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“Every muscle in my body seemed to ache. I had no idea that my low energy was due to menopause.” [Lesley, Cornwall, UK]

When you retire from teaching after devoting your entire career to supporting others, it’s tough not to be able to get on with living the life you dreamed of. This is Lesley’s story. She lives in Cornwall in the United Kingdom.

Every muscle in my body seemed to ache. Hot flushes: common menopausal symptoms but what of the aching joints and muscles?” questioned Lesley. 

Not only am I a retired teacher, said Lesley, but I’m also a club athlete (long distance). Except for a couple of foot issues brought on by both my job and my running, I have always enjoyed full health. I also have had 2 children (now adults). 

After retiring at the age of 60, I hoped to work on getting my energy levels back up as well as improve my poor sleep pattern. Both of these things had suffered due to the long and pressurised hours of work that teaching full-time brings.

Whilst both these things improved slightly as I became more relaxed and had time to go on a daily run (different lengths, routes and terrain) here in our part of stunning Cornwall, my weight wasn’t shifting.

I expected that as my weekly mileage steadily increased, the developing midriff bulge would steadily disappear. It didn’t! I was so confused as to why this wasn’t happening especially as hubbie and I have always eaten healthily and exercised all our adult lives.

One of my two sisters, a retired nurse, and I have always been close, so I always asked her advice on any medical issues, comparing notes our pregnancies, births and recently, the menopause. She has had a 5 year “battle” with her GP to be referred to a consultant about her random chest pains, breathlessness and sheer exhaustion.

She was told “it’s all in your mind” but the nurse in my sister said differently. So, my sister persisted and through tests was finally diagnosed with angina (of the smaller blood vessels, not the major one, as in our father’s case), which the consultant mentioned had most probably been brought on by the menopause. 

This is what lead me to My Menopause Transformation. My sister was exploring more information about her cardiac health and menopause. 

I also think that there were other influences on me thinking about my health at this life stage, as both my parents were suffering from health problems, and on reflection my mother was diagnosed with diabetes in her 60s, which was seen as age-related.  My brother, who is 4 years younger than me was also diagnosed with diabetes 10 years ago, and is now well managed.

That’s what lead me to ask myself – ‘Was I destined to follow any of these patterns?’

I began to think about my symptoms – some hot flushes, poor sleep and most distressingly, every joint and muscle in my body seemed to ache. I knew that hot flushes were a common menopausal symptom but what of the aching joints and muscles?

All I could think of was a friend and two ex- work colleagues who were suffering from fibromyalgia. Was I heading down this path too?

I was also beginning to feel absolutely exhausted after some runs (the length or type of run were irrelevant) feeling like I was running through treacle although the runs were at a steady pace and I had undertaken these runs for years.

 I was recommended a physiotherapist based at the local leisure centre and she was wonderful, but I was then referred to an excellent podiatrist who had a deep interest in bio-mechanics.

Between them, I was back running without pain within a few months, needing only regular check-ups and fascial release physio.

With the success of this and what I was learning, it lead me to thinking about whether I find someone of equal calibre in the field of menopause. I had no idea where to start looking. Then, as if by magic, a Facebook post arrived from New Zealand researcher, Wendy Sweet.

It was only by chance that I saw this, so I decided to look in more detail at who Wendy was, where she was based and also how and why she had set up the MyMT™ programmes. 

The more I asked her via email, the more information I got and the information I got was exactly what I wanted. Wendy had struggled with her menopause symptoms, and took various “pills and potions” that didn’t alleviate the menopause symptoms.

It was only because of her career paths and physiology and lifestyle knowledge, that allowed her to delve deep into unknown territory and come up with many answers which she has radiated out to many women all over the world.

I joined the programme and within 3 months of following Wendy’s advice, my midriff bulge was well on the way to disappearing. It was only 2 weeks ago that I thought, just out of interest, I would weigh myself.

I had amazingly lost all my extra weight – 15 lbs (7 kgs)! My aches and pains in my joints and muscles have now virtually gone as well. If they do increase slightly, I know to get back to more stretching exercises and to make sure I’m eating ALL the correct nutrients she recommends in her programme. 

As a teacher, I’m always interested in the educational side of MyMT™ . Wendy is always there with sound advice and regularly releases recent and relevant research findings which are always an absolute fascinating read.

I love finding out about how the menopause and post-menopause changes our bodies and how we can adjust to accommodate these changes. I’ve had several thoughts/queries about some niggle but before I can email Wendy for advice, she has posted an article on my exact niggle. I’m sure that she is a mind reader!

I have taken on a lot of Wendy’s advice and am feeling the immense benefits. My biggest boost recently came from my husband when he commented about how strong I was now running!

That was a real confidence boost and added to my own reflections on how Wendy’s programmes improve our health through eating the correct foods at the correct time of day and to find the stretching exercises that work for me.

Confidence also comes from knowing that Wendy will give more tailored advice when it is needed, as there is a Facebook community page to link with other women on the programmes. This programme is truly life-changing.”

Lesley Wright, Cornwall, UK. 

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“Putting menopause in wellness, not sickness.”

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