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Would you like to know if you are in peri-menopause? I still remember when I began to have hot flushes – reaching menopause was the last thing I thought about. I had no idea what was going on and when I couldn’t sleep night after night, and then kept getting cramps in my legs and felt bloated, I still didn’t think I was in menopause. That’s because it doesn’t get spoken about so we have no idea why we start to feel exhausted and sore.

It was talking to women on my research studies, that made me think that I might be heading into menopause – they were describing very similar symptoms! Especially when it came to exercise. Sore joints, aching muscles and restless legs at night. As regular exercisers, they, like me, had no idea that the type of exercise they were doing (mainly moderate to high intensity) was causing muscle pain and increased injuries. This is because oestrogen exerts a powerful effect on blood vessels and tendons, so as we go into menopause, this affects our ability to recover – so too does lack of sleep!

When you do the MyMT Symptoms Test, I explain your score in my short video at the end of the quiz. If you haven’t taken the quiz, then it only takes around 1 minute, so please click here. 

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