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Turning our mid-life potential into reality. A reminder from Australian marketing guru, Sonya Keenan.

WOW! It’s so good when you get a little bit of inspiration and a reminder about turning our potential into reality ….

Knowledge is the new currency. When something isn’t working, then you need to have the right knowledge to lift yourself to the next level. You need to set yourself up for success by defining success for you and then get coaching support to see it through.”  [Sonya Keenan]

It’s been a busy week. My head is spinning as I attend Australia’s premiere digital marketing conference. This is a very new world for me. As a researcher, lifestyle coach and educator I’m pushing myself beyond my usual knowledge and expertise – it’s challenging but also exciting. Not even 3 years ago would I have thought that I would have a global coaching business that helped women to understand how to navigate their menopause transition so they thrive in mid-life. Nor did I imagine that I would be at this conference with marketing experts from around the world. I’m putting myself out of my comfort zone.

When Australian Digital Marketing expert, Sonya Keenan came on stage to challenge all of us to reach our potential, no matter what age and stage we are at, I ‘got it’. Helping women realise their own potential is something I do as well. Moving them from stuck and overwhelm in menopause to feeling like their old selves again. As Dianne said when I met her in Brisbane this week,

I was so overwhelmed with my symptoms and I didn’t know where to turn. A year ago I was 20kg overweight, not sleeping and had no energy. Coming onto the MyMT Transform Me programme has been life-changing.” 

Sonya is the owner of Omnichannel Media Group. I love the reference to the acronym, OMG. Sonya’s passion is to coach people to develop the business that they want to own in the best and most exciting way possible.

With over two decades of marketing experience behind her, Sonya is passionate about business success and the need for coaching.

“I love helping people turn their potential into reality” she said. Then she went on to explain that the biggest thing she sees in any business is what she terms, ‘Implementation Paralysis’ – in other words, you can’t get stuff done, because you feel paralysed with everything that you have to do. Sonya’s expertise lies in helping business owners overcome this implementation paralysis from a business perspective.

Oh, how I thought of all of you mid-life lovelies in this community when I heard her talk. Because we all face that too don’t we? You know what I mean … as women entering mid-life, we have so much going on in our lives still. And whether it’s to do with our careers or personal lives, if we want to change an aspect of our lives, then we start with all the will and motivation but because we are so busy and have lots going on in our lives, ‘life’ itself gets in the way.

But for women in menopause there’s another issue too – our demographic has been mainly invisible when it comes to the research especially when it comes to understanding how to better look after ourselves as we move through this life-stage. Despite my own knowledge and experience, I was pretty confused too. It’s a time of life that I also found that nobody talks about much especially in the context of our symptoms and the impact on how we are feeling. 

It’s why I loved listening to Sonya this week at the conference I was attending. She reminded me to remind you, that we all have the potential to realise our potential in life. No matter our age and stage. 

But then I thought to myself, well it’s hard to realise our potential when we aren’t feeling our best. And for millions of women around the world, not sleeping, having endless hot flushes, sore joints and feeling down and out, and for many, putting on weight [as happened to me as well], means that our menopause transition can be a challenging time in our lives. It’s  exhausting. 

But knowledge is powerful and Sonya acknowledged this too.

This is why I love it when women come on the MyMT 12 week programmes. They discover why their symptoms are occurring and discover what to do using the lifestyle change strategies that I’ve researched for us at this stage of life. This knowledge then allows them to put the powerful strategies into action every step of the way.

It can be hard putting new routines into place, but as Sonya mentioned, we can change our behaviour when the OUTCOME is more attractive that the ALTERNATIVE, i.e. in menopause, the promise of a good night’s sleep and no more sore joints, or losing weight or having more energy, or feeling excited about living again – all these problems, drove me to keep solving the menopause-symptom jigsaw and to design the two different symptom reduction programmes for you too.

Earlier this week I presented my live Masterclass on Menopause event to Brisbane women. It’s where I finally got to meet Lydia and Dianne, both of whom have been in the MyMT community over the past few months. It was so exciting to hear how they were both realising their mid-life potential now that they felt so much better too.  

That’s why I loved Sonya’s session. She reminded me that knowledge is powerful and with the right coaching and support, we can keep moving in the direction towards whatever success that we desire – professional and personal.

She then went on to explain how to do this:

You need to prioritise and use knowledge to do the smart things, not just the ‘to-do’ things that sit on your list each day. You need to set yourself up for success by defining success for you and then get the right support to see it through.”

It was such a great reminder to me about the power of knowledge, action, and of course, getting the right support to see our actions through. This is why I wanted to share this post with you all. We all need support at times and as far as the MyMT programmes go, then it was a reminder for me to remind you, that if you are frustrated and confused about your symptoms in menopause, then will you let me help you? 

How MyMT™ helps you: 

I’m a great believer in making my programmes actionable and easy to achieve. There are two different ones – ‘Circuit Breaker’ is for women who are thinner and leaner and want to ‘break the circuit’ of their symptoms, and ‘Transform Me’ is for women who are overweight and want to lose their menopause weight. Whichever programme you choose, in 7 webinars (around 40 minutes each) which you access in a step-by-step progression over the 12 weeks in your personal learning hub, you learn how to: 

  •  Sleep all night without night sweat
  • Reduce your hot flushes 
  • Restore your energy levels to what they used to be
  • Restore your liver and gut health so your body absorbs the nutrients you need for improved health
  • Reduce stress and improve metabolic and thyroid health
  • Feel calm and in control again
  • Reduce your menopause weight if you need to in Transform Me.

There is also the MyMT™ FOOD GUIDE which is packed full of your food information and recipes – all evidenced against women’s healthy ageing nutrition research. 


If you aren’t sure which programme suits you, then please don’t hesitate to contact me on 

I would love to hear from you because like Sonya, I am passionate about you realising your mid-life potential as well. 

Wendy Sweet [PhD/ MyMT Founder & Lifestyle Coach]

“If you have ever wondered if there was a clear easy plan to follow to sleep all night, reduce hot flushes and prevent or reduce your weight gain during menopause, then ‘welcome’ – you’re in the right place now.”

Discover how either of my two Menopause Transformation programmes might help you too or take my Symptoms Quiz below… 

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