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VIDEO: Reduce Menopause Symptoms with Lifestyle Change – MyMT™ Circuit Breaker ON SALE now.

Over the month of July, I’ve flown from one side of the world to the other. London, Edinburgh, Auckland and Melbourne. It’s has been a very busy month taking my ‘Masterclass on Menopause’ live events. 

I’m blown away when the hundreds of women that I’m presenting to, acknowledge that they aren’t sleeping and hot flushes, sore joints, mood swings and low energy are leaving them frustrated and confused. You see, all their lives, they have been healthy. Now they don’t feel that way any more.

When I explain that menopause is the gateway to their biological ageing and it’s the ‘book-end’ to puberty and for years we’ve been looking after ourselves in a way that is more suited to men or our ‘younger-selves’, they ‘get-it’. I provide them with the science of women’s healthy ageing and why menopause is the time to change up how they look after themselves to accommodate their hormonal changes. I’m so pleased that they do. Because when they put in place strategies that better suit their ‘change of life’ symptoms go away. 

I’m Dr Wendy Sweet (PhD) and when menopause symptoms overwhelmed me, I realised that for decades, I had been looking after others and myself, in ways that were better suited to the messages that prevail for the fitness, sports and dieting industries. I had no idea that these messages no longer suited me as I went into peri-menopause and menopause. You see, for decades there hasn’t been research on women in menopause. It’s been mainly conducted on men, athletes and younger women still menstruating. 

So I decided to change that. As busy, active women we are the first generation to go into menopause in the context of the messages that prevail in the modern fitness, sporting and dieting industries. Yet, very rarely, are these messages suited to our changing hormone levels as we age.  

That’s why I designed a 12 week online lifestyle change programme for women in menopause. It’s the culmination of my years of research and it’s called My Menopause Transformation. I have two programmes – Circuit Breaker is for women who aren’t overweight. Then I have Transform Me, for women who are putting on heart-changing belly-fat. 

Because I have met so many women on my travels over the past month, I want to acknowledge you all and I want to celebrate with you. If you are struggling with your symptoms in menopause and you are thinner or leaner, then join me on the MyMT Circuit Breaker 12 week online programme. It’s on SALE for you right now! 

As I leave Melbourne today winging my way across the Tasman Ocean, I just wanted to acknowledge why, for one month from mid-July, I’m having ‘Circuit-Breaker’ month. I’m celebrating:   

  • 2,000 amazing women across 15 different countries have come on either of the MyMT™ symptom reduction programmes (there is also ‘Transform Me‘ for women wanting weight loss).
  • We now have over 40,000 women in our database who receive my newsletters around the world every week.
  • I sold out my first UK Masterclass on Menopause seminars in Edinburgh and London (in addition to NZ and Australia) – [please click through on the link to watch an abbreviated version if you aren’t in a location where there is my live-event]. 
  • And to top all this off, our new and improved website has just been launched. 

That’s why I want to celebrate with you. As I say in my seminars, you can’t concentrate on all you have to do in a day if you are struggling with your symptoms in menopause – especially when you aren’t sleeping or your hot flushes, sore joints and emotions are causing you grief. You can’t go on feeling like this and as I found myself, supplements and hormone therapies only seem to help for a while. When I realised that these weren’t getting to the bottom of the fact that there are numerous physical changes that occur in our muscles, liver, heart and blood vessels as we age, then I knew I had to do something about it. So when you can, please have a listen to my VIDEO below and then join me when you can. I’ve decided that for the first time ever we will run a one month Circuit Breaker sale from now until 18th August.  

MyMT 12 week programs are normally available for NZ$399 each, but please do check out the MyMT™ website or subscribe to our newsletter to be alerted to any promotional offers. 

The programme is all online and you listen to my modules in your time, not mine. As well, if anything needs to be changed to better suit you, then you get hold of me via the private coaching page, or on email. I am here to support you and guide you through what to do to feel like yourself again. 

To read about what I have for you in the MyMT Circuit-Breaker programme, then please listen to my video below or read about it on the My Menopause Transformation website. When I discovered that menopause is the biological gateway to our ageing, I knew that I had to put what I was discovering in my women’s healthy ageing research into a step-by-step plan for you. I called it ‘Circuit-Breaker‘ because with everything I learnt, I was able to ‘break the circuit’ of my symptoms using specific lifestyle solutions targeting this special stage of life. It’s been my privilege to educate women how to do this too. 

If menopause symptoms are robbing you of precious sleep, your energy, and sometimes it feels like your sanity as well; if hot flushes and night sweats are uncontrollable, it’s time to join me on MyMT™  Circuit Breaker? As I explain in my seminars, menopause is the gateway to whether we age with good health and function or not. Our mothers generation have already discovered this. So, if we let symptoms, especially our sleep patterns, get too out of control, then this can spiral us into more health problems as we head into our post-menopause years. Some of you may have found this already I’m sure. 

Whilst my website and blogs are full of information to help you survive menopause and thrive at life, the difference is that my 12 week online programmes teach you is ‘what to change and how to change’. When you come on board you also have access to me if anything needs to be adjusted to better suit your needs. We are all different and lead different lives, culturally and geographically, so sometimes things need to be adjusted to suit you personally. 

My approach uniquely positions menopause in wellness, not in sickness.  

Sandra (photo above) allowed me to guide her on the Circuit Breaker programme, and like many of the women featured on the Success Stories on our website, she was delighted when she started sleeping all night, learnt how to control hot flushes and night sweats, reduced her sore joints and restored her energy, and perhaps her sanity as well.  I love this photo that I took when I met her at one of my live events. She looks calm and radiant. 

Circuit Breaker is best suited for thinner, leaner women who are struggling to gain control of their menopause symptoms.  On the Circuit Breaker programme you’ll complete seven step-by-step online modules to learn how to:

  • Sleep all night without night sweats.
  • Reduce your hot flushes. 
  • Restore your energy levels to what they used to be.
  • Restore your gut health so your body absorbs the nutrients you need for improved health.
  • Restore your liver health and reduce any inflammation that can lead to poor absorption of healthy nutrients that are essential to your health in menopause. 
  • Feel calm and in control again.
  • Reduce stress.
  • Meet the specific nutritional needs of your body as your hormones change. 
  • Discover the lifestyle strategies you also need to put into place if you are on HRT or menopause-related Anti-depressants (Please note that I don’t interfere with any decisions you make about medications – this is entirely between you and your Doctor). 

Will you join me over the next month? You’ll save NZ$49 and making the monthly payments for 3 months $83NZ a month. And because I know that life gets in the way, there is no rush to do the programme in the 3 months. You can take as long as you need and after the 3 months is up, you just remain on my coaching support and continue access to the programme for a small admin fee of only $12.50NZ a month.

Please use the RESTART 2019 promo code to literally reclaim your old self in menopause. Too many women are not enjoying their lives, because menopause symptoms are leaving them feeling exhausted. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

When we adjust our lifestyle to suit our changing hormonal environment in mid-life, we can feel like our old self again. When you are ready to access my coaching and support on the 12 week Circuit Breaker programme, then please join me.

In 3 months time you’ll be glad you did.  


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