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NEW VIDEO: Let’s all stay resilient and remember, we are stronger together.

Let’s build our resilience together … we’re better together. 

When we fully embrace and try to understand the situation and embark on a gentle and considered way forward, we can come out the other side stronger for it.”   [Matthew Johnstone – The Little Book of Resilience]. 

Without a doubt I am thinking of you all especially those of you who are nurses, medical workers, teachers, farmers, supermarket workers, truck drivers and have jobs whereby the world is relying on your strength and courage. I am now in ‘lock-down’ too and made a short 11 minute video for you, so when you have time, please have a listen.

I’m absolutely passionate that our strength as mid-life women is in community – the MyMT™ Community!

I understand that right now you are facing incredible challenges and to me, none more so that the fact that our menopause transition can make our current anxiety levels worse – and that’s without Covid-19 sharing the anxiety-party. For those reading my newsletter, I have written a blog explaining why this is and 3 things that you can do about it.

To me knowledge is power and if you now have a bit of time to read, then click on this link and grab any article from my blog page that takes your fancy! I would love you to read some of them or share any with friends and colleagues who might be going through menopause. It’s a tough enough time without the challenges that we are all facing at the moment. VISIT MY BLOG PAGES HERE. 

This is why, I want you to know that as an acknowledgement of the current global situation, I have taken NZ$100 off the price of all MyMT™ programmes. This makes them all NZ$199 instead of NZ$299 and you can pay over 3 months [AUS$P198 or UK£98].

Please use the promo code ATHOME20 on any Buy Now button for the programme that best suits you. You can also click through on the image below to read about these programmes. From the overwhelm and exhaustion that comes with menopause as well as the increased anxiety from Covid-19, and the social disruption, I want you to know that I’m here for you. 


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