, I have researched how we must manage our health, our symptoms and our weight as we transition through menopause and go into the next phase of our life – our ageing.  What I learnt and what others are now learning, is that in a new hormonal environment we have to change how we look after ourselves.

Everything that you need to know and the step-by-step strategies to enjoy improved health, vitality and energy as you go through menopause is in my online 12 week programme which I have simply called Transform Me.   I called it this, because when you say this out loud, that’s what I promise to do for you!

MyMT Success Story - BevSo many women give up on their health and weight as they go into menopause because they have ‘tried everything’. But if you think about it, many of these programmes take a ‘one size fits all’ approach, however, we are in a unique stage of life, not only with our hormones, but with our health and as busy, working women who are often caring for others too. We often put ourselves last!

That’s why I want to change all that for you and reassure you that I’ve been through all that too. It’s why I designed MyMT Transform Me for you. It changed my life and my health and I know it will for you too. All you have to do is listen to my webinars and videos in your private learning hub whenever suits you and put my powerful strategies into action. You get a 45 minute module every fortnight over the 12 weeks. In these modules you will learn why you are putting on weight in menopause and most imprtantly, the simple but powerful strategies you need to put into place daily to sleep all night, shift your weight, reduce your hot flushes and improve your joint and heart health. If you don’t do this, then your ageing years become a whole lot harder. You also get to download my fabulous newly revised food guide which is full of all your food info, recipes, tips and more – all specific to you going through menopause. 

MyMT™ TRANSFORM ME  programme is delivered over 12 weeks on-line, so you learn how to:

  • Stop the belly fat going on and start LOSING by understanding a condition called, ‘oestrogen-dominance’
  • Restore your energy to levels you used to know
  • Restore thyroid balance so your metabolism increases
  • Restore liver and gut health so healthy nutrients are absorbed better
  • Sleep all night because fat-loss occurs overnight
  • (Optional) Taper off HRT and menopause related anti-depressants (with the permission of your Dr)
  • Remove the pain from muscles and joints, so that you can move more!

Increasing weight during menopause leads to greater health problems with your heart and muscle function as you age. Please don’t let this happen to you.

MyMT Success Story - HeatherIn your 12 week ‘Transform Me’ programme you receive step-by-step solutions for: 

  • Sleeping all night so your body is in fat-burning mode
  • Liver and Gut health restoration, so you lose your bloating and improve your energy
  • Nutrition that is specific to your changing hormonal environment in menopause and for fat-burning
  • Reducing the inflammation that is keeping you in fat-gain mode
  • Bringing energizing, not exhausting exercise back into your life. You will learn how to move more freely using exercise for your menopause transition and reduce your joint pain and dizziness. [ If you are already a regular exercise, then you receive a promo code to my ‘Rebuild My Fitness’ 12 week exercise programme which is specific to your menopause transition].
  • Online coaching which keeps you learning and feeling motivated and supported!

BUY NOW at $99NZ a month for 3 months which includes my personal coaching too.

MyMT Dr Wendy Sweet [PhD]

Dr Wendy Sweet, PhD/ Women’s Healthy Ageing Researcher

Please read my own story and listen to my VIDEO HERE.

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